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May 20th, 2012

Continuing our night-by-night look at the Fall 2012 schedule, we move to Sunday.  The only changes on the night are two ABC shows, and one CBS show, but only one of those shows are new.  Desperate Housewives, long an ABC tentpole is gone, and hopeful sophomore Revenge takes its place at 9pm, followed by the only new show of the night, 666 Park Avenue.

Last spring there was some doubt about the NFL season, but there's no doubt this year. Sunday Night Football will, of course, dominate the night's ratings. ABC won't top football, but it may well top the night after football season.

Will The Good Wife finally be sold into syndication? Considering the tenacity of Les Moonves' salespeople, I'm going with yes, but it hasn't been an easy sell. The Mentalist takes the place of canceled CSI: Miami at 1opm. The Mentalist will have 116+ episodes at the end of next season (its 5th), and isn't owned by CBS. Next spring will be an interesting time for fans worried about the show's future.

No new shows for Fox's Sunday animation line up next season. The Cleveland Show will join the night at 7:30 after football season.

Take a trip down memory lane with last season's 2011's Sunday Fall schedule:

  • rob60990

    This timeslot change better work for Revenge or I will get my own revenge.

  • gerry

    i never expected revenge to be moved to sunday. i did expect cbs to move the good wife to friday. now i have my two favorite network shows dueling the same timeslot. between those, 666 and all the cable, sunday just got even busier. argh, ABC! argh!!

  • Carm

    Get Rid of Amazing Race and put back Unforgettable!!!!!!!!

  • Carm

    Bring BACK HARRY’S LAW!!!

  • Flame

    To watch: Race.

    Maybe 666 Park will join my personal lineup, but I will have to watch some trailers first.

  • GDfriends

    MI said

    “8pm – OUAT has the edge but IMO the show won’t sustain it’s numbers as the story can and has dragged a bit with TAR coming close to matching her”

    OUAT’s story has been really really dragged, nobody remembers anything, the town is still stuck, the curse has yet to be broken.. oh wait.. lmao.

    Do you even watch the show?

    And as for OUAT and TAR, OUAT beat TAR and Survivor’s season finales despite getting hurt by DST, so I wouldn’t rule out OUAT beating TAR this season too, though TAR could have the upper hand at times during the fall, as it did last year, due to Football.”

    Yes I watch OUAT everyweek…missed only one episode when my cable was out but there were weeks when I was like “really?” and “Come’on” but there have also been some “I can see that” and “I like that” so I will keep on watching, but the show does drag on, and how can they continue this story arc? The show seems somewhat limited by its premise.

    With that said I stand behind my prediction…OUAT will fade a bit but have the edge on TAR, but TAR won’t be so far behind it and has to potential to beat it…

  • Georgie

    for me…8-OUAT, 9-Walking Dead, and 10-666 Park Ave

    an awesome night of the supernatural-fantasy and horror genre.

  • Justin121

    “This timeslot change better work for Revenge or I will get my own revenge.”


  • Joseph

    Like many others , I am looking forward to 666 Park Avenue and a new season of The Amazing Race and OUAT :)
    Will need to find something to do at 9:00pm.

  • Gustavo

    I will watch:9:00 Revenge.DVR:The Good Wife.

  • Jackie

    I will watch “The Mentalist” anytime, anyday.

  • Jared

    Sunday Night is by far the busiest night of television in my house, especially in the fall, because of all the cable shows, and if there’s a good Sunday Night Football game on, that takes precedence over everything else (live sporting events always do). If the game is a blowout, or I don’t particularly care about the outcome, then I’ll be watching Boardwalk Empire and Homeland live, followed by Dexter and The Walking Dead via DVR. In the spring, football will be done, but Game of Thrones and Mad Men mean that cable will still be the priority.

    Unfortunately, that means that the broadcast networks will have to wait until later in the week, but I’ll definitely make time to stay current with Revenge and The Good Wife. If a week happens to come by where I don’t have too much work, I’ll do my best to check in on Once Upon A Time and 666 Park Avenue as well.

  • Aaron

    Watch Once Upon a Time, PVR The Simpsons, then watch Revenge. I might give 666 a try because Vanessa Williams.

  • MJDB

    What I’ll be watching:






    7:30-The Cleveland Show (DVR)
    8:00-The Simpsons (DVR)
    8:30-Bob’s Burgers (DVR)
    9:00-Family Guy (DVR)


    8:00-Once Upon a Time (DVR)

    The CW:


  • chrisss

    I think all Revenge fans should be happy that it’s moving. With it getting around a 2 now, it’d be in the 1s by next spring. And plus it would have had The Neighbours as a lead in…

  • JS

    The only night to ever turn on NBC.. The NFL .. destroys all. The rest of the shows on this night are crap.

  • MJDB

    18-49 Demo Predictions:


    60 Minutes-1.2-1.6
    The Amazing Race-2.2-2.8
    The Good Wife-1.7-2.3
    The Mentalist-2.2-2.6


    Sunday Night Football-4.5-5.0

    Fashion Star-1.6-2.0
    The Celebrity Apprentice-1.9-2.4
    Do Not Harm-1.7-2.1


    The OT-1.0-1.4
    The Cleveland Show-1.5-2.2
    The Simpsons-2.4-2.7

    Bob’s Burgers-2.2-2.5
    Family Guy-2.7-3.0
    American Dad-2.5-2.7


    America’s Funniest Home Videos-1.4-1.8
    Once Upon a Time-3.2-3.5
    666 Park Avenue-3.0-3.2

  • Joss

    why they killed of Madeleine Stowe???

  • chicc_o

    Once Upon a time , Revenge (HOT) , 666 Park Avenue

    ABC is killing Sunday

  • david

    ABC for me on Sunday. I liked Once Apong a Time and Revenge this past season and 666 Park Avenue sounds like it will be really good too.

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