Fall 2012 TV Schedule Night by Night: Thursday

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May 17th, 2012

The current 2011-12 season officially ends after next Wednesday night's programming, so we'll wind down this season with a night by night look at next Fall.  First up Thursday (since it's Thursday today).  Check back tomorrow for Friday, Saturday on Saturday, etc.

Unlike Fall 2011, when The X Factor results show crashed into Thursday among a total of seven new shows, Fall 2012 scheduling changes seem minor, with the most noteworthy change being Two And A Half Men moving to 8:30.

At least early on I expect most interest will be for:

  • How does Two And A Half Men do at 8:30? Can it help put CBS on top the adults 18-49 ratings for the entire night?
  • How will the addition of Britney Spears and Demi Lovato change the ratings for The X Factor?
  • Will Last Resort be the next Lost? Or the next Missing / FlashForward?
  • Will Beauty And The Beast do better than The Secret Circle?
  • How will the other relocated veteran Glee do?
  • How low can NBC go on "The Night Formerly Known As Must See TV?"

For a trip down memory lane, check out 2011-12's Thursday Fall schedule:

  • Jim Kosmicki

    Thursdays at 9:00 is going to be decided in our house by which channels are available on demand. “Grey’s” is my wife’s #1 show, so it’s on the DVR. We watch “Glee” but also picked up on POI since January. We loved the original “Beauty and the Beast” and were interested in the new version, but our DVR only records two shows at a time.

    we stopped watching the NBC comedies a while back – we catch up on DVD instead.

  • Ultima

    How is NBC “waving a white flag” and “giving up” and “admitting defeat” when it has kept its lineup the same?

    After three failures this year, they aren’t even trying to put a drama in the 10pm slot that used to be a cornerstone of their lineup (with only three shows over 30 years, most significantly E.R.).

    Also, all of their new comedies are being launched on other nights, away from the ow-rated Thursday comedies.

    NBC has had a Thursday night comedy block for well over 20 years. They are staying steadfast and not giving in to the pressure of any other network.
    They will never give up their Thursday night comedy block and NBC are by far my favorite network for their loyalty to their sitcoms.

    Wait, is this the same network that responded to losing its sitcom dominance to shows like Suvivor and CSI by cutting an hour of Thursday comedies and replaced it with The Apprentice?

  • Joe

    “You should probably be embarrassed if you admit you watch NBC on Thursdays.”

    NBC Thursdays is one of the most acclaimed blocks on network TV, so I don’t see why anyone would be embarrased. Not all of us are brainless enough to judge what we like by the ratings it gets. Have fun watching the brilliant comic stylings of Two and a Half Men though. Judging by your username you like processed crap!

  • ToXiX

    CBS is ready to murder every other network on Thursdays, but is ready to watch their Monday line up begin to fall.
    Two And A Half Men has been the glue on Mondays for too long.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Last Resort at 8, Parks and Recreation at 9:30 for me. Of the new shows, I’m betting Elementary and Beauty and the Beast are successful enough to get second seasons (unfortunately) and Last Resort doesn’t make it past 13 episodes (again, unfortunately).

  • KS


    Dude come on! Chill! Even I watched Lost, because of all the hype surrounding it. But, I felt that, the story of LOST is fragmented into a million pieces and they gave viewers a Jigsaw puzzle to solve. If Lost were a straight-forward story, starting from A-Z, I really doubt, how enjoyable it would be. If you connect all the dots from beginning to end of the series, and look at the entire series once again, no doubt, you will ask yourself what’s the point in all this series. It gained importance because of its mysterious-style of presentation of every little aspect on the show and every episode ending with a cliff hanger(including series finale). All the time, fans of LOST, were worried about what’s gonna happen next but never enjoyed the story line going on. That’s the anxiety of what’s gonna happen next, that bound the viewers to the series, not the story line IMO.

    Many people complain about finale of Lost. But IMO, that’s good episode. What I believe is, there needed to be 20 more episodes in between series Finale and the penultimate episode, in order to clear all the mysteries they have created in the show.

    Don’t you think, character development in the show is at its worst? For instance, Kate is introduced as a character, who blew up world trade centre of New York, but at the end of the series, she starts acting like a next-door-girl. Kate’s character is completely flawed. Will any mother convict her own daughter of killing her step father, who sexually abuses her every day? And will any mother shout for “help”, when on a death bed, when they look at children after quite a long time? Kate’s mother acts as if, Bin Laden came to see her and threatening to kill her, when she is on hospital bed.

  • Steve

    What a lousy break for “Last Resort” to be scheduled in such a tough time slot.

  • Joe

    As for ratings for NBC – 30 Rock/Up All Night are going to be low for sure. I don’t see why The Office & Parks would do any worse than they did this year though, and both of them do pretty well for NBC.

  • Ultima

    That’s the anxiety of what’s gonna happen next, that bound the viewers to the series, not the story line IMO.

    That was the point!

    There’s more to entertainment TV than just the story telling.

  • Alan

    All of you Armchair Executives ready to abandon, ignore, slice and chop any show that doesnt beat a 4.0 would find a great home at ABC. We all see how they treated Cougar Town.

    If it sounds like I am gushing with support for NBC, I am because they have kept all of the shows on the air that I like despite them being low rated, barely cracking a 2.5.

    You people think like business executives, I think like a fan. There is absolutely NO connection between quality of a show and its ratings.

  • Baqinardo

    will Glee be the next The OC?
    That show suffered when it was moved against Grey’s.
    But that was few years ago~

  • Honeybee1984

    As long as scandal can score 2.0 to 2.3 and stay steady throughout fall I’m happy. I am assuming scandal and elementary are two different shows and compete for different audiences. Let’s hope scandal does well enough to earn a full season since it has only been picked up for 13 episodes

  • Chuck_T

    I would say that NBC is stupid not to put on something other than Rock Center when there are two other freshman shows at the same time. Maybe they should reconsider and maybe put SMASH on at that time? It would undoubtedly do better than Rock Center.

  • KS


    Are you accepting what I said is true? I din’t really understand what you said. Assuming your answer is yes, then, you must accept the fact that, viewers are only tricked into watching Lost. Just like showing sexy naked girls in a stupid movie with absolutely crappy story line, but still the viewers watch only for the girls, ignoring the stupidity of the movie.

    I completely accept your statement why Lost is famous? Is that really the only sci-fi show to go that heights! Unbelievable! Supernatural is 1000 times better than LOST in my opinion. I find Terra Nova also better than Lost.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “You people think like business executives, I think like a fan.”

    No problem with that at all.

    Except when your fan thinking self is surprised by shows that were canceled, even though you loved them.

  • AJ

    There was a time not that long ago when newsmagazines (Primetime Live, Dateline NBC, 48 Hours etc) were still a decent bet in primetime.

    Even now, there is still What Would You Do, 60 Minutes and 20/20.

    So I don’t think NBC is totally ‘giving up’ by airing Rock Center on Thursday prime time.

    NBC have made a pretty solid commitment to sitcoms, reality and news with less of a commmitment to hour long dramas (other than Smash). And I think we should give that strategy a chance.

    If new hourlong dramas are such a safe bet why did Pan Am, the Playboy Club, Missing, GCB and other recent hourlong dramas ALL FAIL?

  • Networkman

    I’m going to try Last Resort. If it maintains my interest, I will leave Big Bang Theory.

    I will watch either Person of Interest or Glee.

    Lastly, I’m going to check out Elementary. If it gets me hooked, then I’ll give up Scandal.

  • Ultima

    I din’t really understand what you said.

    I have no idea how good the story-telling/writing on Lost was, I didn’t watch it (“24″ was my serial drama of choice). However, it couldn’t have been terrible (at least early on), given that it won the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Drama.

    My point was that writing and story-telling are not the only important things in entertainment TV. I don’t think people were “tricked” into watching Lost, they were merely drawn by the suspense and mystery. There’s nothing wrong with that. People are also drawn to voyeuristic reality TV and massively drawn to shows like American Idol – they’re good entertainment.

    People always use Lost for a comparison, especially on ABC, because it was one of their huge hits last decade and everything else they’ve tried that’s been similar has just been a disaster. Of course, there will never be a “next Lost,” that would be ridiculous. Just like there will never be another Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t very common to use the phrase “Will (something new) be the next (something awesome)?” People understand what the author means, even though the answer is necessarily “no.”

  • Ignatius

    Thursdays at 10. If Elementary is any good, or even halfway decent, it will dominate. Scandal did not have good ratings and is not very good, and Rock Center is a joke. Jersey Shore is fading too. Basically, wide open for the taking, if it’s not awful.

  • pete5125

    True but Rock Center is a dud, NBC should of just created Dateline:Election 2012, or something to that extent, but hey it is election year and I assume, they will also delay 30 Rock by airing SNL weekend updates leading into the election season, they did great #’s 4 years ago might as well try it again so that their will be less reruns,

    Also anyone thinking that airing shows that ranked in the 1.5 and got 3rd to 4th place last season that NBC will do better and is not giving up on this night is crazy, did they have another choice, they had a few, Biggest Loser could of moved here knock it down to 1hour and 1/2 then air Office/Parks/30Rock…would of been a higher rated night…

    Parenthood leading in the night then Office/Parks/30 Rock/UAN may of been ok

    also Voice Office/Parks/Parenthood could of worked

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