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May 20th, 2012

Continuing our night-by-night look at the Fall 2012 schedule, we move to Sunday.  The only changes on the night are two ABC shows, and one CBS show, but only one of those shows are new.  Desperate Housewives, long an ABC tentpole is gone, and hopeful sophomore Revenge takes its place at 9pm, followed by the only new show of the night, 666 Park Avenue.

Last spring there was some doubt about the NFL season, but there's no doubt this year. Sunday Night Football will, of course, dominate the night's ratings. ABC won't top football, but it may well top the night after football season.

Will The Good Wife finally be sold into syndication? Considering the tenacity of Les Moonves' salespeople, I'm going with yes, but it hasn't been an easy sell. The Mentalist takes the place of canceled CSI: Miami at 1opm. The Mentalist will have 116+ episodes at the end of next season (its 5th), and isn't owned by CBS. Next spring will be an interesting time for fans worried about the show's future.

No new shows for Fox's Sunday animation line up next season. The Cleveland Show will join the night at 7:30 after football season.

Take a trip down memory lane with last season's 2011's Sunday Fall schedule:

  • Kissan

    Revenge has a good slot, but not a very good slot. It still has to battle against The Good Wife, Family Guy, American Dad, Sunday Night Football, Dexter, Game Of Thrones, The Killing and other good cable shows. Yes, it will still easily win its timeslot maybe cuz the only real competition they have is Family Guy(which gets like 2.5 and beat DH constantly),Sunday Night Football and Game Of Thrones. All I’m sayin is that Sunday at 9 is competitive, but not that competeitive.

  • Holly

    I agree with the post regarding the CBS timeslot for mentalist being the 10:30 slot.
    CBS Miami lost my viewership always being delayed by some sporting event. Feel like they stick shows they no longer care about here to die a slow death. I fear this is what is going to happen to the mentalist

  • Dwayne

    Another words nothing to watch on Sunday

  • HB

    I am happy with Revenge’s slot.If ABC reruns it throughout the summer, It can turn out to be really good for them (with OUaT as a leadin)

  • Nick

    I’m wondering… Where will ABC’s Sunday Hallmark Movie Specials go??? They consistently win Fridays and Sundays (don’t wanna mess with Revenge), and have hits on Mondays, Thursdays, and Wednesdays. That leaves Tuesdays and possibly Saturdays. I guess fans of Happy Endings, Apt. 23, and Private Practice are screwed! :-D

  • Bee

    ABC really doesn’t have much to lose from the revenge move. as we’ve seen these past couple of weeks, or months actually, it’s done with wednesdays at 10PM. there’s no room for growth there and it certainly deserves higher ratings and would get them somewhere else.

    anyway, stoked for ABC sunday nights! will be checking out all three shows. i’m sure 666 park avenue will premiere well since it’s got a cast ABC viewers will recognize and like and has an intriguing concept. anything after that depends on quality.

    the real questions are: how will ABC schedule revenge? and when will these shows premiere? i think ABC should premiere all 3 shows in late october like they did with OUAT this year. they did say revenge would only get 22 episodes, yet fewer repeats also. and if they premiere revenge late, they’ve gotta hold 666 park avenue also. but if OUAT starts on time, they’d waste taking advantage of its strong early ratings.

  • Holly


    The Hallmark movies will air instead of repeats on Sunday just like they did this year.

  • Bee

    along with scandal, ABC needs to keep the revenge buzz alive and growing. idk how they’ll do that since they don’t plan on airing repeats i think, but they’ve gotta do something.

  • Joss


    Budy there is no way FG to fall that much 2.8 is an optimistic choice ;)

  • Tessa

    Revenge going against Sunday night football. Hopefully it survives. At least it is not overlapping with the Amazing Race or there would’ve been an amazing fight over the remote in our household.

  • HB


    Yes, they have got to do something.I dont know how much this is true. but I heard Revenge Reruns were starting on 28th May.(Monday)

  • June

    I am looking forward 666 Park Avenue.
    ABC has the most interesting shows on Sunday.

  • SherLOCKED (The Mighty Cringe)

    Interested to see how Mentalist does there…..also interested to see how Mentalist and 666 Park Ave fare against each other.

  • oink

    Sundays… it’s all about football
    NBC’s only golden ticket

  • Christy

    The only show I want to watch on Sunday night is The Mentalist.
    I hope a lot of people have DVR boxes,so if they want to watch the show, they
    can record it and watch it later.
    Please don’t find fault with the show. If you don’t like it,don’t watch it but
    if you do watch it just set back and enjoy it. and don’t find fault with it like
    some people.

  • SoundableObject

    The Mentalist was going to move to either Friday or Sunday with either NY or Miami going.

    If The Mentalist moved to Friday it would get much lower ratings than it would get on a Sunday and with the show being licensed out they would have therefore made less money from it giving it a lower chance of renewal over an in house production.

    The Mentalist on a Sunday gives the show a much higher chance of renewal into Season 6. The Good Wife will probably end after Season 4, CBS will not want to destabilise the entire night by cancelling The Mentalist with it.

  • a p garcia

    Revenge has a good leadin so good numbers are espected. Lets hope 666 Park Ave doesn’t end up like PanAm although I feel PanAm & GCB should have been renewed. I do like Football.

  • Concerned Citizen

    As always, my Sunday nights will be dominated by cable. In the fall, it’ll be Boardwalk Empire at 9, followed by Homeland at 10. But I might try to catch up on Bob’s Burgers this summer and watch that as sort of a pregame for the big boys. And I’ll probably try to catch up on The Good Wife and have that as a backup.

  • Revenge


  • SmG

    Add Dexter and Homeland to that competition :)

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