Fall 2012 TV Schedule Night by Night: Friday

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May 18th, 2012

Continuing with the night-by-night look at the fall schedule, we move to Friday night.  Friday is sometimes scoffed at as a wasteland night when nobody watches television. Less people watch television on Friday, but only around 15% less than the typical Thursday. That still leaves a lot of people, but most of them are usually watching something other than the English broadcast networks.

This Fall the night will initially include 8 hours of scripted television (same as last Fall) on the broadcast nets with one new scripted series. Last Man Standing and Malibu Country are scheduled to move into the ABC 8pm slot in November, upping the scripted total to 9 hours and two new shows.

The new series are CBS's Made In Jersey at 9pm and later ABC's Malibu Country at 8:30pm. Perhaps CBS learned their lesson with A Gifted Man that premiering a new drama on Friday at 8pm isn't such a good idea.

Fringe being in its final season, and the move of Supernatural to Wednesday will likely dampen interest around here on Saturday mornings in the Fall, but we may make up for a little bit of the traffic from anxious Community fans, and maybe a handful of Touch fans. A potential traffic windfall for us would be if Grimm ratings stumble early, it could become the next traffic Fringe or Chuck.

If you're looking for other nights of the week, be patient.  We'll post one per day through next Wednesday and then you'll have them all.  You can find them (including Thursday night) here.

Take a trip down memory lane with last season's 2011-12's Friday night schedule:

  • Big Game Joe

    If NBC can start their Friday block with Whitney and Grimm on August 17th right after the Olympics that will be great for them as that will give NBC six weeks to themselves until September 28th.

    I wish Cult and Nikita could’ve started the season off instead of that loser Top Model.

  • Big Game Joe

    “To watch: Last Man Standing, Malibu Country. Looking forward to seing Reba on a regular basis. Wonder if they will be moved en bloc if another bloc tanks. Not sure if the TGIF concept catches on though and if both survive the season.

    Bye bye Fringe. I have no idea why you got renewed. But at least it was good news for a friend of mine who lost a lot of her series during these upfronts.”

    I think ABC will have to do a great job in promoting TGIF’s comeback in order for it to work but like you said if the Tuesday comedies at 9p fail on them they will end up on Tuesdays and TGIF will never happen.

    As for Fringe, FOX made their only good move this season and that was moving Touch over to Fridays. Touch might give Fringe a boost this fall.

  • Chris

    The thing is that they’re not going to promote it as “TGIF” so I’m curious as to what Paul Lee’s approach is on it. He didn’t really say much at the upfront presentation which makes me mad. Way too many questions. Does he plan on expanding to two hours with the block? What’s his promoting strategy? If not TGIF then what are they going to call it? Why is he not targeting the Disney Channel crowd instead which is the exact audience that is home on Fridays? The last question is the one that I would like to know because that’s what worries me. Targeting that audience is the only way it can work just like the first incarnation. I still vouch for them taking Melissa and Joey and Good Luck Charlie from their sister networks as they fit the TGIF mold.

  • tv#1

    I will be watching Touch at 8. The 9 o’clock hour presents a bit of a problem for me. I like to watch Fringe, Grimm, and Nikita. But out of all three Fringe is the show I will watch live. I will record Grimm and Nikita to watch later.

  • ChrisA

    Fridays for me:
    CW – Nikita (DVR)
    ABC – Malibu Country (DVR)
    NBC – Grimm (Would have DVR but cant cause Nikita gonna be recording) :/

    DVR cause usually work 99% of the time on Fridays.

  • ChrisA

    Fridays for me:
    CW – Nikita (DVR)
    ABC – Malibu Country (DVR)
    NBC – Grimm (Would have DVR but cant cause Nikita gonna be recording) :/

    But once Cult premieres thats gonna be DVR instead of Malibu Country.

    DVR cause usually work 99% of the time on Fridays

  • Tusca

    I can’t wait to see how Fridays shape more than any other night this fall as there was some big moves made here this year.

    Whitney is supposed to start repeating on June 8th so that was a good move by NBC to transition the audience over to Fridays.

    It will be funny if Whitney is beating Community by a large margin.

  • Dahne

    With Supernatural off Friday and Fringe ending, I thought my Friday conflicts would be over. Now it will be Community vs Malibu Country and Fringe vs Nikita and possibly Grimm if I like it in my summer marathon watch. Last year Nikita was either live or online, Fringe was online, Grimm was not on my radar after 2 episodes, and Supernatural reigned on my TV. Next year, Fringe gets the live treatment with Grimm and Nikita online. Once Fringe is gone, it will be a toss up.

  • Temis

    9pm is the Battle of the Nichey Cult Shows. Maybe by next season, Zero Hour will have sunk to that category and ABC can participate too.

    Not a tough choice for me, all I like is Grimm.

  • Fake Me Out


    Surprised there is no separate post here about Sony/NBC vs Harmon given the strength of the Community fanbase.

    I’m someone who doesn’t like to stoke the flames … really, I don’t like too … I LOVE to!! So, here’s a nice quote from Tim Goodman @ The Hollywood Reporter “If NBC wanted Community to fail, it couldn’t have set the stage for it more perfectly. That may be disheartening for all involved, but isn’t the bigger and sadder issue here that NBC is, sigh, still the same old NBC?


    Help save Endgame and watch season 1 on Hulu

  • thesnowleopard

    Wow, that’s a really different schedule.

    Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares really aren’t the same. Hell’s Kitchen is about contestants competing for a place as an apprentice chef (not at all my cup of tea). Kitchen Nightmares is like a restaurant version of Supernanny, where Ramsey comes in and tries help a struggling restaurant. I don’t watch the U.S. version, but the original British show was actually worth watching if you’re interested in small businesses or have ever worked in a restaurant. From what I’ve read, the FOX version is much flashier and less focused on what it takes to run a business.

    As for the other shows, Fringe already has its last 13 episodes set. Grimm, I figure, has three possible fates–it gets back up in the 1.6 range and tempts NBC to try it on another night again; it maintains where it is and gets another season on Fridays; or it declines some more and ends up on the bubble/dead. It’s hard to tell which will happen.

    I think Nikita’s fate depends on how the new shows do.

  • Kavyn

    As much as I’ve spoken about how bad Nikita’s timeslot is, I think the real loser this coming season is Community due to all the crap that came to it. NBC and Sony both royally screwed the Community fanbase in big ways. For starters, they paired it with Whitney – the one show I’ve seen a ton of hardcore Community fans hate on. Of course there are people that like both shows, but for the most part the ones that have invested themselves in Community constantly badmouth Whitney for its writing. Secondly, they moved it to Friday and paired it with Whitney as opposed to a show that’s more compatible.

    And the absolute biggest issue is the loss of Dan Harmon. Without him the show will not be the same Community we’ve all seen for the past 3 years. It was already announced that the new showrunners are meant to “broaden” the fanbase, meaning all the inside jokes, the ridiculous episodes (ie the 8-bit episode) and the complex characters will all be overshadowed in the interest of making the show more viewer-friendly. Not to mention Dan Harmon did a huge chunk of the writing and made sure everything fit his vision, so without him supervising, a lot of jokes that don’t fit in with the show are going to slip by.

    When Dan Harmon was fired, they lost a lot of momentum. I believe two Community writers from season 1 also quit because of this, as well as Dino (“Starburns”) saying that he only acted because Dan Harmon asked him to – meaning his revival is for naught.

    I’m not going to say this is *completely* bad though. Dan Harmon still owes 10% of the show, and if the new showrunners (who come from Happy Endings, which shares a similar humour) are willing to seriously listen to Dan Harmon, the show could still be close to what it was. The same deal if the new showrunners allow the writers to do their thing. But I doubt the show will be the same in quality as it was – it’s just something we’ll have to wait and see.

    My Fridays will be consumed with Community and Nikita. I plan on catching up with both Fringe and Grimm as well over the summer, but they’ll both be online shows for me.

  • Joseph

    Not a bad night will watch Shark Tank , but then a toss up at the moment between Fringe and the new show Made in Jersey.

  • Gustavo

    I will watch:8:00 Whitney.10:00 Blue Bloods

  • MelindaB

    Fringe, Grimm and Nikita all on at the same time? I can only record two shows at a time. We’ll either have to catch one online (probably Nikita) or watch it live in a different room. I preferred it on at 7 pm.

  • JJA

    On the one hand, I wish the CW had placed Gossip Girl (not Nikita) on Friday for burn-off. On the other, Nikita is a better option for the timeslot since NOBODY would be watching Gossip Girl on Friday @ 9.

    Grimm seems like the perfect show for a Friday night, so I expect it to do well and even grow. The ratings for the finale is certainly a good sign.

    Also, I think America’s Next Top Model will do quite well on Friday. Like Smallville and Supernatural, it’s an established show; there are no other reality competitions on network TV to compete with it; plus the young women who were watching it 5 years ago are now young mothers stuck at home on Fridays.

  • MJDB

    What I’ll be Watching:




    9:00-Grimm (DVR)




    9:00-Primetime: What Would You Do?

    In November:

    8:00-Last Man Standing
    8:30-Malibu Country

    The CW:


  • MJDB

    18-49 Demo Predictions:


    CSI: NY-1.3-1.7
    Made in Jersey-1.1-1.4
    Blue Bloods-1.3-1.8




    Shark Tank-1.6-2.0
    Primetime: What Would You Do?-1.7-2.1

    The CW:

    America’s Next Top Model-0.2-0.4

  • Ken

    Whitney 1.2-1.5
    Community 1.1-1.3
    Grimm 1.4 +

    CSI:NY 1.0-1.2
    Made In Jersey 1.3-1.5
    Blue Bloods 1.6-1.8

    Touch .9-1.1
    Fringe .8-1.2

    ABC will Win, with NBC and CBS fighting for number 2

  • Dean_W

    Friday for Me
    8:00PM – CSI: NY
    9:00PM – Nothing (Reading is a good thing)
    10:00PM – Blue Bloods

    So I’ll watch only CBS on Friday Night. ‘CSI: NY’ is Awesome and can Rise at 8:00PM. Then, there is absolutly NOTHING at 9 (next year was full of hard choices at 9 with ‘Supernatural’ and ‘CSI: NY’ and this year nothing at all). At 10:00PM, Tom Selleck will end the Night with another Season of ‘Blue Bloods’.

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