Fall 2012 TV Schedule Night by Night: Friday

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May 18th, 2012

Continuing with the night-by-night look at the fall schedule, we move to Friday night.  Friday is sometimes scoffed at as a wasteland night when nobody watches television. Less people watch television on Friday, but only around 15% less than the typical Thursday. That still leaves a lot of people, but most of them are usually watching something other than the English broadcast networks.

This Fall the night will initially include 8 hours of scripted television (same as last Fall) on the broadcast nets with one new scripted series. Last Man Standing and Malibu Country are scheduled to move into the ABC 8pm slot in November, upping the scripted total to 9 hours and two new shows.

The new series are CBS's Made In Jersey at 9pm and later ABC's Malibu Country at 8:30pm. Perhaps CBS learned their lesson with A Gifted Man that premiering a new drama on Friday at 8pm isn't such a good idea.

Fringe being in its final season, and the move of Supernatural to Wednesday will likely dampen interest around here on Saturday mornings in the Fall, but we may make up for a little bit of the traffic from anxious Community fans, and maybe a handful of Touch fans. A potential traffic windfall for us would be if Grimm ratings stumble early, it could become the next traffic Fringe or Chuck.

If you're looking for other nights of the week, be patient.  We'll post one per day through next Wednesday and then you'll have them all.  You can find them (including Thursday night) here.

Take a trip down memory lane with last season's 2011-12's Friday night schedule:

  • jens2488

    Grimm should have an easier time next season. CSI:NY and SN shifted to other times or days means no other procedural or genre show against it. Made in Jersey won`t have the same audience as Grimm and Nikita is weaker than Supernatural. Fringe did not seem to affect Grimms ratings this season and will be gone after 13 episodes.

  • Networkman

    @Bunny, I agree with you. I kept thinking why ABC wouldn’t just premiere Last Man Standing and Reba in Sept. Because they should not allow NBC comedies to gain traction. But in the end these two might end up back on Tuesday. They would be great counter-programming to the single cam adult comedies that the other networks are showing.

    It is going to be nice to watch Community and Fringe back to back.

  • bluelp85

    I’m hoping the core Community fans follow it to Friday and it maintains above a 1.0, as long as it does better than Whitney, I’ll be happy. Also wish they’d start doing video on demand ratings, or at least make them available like they do with live+7. It’s not like advertisers lose out cause you can’t fast forward through commercials with most VoD.

  • Survivor Fan

    What I will be watching:

    ABC- Shark Tank, WWYD, LMS, Malibu Country
    NBC- Whitney
    FOX- None- I bet I would like Fringe, but never gave it a try originally
    CBS- Maybe Made in Jersey
    CW- None

  • Survivor Fan

    Ratings Predictions:

    1. ABC- Shark Tank 1.9 / 1.6 Spring @ 9:00 (LMS- 1.6/1.3; Malibu 1.7/1.2)
    2. CBS- CSI: NY- 1.5/ 1.1
    3. FOX- Touch- 1.4/ 1.1
    4. NBC- Whitney- 1.6/1.2; Community 1.1/ 0.8
    5. CW- ANTM- 0.6 fall season

    1. ABC- WWYD 1.6 (ST 1.9 once it moves)
    2. NBC- Grimm 1.4/ 1.0
    3. CBS- Made in Jersey- 1.3 (no spring run)
    4. FOX- Fringe 1.1
    5. CW- Nikita 0.5/ 0.3

    1. CBS- Blue Bloods- 1.7/ 1.4
    2. ABC- 20/20- 1.5/ 1.4
    3. NBC- Dateline- 1.4/ 1.2

  • Bunny


    Yep. MC and LMS will switch on Tuesdays and HE and Apt 23 will go on Fridays in November to finish off their eps..

  • Survivor Fan

    ^^Slashes are fall / spring

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I’m down to three shows on Friday since Supernatural moves to Wednesday.

    As for site traffic, I think there’ll some commentary here about Nikita’s Friday performance and whether it will get a fourth season, syndication possibility or not.

    And of course the Fringe crazies will be shouting for yet another season…and since there was no reason to renew it THIS season, it will be impossible to convince them it won’t get another season, especially if its anemic ratings go up one week or another. Nonetheless the show will be doing .9 and below for the entire season – Tony above notwithstanding.

  • Bunny


    Michael Schneider just tweeted that Community and Whitney will be move to fridays on June 8? Repeats?

  • rob60990

    ABC will win the night easy. Will be watching Shark Tank and checking out Reba’s new show.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “Michael Schneider just tweeted that Community and Whitney will be move to fridays on June 8? Repeats?”


    Not terribly surprising. Quite often networks mimic their new Fall timeslots with summer repeats just to get folks used to them.

  • Mark

    I’ll be watching:

    Made in Jersey
    Shark Tank

  • The Original J

    Wow. Fridays are actually sort of crowded with scripted shows next year. That’s a nice change.

  • Sid

    I’ll be watching CSI:NY and NIKITA live and I’ll DVR Grimm.

    If I’m bored I’ll watch Blue Bloods.

  • Holly

    @Cliff Macke,

    What was the last year that networks scheduled new scripted programming on Saturday Nights?


  • SarahL


    Not terribly surprising. Quite often networks mimic their new Fall timeslots with summer repeats just to get folks used to them.

    I thought I saw somewhere that Grimm would be on Tuesday nights during the summer. Is that true?

  • Holly

    NBC: The comedies are going to get horrible ratings, but Grimm should hold up well and Dateline will get it’s usual numbers.

    CBS: Moving CSI: NY was a good choice. That gives Made in Jersey a better shot by giving it a lead-in and a higher-hut hour. From the trailer, Jersey has a different feel than NY and BB, but a New York night could work.

    ABC should do well with their non-scripted fare. Probably winning the night as often as not or coming in a close second to CBS.

    If FOX switched the shows, they’d lose both hours to NBC. As it is, they could beat them in the 8:00 hour.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “I thought I saw somewhere that Grimm would be on Tuesday nights during the summer. Is that true?”

    Can’t say. I don’t track summer schedules that carefully.

  • Liz

    @Freddy Arrow

    Ah, very interesting. I don’t remember that, but I pretty much just relied on TV Guide’s Fall Preview issue at that point in time! Thanks.

  • Peter

    What happened to Kitchen Nightmares? It’s shown as being renewed but is nowhere to be found on the schedule. Also Fox was showing Hotel Hell previews for a summer showing but I don’t see it on the summer schedule.

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