TV Land Announces Summer Programming Premiere Dates

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May 18th, 2012

via press release:

TV Land announces its summer schedule.

The Soul Man”NEW SERIES PREMIERES WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20 AT 10PM ET/PT Starring Cedric “The Entertainer” and Niecy Nash, “The Soul Man” is the newest series being added to TV Land’s line-up of stellar sitcoms. The show revolves around former R&B star-turned-minister, Reverend Boyce “The Voice” (Cedric), as he moves back home to St. Louis with his family, including wife Lolli (Nash), to preach in his father’s church. Now, his family must adjust to their new humble life from their former superstar lifestyle. John Beasley (“Everwood”), Wesley Jonathan (“What I Like About You”) and Jazz Raycole (“My Wife and Kids”) also star.
“The Exes”SERIES RETURNS WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20 AT 10:30PM ET/PT – Your favorite sitcom stars are back for a second season! In season one, Phil (Donald Faison) and Haskell (Wayne Knight) were shocked to learn that their landlord and divorce attorney, Holly (Kristen Johnston), was forcing a new roommate on them – the clingy and recently-divorced Stuart (David Alan Basche). In season two, they’re still attempting to adjust to one another’s quirks and annoying habits, but Holly is there to help avert any disasters – or in some cases, cause them. Meanwhile, Holly’s assistant, Eden (Kelly Stables), doesn’t exactly let professionalism get in the way of prying into her boss’s dating life – or lack thereof.
“Retired at 35”SERIES RETURNS TUESDAY, JUNE 26 AT 10:00PM ET/PT – TV Land’s inter-generational comedy returns with new addition to the cast, Marissa Jaret Winokur (Broadway’s “Hairspray”)! In “Retired at 35,” after 37 years of marriage, Alan Robbins (George Segal) and his wife Elaine (Jessica Walter) are expected to cruise into retirement and live out their days happily ever after. However, they get an unexpected surprise when their uptight and overworked son David (Johnathan McClain), sick of the NYC rat race, decides to move in with them. David finds himself dealing with his overzealous parents as well as his sister Amy (Winokur), who, while successful in business, has made less than impressive choices in her love life.
  • Ralph Hahn

    TV Land should just stick with the old shows. EVERY cable station seems to be making network-like sitcoms and scripted dramas now.

  • Dan

    Is it me or does it seem like watching new shows like Retired at 35 and Happily Divorced just feel like watching reruns of old shows?

  • Cliff Macke

    Betty White announced on Letterman that Hot in Cleveland Season 4 Begins in August. There are 24 episodes scheduled for season 4.

  • Ralph Hahn

    @Dan: There hasn’t been a new idea in TV programming in decades. Our favorite old shows were the first to recycle. lol

    Oh, along with TV Land, remember when MTV was just videos?

  • Max

    This is stupid. TV Land should have just staid with classic sitcoms.

  • Jenny

    I really love The Exes, and the cast has pretty great chemistry.So looking forward to this shows return.

  • NBC is awesome

    I love all of TV land new sitcoms (except for HD, can’t seem to get into that one), but there old shows are boring. i love when they show Everybody loves Raymond, the King of Queens, and Curb your enthusiasm.

  • The Mike Factor

    I like The Exes, Happily Divorced and Hot in Cleveland. Will give The Soul Man a look. Retired at 35 just doesn’t interest me.

  • Dan

    @Ralph Hahn thats true and yes I remember

  • Kenny

    I love Hot in Cleveland, The Exes, and especially Happily Divorced {So happy to see Fran back on tv} Not looking forward to Soul Man because I don`t like Cedric and can`t STAND Niecy Nash..Retired at 35 is okay but that Marisa Winacokr is too much and can`t stand her so i don`t know how she`ll be on show but i like George Seagal though and Jessica Walter

  • david

    Retied at 35 is a funny show. Happily Divorced is pretty good too. I may check out the Soul Man. The Exes is just ok to me.

  • Carmen

    TV Land has done a pretty good job of taking fairly well known . . .and generally likable. . .B and C listers and putting them together into some entertaining shows.
    I still wonder if the Hot In Cleveland pilot was ever shopped around to the major networks?

  • Ellis

    I don’t know what people are complaining about TV Land was in much worse shape when they were airing those horrible reality shows. At least their airing something with relevance in original comedies.

  • MJDB

    Can’t wait. I love all of TV Land’s shows and can’t wait for The Soul Man.

  • Dwayne

    tv land go back to the old shows and get rid of that stupid extreme home make over show

  • Steve

    I like all the Tv Land shows. I think that Tv Land is a good idea with the new shows.

  • bored with TV

    I do not like to watch TV land as offten as I use to. Keep MASH! That is the only one I like that you have at this time. I do not watch any of your new junky shows. in 90’s TV shows went down hill and are in the gutter now. The three they are adding to the schedule will not be watched by me. I have over a hundred TV stations to watch and have nothing to watch. Old movies here I come.

  • xwiseguyx

    Why are people on this forum screaming for more old reruns – every other cable channel has them too plus the independents run ’em 24 hours (and the same ones). Perhaps if they ran ones rarely seen like Here’s Lucy, Mother’s In Law, Doris Day Show or the early Petticoat Junction eps that aren’t in syndication, that would be of interest… That being said, Happily Divorced is really the only one I make it a point to watch, Hot In Cleveland has a great cast, but the writing isn’t the greatest.. Nevertheless, I’m always rooting for the new stuff to succeed given all we get on the networks are quirky single cam sitcoms.

  • John


    People are “screaming” for more old reruns because shows back then are, in fact, better than the new junk TV Land plays today. I hate TV Land’s “new” format too, and find the new station theme song annoying compared to the classic sound they had before.

    Speaking in terms of TV shows, why else would a show like Everybody Loves Raymond, for instance, still be in consistent syndication, despite having the final curtain call around 2005 or so? The same can be said for other great shows like The King of Queens, both shows that I sometimes wish were still airing current episodes to escape the crap that’s shown on TV today. Perhaps that’s why cable companies offer more channels?

    A line from Everybody Loves Raymond:

    “Frank (exiting Ray and Debra’s house): A long time ago, my little voice told me to do something. (turns to look at Marie outside) But I did it anyway. Now I’m stuck with a great big voice! (closes door)

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