Report: 'Breakout Kings' Canceled By A&E

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May 17th, 2012's Nellie Andreeva is reporting that drama Breakout Kings has been canceled by A&E after two seasons.

The second season Breakout Kings finale drew 1.334 million viewers and a 0.6 adults 18-49 rating.

  • Jadine

    Good idea but when I watched the first episode last year.. I dunno, it did not grab me at all.. Forgot it even exsisted. I wonder will A&E try another..? it seems the Glades have one more year max left..

  • Hillbilly

    Eric – It should of been The Glades cancelled not this show.


    I hope you get infested with fleas where you can’t reach to scratch them. :razz:

  • HarryWarden

    Hah! In other news, Lifetime and TNT discussing the possibility of saving CBS’ Unforgettable.

  • dref22

    It was one of the best shows of this past season! Season 2 was much better than season one. I can not believe they canceled it.

  • Jenny

    I watched it, but never could get really interested in it so I gave up somewhere in season one.

  • mArS

    See!/nicksantora for the resolution of the cliffhanger

  • Ogla Sungutay

    Bill,Robert… Don’t you think the cancellation bear is now full????

  • Emmaline

    This show was just a very poor imitation of Leverage. Buh-bye.

  • Colin

    Great show. They should finally cancel such horrible shows like The Glades. Actually that was the only reason to watch A&E.

  • DonJ1973

    I thought it was a great show. Fun banter with the cons and good chemistry with all the cast. I think that A&E never really supported this show and must have only renewed it because of some contract obligation.

  • Lamdog

    Wow: Loved the second season. I had such high hopes.

  • rehabber

    I only watched because of the character Lloyd. I do hate they did not give it an ending.

  • Charles

    While I liked the show, not really upset about it ending.

    Also about The Glades, I feel the same way. I’ll watch it while it’s on but if it got canceled, I wouldn’t be the least bit upset.

  • sandra

    are u freakin kiddin … that show rocks and u dumped it

  • jo

    i am very angry
    Is there hope for a third season?
    Please Answer

  • Dorothy

    This was one of my few favorite shows. Why is the the Walking Dead still on and why is the Glades still on or the Modern family, that one is just getting stupider every week. It is not just A&E that is making bad decisions, but this is one of the worst. I really loved The Breakout Kings, the concept was really entertaining and one must admit it was out of the ordinary and a nice change from all the the cheap and phoney reality shows.

  • Marc

    greattt show sorry to see it gone

  • Anthony

    Loved season 1 season 2 was kinda shady still gonna miss the show.

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