Thursday Final Ratings: 'American Idol', 'Grey's Anatomy', '30 Rock' Adjusted Up; 'Touch', 'Scandal' Adjusted Down

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May 18th, 2012


American Idol and Grey's Anatomy were  adjusted up two tenths, 30 Rock and the Big Bang Theory repeat were adjusted up one, tenth., Touch  and Scandal were adjusted down one tenth among adults 18-49 versus Thursday's preliminary ratings.

Final broadcast primetime ratings for Thursday, May 17, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating/Sh Viewers (Millions)
8:00 FOX American Idol 4.4/15 16.40
CBS The Big Bang Theory - R 2.5/9 8.49
ABC Missing (Series Finale) 1.3/4 6.53
NBC Community 1.3/5 2.97
CW Perez Hilton All Access 0.3/1 0.80
8:30 CBS Rules of Engagement (Season Finale) 2.1/7 7.17
NBC 30 Rock (Season Finale) 1.4/4 2.84
9:00 ABC Grey's Anatomy (Season Finale) 4.1/11 11.44
CBS Person of Interest (Season Finale) 2.5/7 13.47
FOX Touch 1.7/5 6.02
NBC Community 1.3/4 2.61
CW Vampire Diaries - R 0.2/1 0.60
9:30 NBC Community (Season Finale) 1.3/4 2.48
10:00 CBS The Mentalist (Season Finale) 2.5/7 13.09
ABC Scandal (Season Finale) 2.3/7 7.33
NBC Awake 0.7/2 2.10

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  • Mumbo

    Touch’s numbers stink, no wonder it’s getting moved to Friday.

  • W

    Season finales of Person of Interest and The Mentalist were awesome!

  • chris

    The show “Seconds From Disaster” really needs to do a segment on NBC lol.

  • Mike

    How is a stupid-ass show like Scandal get more popular than the superbly written, action-packed Missing, I will NEVER know. I’m all for sex, but bland sex soap opera with no action vs. action, action wins by me. So Missing gets low viewers because it doesn’t have sex? WTF man? The human race is pathetic. I’d rather be a snail.

  • Joseph

    Dude , I get you do not like every show out there but things do not need to be all about who is right ,, Team Edward or Team Jacob.
    It really comes down to the hope that the Networks are offering a variety of content that is entertaining to a decent cross section of the public and that the content can be monetized sufficiently so that everyone wins in the end.
    I don’t watch POI or H5O , but it is clear that from a programming and monetization stand point these are both winners, and the same can be said for many other shows out there.
    Where the frustration comes in for most of us is when opportunities are wasted that result in quality programming not being properly managed or horrible content put out there on the assumption that the public does not know how to change the channel and that there is then surprise when it fails.

  • greysfan

    Yeah! Go Grey’s Anatomy. 4.1 for the finale is awesome. Glad to see Scandal at 2.3 too even if it was adjusted down. Both amazing finales.

  • Justin121


    BIG mistake not to give Grey’s a 2-hour finale. I’m pretty sure that would’ve helped the show’s ratings last year, this year, and next year.

    Also, they’d be better off launching something out of Grey’s last fall or next fall. Spring Scandal is not a hit and won’t be a hit.


    Grey’s is not giving up its lead anytime soon.

    What do you mean?

  • Jenny

    Touch’s ratings are low. I watched the first couple of episode since they were available for free on Itunes not long ago, but I was never truly able to get into it. I can’t imagine it doing well on Fridays.

  • Justin121

    @Bill & Robert,

    @Max is such a troll. Worse than Bondoel, as he’s actually -and actively- trying to stir up fights in Every. Single. Thread. for no reason whatsoever.

    Good thing he hasn’t succeeded so he wouldn’t hide behind a Castle-vs-5-0-type of fight.

    He’s the only one.

  • Networkman

    @glover, I have to agree with you. Touch has horrible retention out of American Idol. At this point, Alcatraz may have done better and perhaps deserves to be on Friday @8pm in front of Fringe.

  • scifi

    lol, Touch beated NBC. This can’t be seen every day!

  • Justin121

    SCANDAL’s ratings will indeed go up in the fall. You can expect ABC to promote it like crazy during the summer (promos, EW, DVD release, talk show). It is going to be THE talk of the fall season when it returns. It already trends on twitter for well over an hour after an episode ends.

    I can think of another ABC freshman drama that currently airs that does NOT do that.


    ABC is gonna ignore their sizzeling-hot-now-Sunday-anchor to promote a by-product of a bigger hit on the same night.

    Like it or not, RVG was the hit of the season and got promoted to the all-important 9pm timeslot and is anchoring the biggest night of television previously occupied by the biggest hit on television.

    I can think of another ABC freshman drama that currently airs that does NOT do that :D

    Wow trending on twitter. So does Gossip Girl…

    Nice come back. Does Scandal have 10 millio fans on facebook, too? Is it a big hit in China as well?

    I could do this all day :D :D :D

  • connie

    The comparison of Scandal to any show is just laughable, Scandal is doing just fine, is an excellently written show, is not full of sex, is nowhere predictable and does have action. First watch it before you start insulting it.

    Secondly Revenge,PP, or any other show that keeps coming up to show us how much better they are in ratings have an advantage, one that is consentantly being looked over(The female black lead). These shows that are doing better are predominately white casted and it is a fact that a large portion of the viewing audience won’t watch a black show (even if some do).

    That is the reality of the situation, so please with look at the low numbers. Scandal is doing well for what it is, the industry is taking notice that these types of shows are viable and that is all it needs to prove.

  • Bad Wolf

    Hawaii 5-0 vs Castle, Fringe vs Supernatural/Nikita, Grey’s vs POI… Those were already very annoying and repetitive fights. But now, Revenge vs Scandal ?! Please, this one is gonna span 2 nights next season, Thursday and Sunday ! Really, reading comments and posting on this site is gonna be exhausting next season !

  • Someone

    The CW is going down. :D

  • Red Jane

    Touch has been dropping viewers almost every week and it will die on Fridays – and it’s deserved. The show is a pompous piece of overspending gone silly.

  • MoHasanie


    Why do people keep mentioning the black lead? The race of the actors is the last thing I look at, when deciding whether to watch a show, but then, maybe that’s just me…

  • tscchope

    I agree. Bring back terra Nova.

    Touch down to 1.7 and not even at the end of its first season. It will lucky to pull a 1.0 on a Friday.

    Supernatural’s move off 9PM Friday is presumably a CW move to help WB and Fringe. Frankly, I think Grimm will be the beneficiary. Fronge I put in the 0.7 -0.5 ratings range for its season. Can’t help but think comedies would o better ratings and make Fox more money from ad revenues and the shows costing less.

  • Dean_W

    ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ had a 4.1 on its Season Finale ! OK but the quality of the Show is going down Season after Season. Plus, it’s not the Only Show to have a 4.1 for its 8th Season Finale ‘NCIS’, ‘CSI’ and many other did it before.
    I think ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ will have 10 Seasons and then ABC will say goodbye to Derek and Meredith.

  • KS

    I guess Touch is dead for Sure. Poor Fox! Alcatraz, Touch, Terra Nova – 3 Big failures.

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