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May 18th, 2012

Continuing with the night-by-night look at the fall schedule, we move to Friday night.  Friday is sometimes scoffed at as a wasteland night when nobody watches television. Less people watch television on Friday, but only around 15% less than the typical Thursday. That still leaves a lot of people, but most of them are usually watching something other than the English broadcast networks.

This Fall the night will initially include 8 hours of scripted television (same as last Fall) on the broadcast nets with one new scripted series. Last Man Standing and Malibu Country are scheduled to move into the ABC 8pm slot in November, upping the scripted total to 9 hours and two new shows.

The new series are CBS's Made In Jersey at 9pm and later ABC's Malibu Country at 8:30pm. Perhaps CBS learned their lesson with A Gifted Man that premiering a new drama on Friday at 8pm isn't such a good idea.

Fringe being in its final season, and the move of Supernatural to Wednesday will likely dampen interest around here on Saturday mornings in the Fall, but we may make up for a little bit of the traffic from anxious Community fans, and maybe a handful of Touch fans. A potential traffic windfall for us would be if Grimm ratings stumble early, it could become the next traffic Fringe or Chuck.

If you're looking for other nights of the week, be patient.  We'll post one per day through next Wednesday and then you'll have them all.  You can find them (including Thursday night) here.

Take a trip down memory lane with last season's 2011-12's Friday night schedule:

  • oneeye

    darn they just had to triple up fringe grimm and nikita didn’t they :(

  • j

    Renewed shows, R/C Index #s:
    Scandal .82 (#13 on network)*
    Hart of Dixie .84 (#6)
    Last Man Standing .87 (#12)
    Grimm (F) .92 (#10)
    Whitney .96 (#9)*
    Suburgatory .98 (#9)
    Revenge .98 (#8)
    Apt 23 1.01 (#5)*
    Up All Night 1.01 (#5)*
    Person of Interest 1.04 (#10)
    Touch 1.17 (#5)*
    Once Upon a Time 1.30 (#3)
    2 Broke Girls 1.33 (#3)
    New Girl 1.34 (#3)
    Smash 1.46 (#2)*

    X Factor was something like the #3 reality show on broadcast TV too. I *’d the shows that benefited a lot from big lead-ins. Given that, success stories: X Factor/New Girl, 2 Broke Girls & POI, Once Upon a Time & Revenge/Suburgatory. Grimm seems to be the biggest accomplishment for NBC.

  • tomsman

    Same as 2011-2012 here, Grimm and Fringe. Otherwise, no thanks. ;-)

  • KJ Styles

    I think Malibu Country is gonna beat the hell out of Community ratings wise when it debuts.

  • Brandy

    ANTM &Nikita

  • TJ Hanover

    I believe the Reba show on the old WB/CW used to regularly do in the 1.5+ range on Fridays in demo. Wouldn’t be surprised to see 2.0+ for both shows…

  • KJ Styles

    The only show I ever watch on Fridays is WWE Friday Night Smackdown. Sorry broadcast.

  • GARebelman

    Grimmm is scheduled for Monday at 10 this summer as well as Friday at 9. Monday will be after the Ninja warrior thing. Extra exposure.

    What i like about this schedule is pending that jersey show isn’t some random hit, Grimm should do better. Especially with Supernatural vacated and Nikita not as strong.

    The NBC and ABC comedy block fight should be interesting. Battle of the Demos. One older skewing the other younger.

  • mike

    CSI NY, Touch & LMS at the same time? Scheduling stupidity.

  • Prup (aka Jim Benton)

    I have a strong hunch MADE IN JERSEY will be a sleeper at least worth watching. (Admittedly, while i like a lot of fantasy shows I never got into FRINGE, and GRIMM was always the third show when i had two slots available — this spring baseball and my wife’s Stanley Cup Playoff watching means we tape one show at 9:00 — and that had to be SUPERNATURAL — with ROYAL PAINS, GOOD WIFE, and NCIS the truly great shows currently on.) And since CSI:NY made it, I’ll keep watching, as i have from almost the beginning.

  • Justin121

    Actually, I think as of this year, the nets are making an effort to program Fridays.

    Considering many broadcast shows are approaching 2.0 rating and below, Fridays are not that far off of what has become acceptale on week nights.

    12 ‘real’ shows on Fridays versus only 3 filler shows.

    (By ‘real’ I mean scripted shows and ANTM. That is because ANTM was a week-night flagship while Hell’ Kitchen, for instance, has alwas been Friday Filler.)

  • Networkman

    ABC should of schedule Body of Proof @9pm after Shark Tank. In my opinion, it would have a strong chance of winning the hour. Its competition would be Made in Jersey which could tank. And Grimm will have a hard time growing considering its lead in. I could see Body of Proof at least getting a 1.8 demo with around 7-8 million viewers. That would be great for this show. It would be nice for those who enjoy CSI:NY to then be able to switch over to Body of Proof.

  • Big Game Joe

    Friday is all of the sudden a good night for broadcast TV. A lot of aggressive options made by the networks.

    TGIF being back totally energizes the night and Whitney too. That’s going to be a very good weekly battle. I’m hoping Guys with Kids joins Whitney by the time they start facing LMS and Malibu County in November.

    Touch on FOX could be a huge wild card because I have no idea how it will perform on Fridays.

    Nikita is really popular but its ratings domestically haven’t shown up that well but it did solid all year in viewership. Cult should help it as it reminds me of Criminal Minds.

    1. CBS
    2. ABC
    3. NBC
    4. FOX
    5. CW

  • Simon

    @Richard Steven Hack
    Here we go again! Dude, NO ONE will take you seriously after every miss-fire you made THIS SEASON. And please stop condeming Fringe fans just because the EXTREMELY pasoniate ones MAY pop up every now and then, which I highly doubt they will since Season 5 WILL be the last Season of the show and there is no plans for TV/DVD movie.

  • s0303

    grimm has done fine with lousy lead ins this year, so i’m not worried about its lead in’s next year being comedies…i think with supernatural moved, it will do better in the ratings…

  • Joseph

    I am happy that CBS, The CW, Fox, and NBC will each have at least one hour of first-run scripted programming on Friday nights this Fall.

    I had expected CBS to be alone with first-run scripted fare on Fridays.

    All season long (with a few exceptions), Univision topped Friday nights in the 18-34 demographic and sometimes in the 18-49 demographics as well.

    I suspect that in most cities, the top-rated Friday night prime-time program is local coverage of a hometown professional sports team.

  • Fake Me Out

    Given the ugly breakup occurring on Community with it’s showrunner, will it even be the same show anymore?

  • SarahL

    Yikes, that does sound ugly. What is wrong with tv executives?! Tell people that you aren’t going to renew their contract for goodness sake. Well, this only makes me think that my opinion that Grimm won’t be helped by its new leads is on target.

  • Flame

    To watch: Last Man Standing, Malibu Country. Looking forward to seing Reba on a regular basis. Wonder if they will be moved en bloc if another bloc tanks. Not sure if the TGIF concept catches on though and if both survive the season.

    Bye bye Fringe. I have no idea why you got renewed. But at least it was good news for a friend of mine who lost a lot of her series during these upfronts.

  • Big Game Joe

    Community has had some major backstage problems it made no sense for NBC to be involved in it and kept it this year. Community should’ve just moved to Comedy Central like a lot of people were saying from the get go.

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