Thursday Final Ratings: 'American Idol', 'Grey's Anatomy', '30 Rock' Adjusted Up; 'Touch', 'Scandal' Adjusted Down

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May 18th, 2012


American Idol and Grey's Anatomy were  adjusted up two tenths, 30 Rock and the Big Bang Theory repeat were adjusted up one, tenth., Touch  and Scandal were adjusted down one tenth among adults 18-49 versus Thursday's preliminary ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Thursday, May 17, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 FOX American Idol 4.4/15 16.40
CBS The Big Bang Theory - R 2.5/9 8.49
ABC Missing (Series Finale) 1.3/4 6.53
NBC Community 1.3/5 2.97
CW Perez Hilton All Access 0.3/1 0.80
8:30 CBS Rules of Engagement (Season Finale) 2.1/7 7.17
NBC 30 Rock (Season Finale) 1.4/4 2.84
9:00 ABC Grey's Anatomy (Season Finale) 4.1/11 11.44
CBS Person of Interest (Season Finale) 2.5/7 13.47
FOX Touch 1.7/5 6.02
NBC Community 1.3/4 2.61
CW Vampire Diaries - R 0.2/1 0.60
9:30 NBC Community (Season Finale) 1.3/4 2.48
10:00 CBS The Mentalist (Season Finale) 2.5/7 13.09
ABC Scandal (Season Finale) 2.3/7 7.33
NBC Awake 0.7/2 2.10

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  • Petar

    But tera nova was way too much expensive.

  • Steve-A

    Private practice can’t even top last years finale. And if people like bashing Scandal as lead in dependent, GA would’ve never been a hit had it not aired after desperate housewives.

  • Marcos

    Sad that Greys can get much higher ratings than desperate housewives series finale

  • Mike


    Yea it was but the fox admitted to the fact they made money on it.. along with saying they were loosing money on fringe

    so i dont understand why they couldnt at least budget cut and renew season 2 for 6 episode (to make it more of an event and advertise season 2 is 6 episodes) and place it right behind idol in midseason…

    They should have just been smart because they had there bigget chance at making this a hit when they promoted this during the super bowl and they stated a date in may they the pilot was gonna air… they should continued with that date that they had the monster promotion from and in the fall placed it behind X Factor

  • Skylar

    Scandal really isnt doing that great…

  • Zoe

    Enjoyed the finale of Scandal! Great show!

  • Clinton

    Been thinking about Community’s 1.3’s across the board last night. Given the fact that NBC didn’t really promote the 9-10 block during the 8pm episode, that means the comedy essentially held whatever audience they had at 8, despite a half hour break. And then held that audience at 9:30 too. Just interesting to note.

  • Ben Thompson

    Agreed. Its sad DH couldn’t even get a 3.5 for its series finale, yet Greys got over a 4 for just a season finale.

  • Max

    HAHA at the SCANDAL bashers.

    I guess it sucks to realize this this new show that doesn’t get much promotion is doing way better than that other freshman drama on ABC that has TONS of promotion and is some mega hit by people’s standards. LMAOOOOOO.


  • Petar

    GA would’ve never been a hit had it not aired after desperate housewives.


    YES. Wich is wierd. In the end GA will be bigger hit than the show make Greys hit.

  • bluejays

    God Greys is a beast to be getting those numbers so many years in. And the BBT does as well in repeats as POI and The Mentalist do for new eps and finales at that. Another beast.

    I still can’t get my head around Touch being renewed.

    Lol at yet another battle to go with all the others – Revenge versus Scandal.

  • MoHasanie

    Yup it is sad, but oh well. We all know DH has faced more difficult competition over the 8 years, so that’s why it was weak this season. Anyways, it was a great series finale and a great 8 years! :)

  • NYC_Lover

    Look. I enjoy Scandal, and occasionally watch it. Kerry Washington is great and I think the shows concept is really cool and hope it goes well but I do think it is lead in dependant. Example:
    Grey’s: 3.3 Scandal: 2.0
    Greys: 4.1 Scandal: 2.3

    I dont think its just a coincedince….

  • June

    POI is the best written and acted show I have watched in a while. I really hope Jim C. to get an Emmy for this show, he is such a strong lead man. Emerson deserves an Emmy too, he has been lucky to jump from Lost to POI.

  • Alecia

    Good to see Scandal stay above 2.0 for once. Hopefully it will do even better in the fall so the haters will continue to have something to bitch about since it obvious they don’t have a life.

  • forg

    I don’t follow Grey’s Anatomy anymore but I find it impressive than even if they hit series lows they still manage to bounce back big time.

  • NYC_Lover

    Max: Scandal premiered to a 2.3 (I THINK, not totally sure)
    Revenge premiered to a 3.4

    Revenge has never gone below a 2.0 while revenge has

    Revenge’s lead in has been Happy Endings and Bitch 23, both getting in the 2.1-2.6 range usually. In recent episodes Revenge has been holding almost all of its lead in, although it’s lead in is a comedy not similar to Revenge at all. Revenge had about a one month hiatus, and is still in the 2.0-2.2 range.

    Scandal’s lead in is almost always above 3.0 and in this case, 4.0. And it always gets in the 2.0-2.3 range

    I dont believe Scandal does better than Revenge, even though I do like revenge.I think Revenge gets promoted more than Scandal, but I cant count how many times Ive seen the promo for the Scandal finale this week.

  • Silvio

    Scandal has some 60% retention out of Grey’s lead-in. While bad retention won’t make show canceled, it’s sure sign that show would collapse in other time slot. Scandal renewing is big mistake by ABC, waste of slot and great lead-in. If Shonda has to have one more show, then OK, but I’d put that low performing show on Saturday.

  • NYC_Lover

    *Scandal has never gone below a 2.0 while revenge has

  • MoHasanie


    Actually Scandal gets ratings in the 1.8 – 2.3 range ;)

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