Thursday Final Ratings: 'American Idol', 'Grey's Anatomy', '30 Rock' Adjusted Up; 'Touch', 'Scandal' Adjusted Down

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May 18th, 2012


American Idol and Grey's Anatomy were  adjusted up two tenths, 30 Rock and the Big Bang Theory repeat were adjusted up one, tenth., Touch  and Scandal were adjusted down one tenth among adults 18-49 versus Thursday's preliminary ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Thursday, May 17, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 FOX American Idol 4.4/15 16.40
CBS The Big Bang Theory - R 2.5/9 8.49
ABC Missing (Series Finale) 1.3/4 6.53
NBC Community 1.3/5 2.97
CW Perez Hilton All Access 0.3/1 0.80
8:30 CBS Rules of Engagement (Season Finale) 2.1/7 7.17
NBC 30 Rock (Season Finale) 1.4/4 2.84
9:00 ABC Grey's Anatomy (Season Finale) 4.1/11 11.44
CBS Person of Interest (Season Finale) 2.5/7 13.47
FOX Touch 1.7/5 6.02
NBC Community 1.3/4 2.61
CW Vampire Diaries - R 0.2/1 0.60
9:30 NBC Community (Season Finale) 1.3/4 2.48
10:00 CBS The Mentalist (Season Finale) 2.5/7 13.09
ABC Scandal (Season Finale) 2.3/7 7.33
NBC Awake 0.7/2 2.10

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  • bluejays

    Hi Bill. On the other thread you said that POI’s overall ratings average was 2.89 for this season – but I thought that was as of last week and that with this weeks ratings it was actually now 2.87 for the season? Or have I got that wrong?

  • bluejays

    @moHasanie. Greys was facing CSI when CSI was still very strong.

    Look there is no way to cut it other than that Greys is a very big hit. It might not be next year, none of us know what any show will do next year. it’s impossible to predict so we are all guessing. But its performance this year has been very strong and it’s been a very big hit for ABC.

  • rob60990

    “is greys the only drama to hit over 4.0 this year so far, or has ncis hit above 4.0s this year??”

    If you mean only for the year 2012, NCIS, Grey’s and Walking Dead are the only ones I recall.

  • Bee

    scandal vs. revenge? dude. NO.

    anyway, TWO TENTHS!? sweeeet! :) GO GREY’S! and with that, it ties its season premiere numbers and finishes 0.5 above last season’s finale! still a beast! this is the first season since season two that they had a finale not doing worse than the premiere. and this season overall has been the most stable season since season two. AWESOME.

    the reception to the death may have been mixed, but lots of people said the same for last season’s final and said they were done/bored with the show. and if the show can survive the loss of george and izzie, it can survive the two people it lost last night. it was still very sad though :(

    and GO SCANDAL! incredible finale. up 0.4 from last week to a series high! i really didn’t expect such a big bump. even PP was lucky to ever rise that much from a big grey’s episode. i thought it would be very very lucky to get a 2.2 and adjust down to a 2.1. so hooray 2.3! :)

  • Jane

    YES 30R got up lol at GA 4.1 is very impressive

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    @bluejays, the numbers I noted were through 5/13 only.

  • Kate

    Go Grey’s!

  • Flame

    Oh Noes, not Chyler Leigh! :(
    They always throw out the cute ones. :(

  • kaslad

    Is Rules Of Engagment renewed?

  • Joseph

    Rules is not yet renewed , but you also need to know that CBS has 5 more comedy pilots being worked on for Mid Season so with Rules there are going to be 6 comedies for Mid Season consideration.

  • PJ

    What is the identity of the lady on Scandal that Olivia Pope does what to reveal?

  • #1MentalistFan

    Glad to see The Mentalist end with a high note ratings-wise! Can’t wait til next season!

  • aciel

    @ max quit trying to underestimate my show, and stop going on and on about how scandal is better then revenge. first of all this is getting ridicoulous for gods sake their both 2 different. if u like scandal that much then thats great but that doesnt give you the right to make people hate revenge i mean revenge is my favorite in my opinion i find scandal the most ridicolous show that i’ve ever seen its just too predictable, but that doesn’t make go on about how revenge is better then scandal. theres people that like scandal and i rescept that. revenge has been promoted more then scandal because revenge earned it wasn’t until the 18th episode that they started promoting it more. scandal will get promoted but u have to wait because scandal is only on it’s 7th episode.

  • SteveA

    @Petar Longer number of seasons doesn’t necessarily mean a bigger hit. GA started as a midseason replacement during DH’s first season. DH is the bigger hit because GA would’ve never been the hit it was had it not been for it.

    Scandal hasn’t aired outside of Grey’s, so how does anyone know it’s lead in dependent?

  • gem

    All the Scandal bashers this black woman wants to meet you downtown. I finally get an excited show with an AA female lead in and you guys are freaking bashing it. I don’t bash no other shows even if they bore me to tears! After 34 years this is great for me alright!!! Compare revenge or whatever to those other shows with similar lead ins and leave Scandal freaking alone! It stands up against most things these days that are getting renewed especially with little presser. I didn’t know about scandal until I happened to passed by ABC one day and they were showing a promo. I’m a child of daytime tv which I rejected for their lack of minority representatives (one appeal)and I’m a fanatic of law and order. TNT took away Hawthorne and I thought about it and moved on but I sure didn’t bash any other shows over it. So HATERZ GET A FREAKING LIFE!

  • Sarah

    I hear such great things about Scandal, but I refuse to get invested in another show done by Shonda. I’m afraid I’ll get sucked into Scandal and it will start sucking after season 3 like Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. And then like GA and PP, I will continue watch out of habit even though I’m bored.

  • Sam

    Congratz to the entire staff/cast of POI. What a show and what a season finale! Can’t wait for 1st season DVD to come out. Thank you CBS.

  • How To kill a CW Show

    Lol at touch!

  • Only you can be you only I can be me!, You always wanna be what your not cant you be happy with what you got? Your perfect the way you are

    The Big Bang Theory will do A huge favor for 2.5 Men!!!!!

  • Petar

    @Sam And season two will be much better! I am sure! Such a quality. Ratings and viewers will go was up too!(with TAHM lead-in help) Will be good news if september they take some of the Emmys. Will be hard for best drama with so many cable dramas out there but Caviezel & Emerson are outstanding! Emerson already take EMMY for best suppirt and few nomination but Caviezel is new star of the season! Nobody know this guy before PoI! And its amazing actor.

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