'The L.A. Complex' Nowhere On CW's 2012-13 Schedule, No Chance It Airs During Another US Broadcast Season

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May 17th, 2012

No surprise that The L.A. Complex was nowhere to be seen on The CW's 2012-13 schedule released today, its ratings have been woeful, even for The CW.

It's already been renewed for a second season in Canada, so it will live on up north, but it will never be seen in the US again during the regular broadcast season.

Might it appear on The CW during the summer? Not completely out of the question, but predicting summer shows isn't something I bother with.

Oh, Canada!

  • Dillan

    Honestly, if people want to watch this show, just download it or watch it online. The amount of editing The CW did to it was ridiculous.

  • Robsten_Fan

    Too bad…
    The show is really good…
    USA don’t know what to watch… :D

  • Sid

    I’ve said it so many times and I’ll say it again. This show did not belong on The CW. MTV-yes!

    I’ll have to catch S2 online.

  • Jeff

    is a shame because it actually was quite good. much better than that 90210 garbage

  • JC

    This is now the second show (Ringer being the other) CW has cancelled that had a idea that was cheapened by being on CW. Sometimes I think CW should just shut down and let the big boys handle entertainment.

  • JC

    EDIT – I meant that had a GOOD idea

  • glover

    The 1st episode was really good, but the 2nd was terrible and I stop watching it.

  • therock

    what about oh sit! ?

  • david

    That is to bad. I enjoy the show. I guess i will watch season two online then.

  • joey

    I LOVE LAC…. They should keep it

  • Jasey

    With the amount of new shows the CW has ordered, it’s sort of a given that The LA Complex would not be included in their fall schedule.

    I’m still hopeful for a summer season run simultaneously with Canada’s premiere of season 2. That way, people would have to tune in live instead of watching it online!

    C’mon CW!

  • Lisa

    Good riddance. I watched three episodes, and they were all pretty terrible.

  • ToXiX

    LA Complex was definitely the best thing on CW all season. Thanks Canada.

  • ToXiX

    I understand the numbers though. Of course it wouldn’t do well on CW.
    I watched the entire first season online right after the 2nd episode aired on CW, I’m sure A LOT of people had already seen the show, or didn’t care, which is fine because most don’t care about CW.

    I miss UPN because CW doesn’t cut it.

  • Swift

    It’s such a great show! If only they would’ve promoted it better…

  • Kelby

    I did not catch it but heard good things about this show.

  • Erik

    Maybe the Soap Opera Network will pick it up…

  • Kiri

    Thank God!!! this show sucked!!!! what the hell was it doing on CW to begin with?! If anything, they should bring back Ringer =[[ i’m going to miss it sooo much because it just kept getting better remember hart of dixie? that emma crap looks lame! i mean at least hart of dixie is cute lolz i’ll admit i didnt start liking it until way later in the season… but i plan on watching it all online. :p
    Gosh…CW, what the hell are you doing messing with our favorite shows!!! it was fine with the way it was.. seriously? you have to turn beauty and the beast into a show??? jus cuz fairy tales is a phase right now….we got one its called Once Upon A Time and Grimm…..i guess at least it wasnt snow white—-they need to give that story a rest already… -.- im done ranting lolz

  • Fabe

    They should try to air this in the summer to gain more viewers or something. Why would they premiere it when everything on the other networks were still running? Anyway, I love it.

  • Elen

    Canadian seriale Are shoddy and the actors are standerd B!

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