'Saturday Night Live' Season Finale With Mick Jagger Delivers Below Average Ratings

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May 20th, 2012

The season finale of Saturday Night Live  hosted by Mick Jagger, with musical guests Arcade Fire, Foo Fighters, and Jeff Beck,  averaged a 2.7 rating with adults 18-49 in the 25 markets with local people meters. That's down from last week's episode with Will Farrell and musical guest Usher which averaged a 3,1 rating among adults 18-49, and below average for the season.

via press notes:

In Late-Night Metered-Market Household Averages for Saturday night:

  • “Saturday Night Live," with host and musical guest Mick Jagger (5.2/13 in metered-market households), dominated its time period with the #1 rating of the night, ahead of all primetime telecasts on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox. “SNL” equaled its highest rating in metered-market households since March 3 (with host Lindsay Lohan and musical guest Jack White)
  • In the 25 markets with Local People Meters, “Saturday Night Live” averaged a 2.7 rating, 12 share in adults 18-49, making it the night’s #1 program in the Local People Meters, ahead of all primetime telecasts on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox.



  • Ryan

    A great SNL episode but also a great basketball game running directly against it.

  • NBC is awesome

    Me and a couple of my friends went to wait outside 30rock, to see someone get into their car, thy were all at an after party and our car got towed.

  • tvfreak

    I’m glad it got below average ratings, because overall this season finale was really sucky. I skipped so many sketches, it’s not even funny. (Mostly the parts where Rolling Stones songs were being used and/or abused, ‘cos I never liked the Stones. My dad thinks I’m a commie because of it. :( ) Even knowing that Kristen Wiig won’t be chewing the SNL scenery after tonight didn’t help.

    But it was fun to watch Weekend Update, especially with Bill Hader continuing to corpse as Stefon. That’s the only reason I like the Stefon bit, because of the constant corpsing. Face it, anybody would laugh if they were reading what was written on those cue cards.

  • Kenny

    I thought it was a TERRIBLE episode, the only skit that made me laugh was the So you can make me Dance skit ad it was the Judges Jewel and Santana “Can you name another one of my songs besides Smooth”…LMAO

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage

    Wiig is SNL, I don’t know if I’ll watch next season… ;(

  • Chris

    Noo I loved Wiig

  • Hmmm

    Lindsay’s episode was the only episode I watched this season

    SNL just isn’t what it was, unless there’s some sort of interesting celeb coming on I don’t plan on watching

  • Mike

    Nothing better than the annual “SNL isn’t good anymore. It used to be awesome”. People literally say that every year. I love the show, that being said, in my opinion, this year was not its best. I thought last night’s was really funny though.

  • joel

    Jason Sudeikis didn’t look happy. He kept a low profile all night. His final dance with Kristen amounted to Wigg consoling him, and he looked very uncomfortable when Lorne came out to dance with Kristen. He got forced out.

  • DW

    sandberg and wig and the guy that does weekend update can leave show business right now and i wouldnt miss them.

  • pete

    I loved this episode. Too bad it was up against the game.

  • Tusca

    Lakers-Thunder was on TNT which probably caused the drop.

  • Gary Middleton

    LOL, Mike, great post.

    Joel, if I could wager on it, I’d bet that Sudeikis was genuinely emotional about Kristin’s departure. And that he is far from forced out, and is in fact staying at least through the election.

  • Chudbeagle

    That skit was painful and that Santana “joke” was as ill-informed as any. I guess the 31 Billboard hit singles from Santana didn’t happen. That joke was so bad. Menudo-fine, but Santana? Any moron could at the very least name “Black Magic Woman”, “Oye Como Va”, “Evil Ways”, “Maria Maria” and “Winning” right?
    SNL is brutal-make it go away. At least Mick sounded good and the Foo Fighters and Jeff Beck kicked ass.

  • kyle

    Last night was a horrible way to go out, only sketch that was funny was Lazy Sunday 2. I actually thought the show was over after Jagger did that horrible Political Blues song and didn’t see that Kristen Wig sketch. Kind of wish I stayed around for it.

  • Cath

    Stefon was great as always. Music was also great and I’m not a Stones fan. SNL has always been uneven with a few standouts. Biggest problem is continuing with recurring characters that don’t work. Must do okay for NBC since it has been on forever. A little of Kristen goes a long way. Why the overly emotional goodbye? They always come back in one way or another.

  • TeeVeeViewer

    SNL hasn’t been funny in decades and heaven only knows why NBC continues to keep it on. Lame skit concepts, poor writing, and obviously biased and inaccurate political slams are the norm, with humor being an afterthought. By the way, the Stefon character is terrible, unfunny, and downright boring. I sincerely hope that NBC kills off this dinosaur before next season.

  • Chuck_T

    A 68 year old host maybe wasn’t enough to pull in those 18-39 year olds?

  • Jadine

    I thought it was a good episode.. Mick did a good job.. he is like 68 and still kicked butt.. I’m glad Wiig is leaving.. Now maybe the other girls can be in more than 1 skit…

  • Oliver

    NBC keep SNL on because it regularly beats almost all their primetime lineup in the ratings.

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