Fall 2012 TV Schedule Night by Night: Thursday

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May 17th, 2012

The current 2011-12 season officially ends after next Wednesday night's programming, so we'll wind down this season with a night by night look at next Fall.  First up Thursday (since it's Thursday today).  Check back tomorrow for Friday, Saturday on Saturday, etc.

Unlike Fall 2011, when The X Factor results show crashed into Thursday among a total of seven new shows, Fall 2012 scheduling changes seem minor, with the most noteworthy change being Two And A Half Men moving to 8:30.

At least early on I expect most interest will be for:

  • How does Two And A Half Men do at 8:30? Can it help put CBS on top the adults 18-49 ratings for the entire night?
  • How will the addition of Britney Spears and Demi Lovato change the ratings for The X Factor?
  • Will Last Resort be the next Lost? Or the next Missing / FlashForward?
  • Will Beauty And The Beast do better than The Secret Circle?
  • How will the other relocated veteran Glee do?
  • How low can NBC go on "The Night Formerly Known As Must See TV?"

For a trip down memory lane, check out 2011-12's Thursday Fall schedule:

  • Networkman

    My predictions on which networks will win each hour

    #1 CBS 4.8
    #2 FOX 4.2
    #3 ABC 2.3 Last Resort would be considered a keeper
    #4 NBC 1.5
    #5 CW 1.3

    #1 CBS 3.4
    #2 ABC 2.9
    #3 FOX 2.7
    #4 NBC 1.7
    #5 CW 1.3

    #1 CBS 2.8
    #2 ABC 2.2
    #3 NBC 1.0

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    #1 CBS 2.8″

    Aggressive ratings (not finish) prediction there.

    The Mentalist averaged a 2.6 this Spring (and last Fall) for new episodes.

  • Bee

    all ABC live for me. stoked for last resort and hope it does well! it’s an intriguing concept that i think people will tune in for. it just needs to maintain quality, which is something FF lacked.

    DVR-ing vampire diaries and glee.
    checking out beauty and the beast. although if it really is a procedural, i’ll be out quick.

    hoping grey’s anatomy again wins the hour as usual and that glee doesn’t hurt it much. and REALLY hoping the word on scandal’s awesomeness spreads this summer so it returns big. everyone watching it loves it so ABC needs to get the word out on that. maybe air the whole 7 episode season a week before it premieres?

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “So I don’t think NBC is totally ‘giving up’ by airing Rock Center on Thursday prime time.”

    They’re certainly giving up on 10pm Thursday.

    “If new hourlong dramas are such a safe bet why did Pan Am, the Playboy Club, Missing, GCB and other recent hourlong dramas ALL FAIL?”

    Who said new hourlong dramas were a safe bet?

    And I wouldn’t really call Rock Center a “safe” bet, but I would call it a “cheap” bet.


    CBS wins the night, has no competition with TBBT TAAHM POI

  • Polar Bear

    Last resort- great concept, but will suck- ABC doesnt know how to make these kinds of shows after lost (missing, ff)
    Actually on broadcast tv only FOX did it good before (24, prison, etc)

    ROCK CENTER!! yeah!! My fav show. God NBC is stupid. I’d rather see a one and done than rock center

  • Shabbir

    yay I loved this format you did last season and I kept them all on 1 page and so easier to see. thanks for doing it for next season as well.

  • AJ


    Yeah that’s more what I was getting at…even if nobody said hourlong dramas are a safe bet, most people here seem to be clamoring for NBC to run one.

    Running a news magazine isn’t going to blow things out the water but it’s not a gamble either. At this stage, I don’t think NBC can afford to gamble.

    Look at these failures: Pan Am, Missing, Playboy Club, GCB, Awake, Charlie’s Angels, Alcatraz, Prime Suspect, The Firm, The River, NYC22, Unforgettable, etc etc.

    I say it’s Dramas that are the endangered species!

  • ron

    this nigth brings figth for the ratings TAAHM and TBBT at the same time as X Factor will be good see what happens and see how TVD will go with all of these tremendous shows, glee will have it hard with GA an POI, but they are hoping that the X afctor Lead give them more audience. B&TB :(

  • kill00

    Looks like NBC is planing to say goodbay to The Office (it will be the last season since the departure of rainn wilson and mindy kailing anyway), 30 Rock is in his last season anyway, Up all night sucks and should have been cancled this year so the only one i feel bad is Parks and Rec.

  • RG-X

    If I get attached to the New Show ARROW on Wed nites- there will be no need to watch the results show of X-Factor.

    I may watch Big Bang Theory but will not watch 2.5 Men, I tried getting into POI – but, I just couldn’t get into it…

    So so far I will be TV free on Thursday Nites – which is wierd – Thursday USED to be a long nite of TV…

    My score of Television Nitely Viewing so far:

    TV – Zero
    Attending to other things – 1

  • AJ


    Odd because Thursdays are my top TV night (I have watched NBC Thursday from 8-11 for many years now). Wednesdays are my #2, then Sunday.

    Mondays I don’t watch TV at all. There is absolutely nothing on any network I can abide on Mondays and it’s been that way for over 5 years at least.

  • marc

    confused by some of the comments here. i’ll continue to watch 3 of the 4 nbc comedys (not up all night, this one’s a dud) because… duh… 2 of them (parks, 30 rock) are still the best two network comedies on air and the office is at least etter than all the (mostly) misogynistic comedies on cbs.

  • Michael

    ABC will be liking this schedule…
    CBS will be doing okay (sans watson…that’ll fail!)
    FOX will be competing…

    NBC just gave up!!! *waives white flag*

  • Tony

    I think the TBBT/TAAHM hour will be beast just like it was when they aired 9-10. not as beastly because clearly TAAHM isn’t as strong but it should win the hour.

    Last Resort should break the curse of ABC Thursdays at 8. Scandal should really increase in the fall. with Buzz and positive WOM and I’m sure a shocking cliffhanger at the end of tonight’s season finale will bring the show up. The show will be on DVD in early June and ABC should consider playing the 7 eps all throughout the summer… on ABC, on ABC Family, on Lifetime, SOAPNET. Every ABC owned network.

    NBC is dead this day.

    I think 2 Broke Girls should get the post Super Bowl slot over Person of Interest! Specifically if it isn’t strong enough to anchor Mondays… so if CBS thinks it needs a boost it will be given the post SB slot. POI already has the TBBT/TAAHM lead in and is already doing great numbers, and plus comedies >dramas when it comes to post SB slot. 2 Broke Girls could pull HUGE numbers! It could really break out. I wish TBBT would get it, but it is already a breakout hit, it wouldn’t do anything for the show. Another reason 2BG should get the slot over POI is that 2BG is now anchoring a night. POI isn’t anchoring a night as I feel TBBT and TAAHM will be anchoring the night. We shall see what CBS does. I hope they don’t premiere some random reality show (a la Undercover Boss)

  • Michael

    By Hour:

    8PM #1: CBS (a two headed comedy monster cannot be stopped :o)
    #2: FOX (X-Factor will lose viewers this year, but will still retain this slot)
    #3: ABC (Last Resort looks good. Could get around a 2.4 rating)
    #4: NBC

    9PM #1: CBS
    #2/3: This should be interesting. I cannot decide :( as mentioned Glee and Grey’s are up against each other!! This could be a DISASTER for both!! I expect this number to be close each week….
    #4: NBC

    10PM #1: CBS (BY DEFAULT) Just because “Elementary” will be #1 in this slot, DOESN’T Mean it will be renewed. Elementary looks like a HORRIBLE show.
    #2: ABC (and yes, Scandal WILL be renewed with this look)
    #3: NBC (Rock Center :D)

  • Erika

    I’ll be watching either The Vampire Diaries or X-Factor results show (I’ll DVR the other) and then Person of Interest on Thursdays.

    I’ll record Glee. The move lost a viewer in me since I’ve always been able to watch it in it’s original Tuesday slot. Now I get to watch Hart of Dixie in Glee’s former slot so that makes me happy.

    I’ll watch 30 Rock (so glad it’s ending), The Office, and Grey’s Anatomy the next day.

    I’m not sure if I’ll check out any of the new shows, but Elementary is lucky that I have nothing else I watch in it’s slot.

  • Survivor Fan

    Thursdays for me:

    ABC- Last Resort
    CBS- TBBT and 2.5 Men (I want to get into PoI but did not this year)
    NBC- None
    FOX- None
    CW- None

    Overall, this is by far the worst night for me.

  • Survivor Fan

    Ratings (Fall/Spring for returning shows)

    1. CBS: TBBT 5.3/4.5; Men 5.0/ 4.3
    2. FOX: X Factor 3.3 (Idol 3.6 in spring)
    3. ABC: Last Resort 2.5
    4. NBC: 30 Rock 1.3; UAN 1.4/1.1
    5. CW: Vampire Diaries 1.2/0.9

    1. CBS: PoI 3.6/3.0
    2. ABC: Gery’s 3.3/2.7
    3. FOX: Glee 2.7/2.0
    4. NBC: Office 2.0/1.6; Parks 1.9/1.4
    5. CW: B&B: 1.1 (0.9 in midseason if it makes it)

    1. CBS: Elementary 2.4
    2. ABC: Scandal 2.1/ 1.5
    3. NBC: Rock Center 1.1/0.5

  • David Howell

    Between Miami’s (rather messily done) cancelation and not giving Thursday 9pm to comedies, CBS have clearly gone all-in on making PoI their next big syndication franchise. And they’ll succeed – it’s already sent Fox scurrying to shove Touch to the Friday night death slot, now it has no obvious competition in the slot from any broadcast network, plus it has a colossal lead-in that will destroy X-Factor.

    I would not be shocked to see NBC come sixth (behind the big three, The CW, and NFL Network) on at least one Thursday in the fall.

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