Top 2 'American Idol' Finalists Revealed, Who Will Take Home The Title?

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May 17th, 2012


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Winner Announced on Two-Hour Season Finale Event

Wednesday, May 23


Auditions for Season 12 Will Be Held Throughout the Summer;

First Cities Include Los Angeles, CA; Newark, NJ; and Chicago, IL


Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez are AMERICAN IDOL’s Top Two finalists. After a season-high of nearly 90 million votes, host Ryan Seacrest announced that Joshua Ledet received the fewest number of votes and was eliminated from the competition.


“I’m just a normal guy who loves to play music,” said Phillips. “I just happened to get lucky and I'm so blessed by it. I'm so excited.”


“Being in the position I'm in now is more than I could have ever asked for,” added Sanchez. “I've been looking forward to auditioning for AMERICAN IDOL ever since the first season. And now, the first season that I’m eligible, I've made it to the Top Two! It's crazy what you can do when you put your mind and heart to it! I don't know what could be better than this.”


Next week’s final performance show promises to be a night to remember as Phillip and Jessica battle it out at the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE Tuesday, May 22 (8:00-9:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX.


Tune in the following night for the biggest television event of the season and the momentous Season 11 grand finale on Wednesday, May 23 (8:00-10:07 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed). The finale will feature special performances by superstar Rihanna, Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery and other surprise guests, as well as a Top 12 reunion before America’s vote is revealed.


Audition cities and dates for AMERICAN IDOL Season 12 include Los Angeles, CA, on Thursday, June 7; Newark, NJ, on Saturday, June 23; and Chicago, IL, on Thursday, July 12. Additional cities, dates and details will be announced on

  • ukHazard

    Enough WGWG winners for goodness sake!

  • OMG

    If the voting results are true for all shows, then the judges finally used a worthy save. Jessica has not been in the bottom group besides the one week that she bottomed out, and now she is in the finale. Clearly, if the votes are not rigged, then this is a true case of how the judges’ save should have been used: A favourite being saved from elimination due to one bad night in terms of voting. Though I suspect Colton might also be in the finale, if he was voted out before Jessica and the save was used on him.

  • Skylar

    Phillip Phillips should never win for that idiot name alone.

  • Bob

    I love Philip, but I want Jessica to win…Jessica needs it more than Philip. Philip will be just fine.

  • Bob

    @Emmaline….that is not true one bit. Many idols are doing fantatic…heck Kelli Pickler is doing well. The guy who won last year is winning grammy’s all over the place. Chris Daughtry is doing well. Ace from year’s past is on broadway. Kris who won two years ago is selling tons of CD’s. Many Many are doing very well….Not just Kelley and Carrie.

  • FowlScat

    The gay church singer was just over the top and has no place in the current music industry. He has no chance of greatness. Phillip Phillips has the lamest name ever given to an individual and is mediocre at best. I guess the girl wins by default judgement. The show finally jumped the shark for me. I watched them all every year but the other night it was a circus act. The judges just plain suck. I would rather watch Paula on 6 vicodin and a xanax struggling to speak than listen to jlo’s worthless gab.

  • Joseph

    There’s a website out there called Vote For The Worst, which actively urges people to vote for the worst contestants on those reality competitions where viewers pick those who advance or win.

  • Joseph

    And Vote For The Worst is urging people to vote for Phillip Phillips.

  • Fischer

    Go Jessica!! Shes SO much better and talented then Phillip. If your a fan of her, PLEASE vote. Phillip is ganna have all the female voters. I’m tired of males winning IDOL all the time. Joshua,Skyler,Elise,Hollie are all better then Phillip.

  • Fischer

    IDOL has been creating stars every season (exept season 9).
    SEASON 1 : Kelly Clarkson (sold over 20 million albums worldwide. SEASON 2: Clay Aiken (6 million albums sold/currently final 2 on celebrity apprentice) & Ruben Studdard (Over 3 million albums sold SEASON 3 : Fantasia(Over 3 million albums sold / won Grammy in 2010)Jennifer Hudson(Movie Star&sold over 1mil albums) SEASON 4: Carrie Underwood (over 12 million albums sold) Constantine (Broadway Star). SEASON 5 : Daughtry (6 million albums sold) Katharine McPhee (Lead role in SMASH) Kellie Pickler (over 1 million albums sold) Taylor Hicks (sold over 1 million albums) Mandisa (Gospel/Christian Star). SEASON 6 : Jordin Sparks (over 3 million albums sold. Staring lead in movie in August). SEASON 7 : David Cook ( over 1.5 million albums sold ) David Artchuleta (1 million albums sold). SEASON 8 : Adam Lambert ( 2 million albums sold ) Kris Allen ( hit single sold 1.5 million). SEASON 9 : Crystal Bowersox ( sold over 200,000 albums). SEASON 10 : Scotty McCreery (sold over 1 million albums ) OVERALL: IDOL STILL CREATES ARTISTS WHO SELL AMAZINGLY

  • taftcod

    @ emmaline..hahahahahahahahahahahahaha you’re so funny, what a comedian you are hahahahahahahahahahaha did you check Jessica’s you tube ? the viewers are by Millions..i’ll say it again by Millions ..did you see that by MIllions !!! and this viewers were asking already for Jessica’s cd even the contest still on….these are same people will buy Jessica’s album by Millions…again, by Millions hahahahahah wait, i smell GRAMMY !! eat that “emmaline”!! hahahahahahahahaha

  • Tracy

    I picked Jessica and Phillip from the begining. They are by far the 2 most talented performers on Idol this year. Joshua was juat a little to screamy, gospel sunday school for me. finally a year where America got it right!! Go Phil Phil !!

  • Naomi

    Joshua Levet was cheated. I feel he sings much much better than Phillip Phillips. But I must admit the last round wasn’t his night.

  • Naomi

    with that being sad, Jessica has the most amazing voice…she might just take over Mariah Carey or be the next Whitney Houston. You watch. She should definitely win. She was my 2nd best after Joshua. Viva Jessica. – Naomi from South Africa

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