E!’S 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Season Premiere Delivers Nearly 3 Million Total Viewers, Besting Previous Season Premiere By +16%

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May 21st, 2012

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  • The 7th season premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Sunday, May 20th in its new 9pm-10pm time period attracted nearly 3.0 million Total Viewers as it exceeded the 6th season premiere by +16%. The show also attracted nearly 2.0 million Persons 18-49, up +20% over last season’s premiere and delivering over 1.5 million Women 18-49 viewers, up +23% over last season’s premiere.
  • The 7th season premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians also delivered a +9% gain over the prior season premiere among Households, notching a 2.26 HH rating, while also posting gains over last season’s premiere with Persons 18-34 and Women 18-34.
  • Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 7 premiere posted immediate time period gains at 9pm as it performed 2x to 5x better than both the prior year as well as the prior 4 week time periods with all key measures, including gains of +283% with Households, +298% with Total Viewers and +346% with Adult 18-49 viewers versus year-ago.
  • Keeping Up With The Kardashians also registered appointment viewing from the beginning as it built its audience each quarter hour throughout the show, growing nearly +20% among Total Viewers from start to finish and +24% with Adults 18-49.
  • Online, Keeping Up with the Kardashians season 7 premiere week drew aseries record breaking 2.1MM page views to the show site and related photos on E! Online, up +17% vs. Season 6. Video views to show content delivered its third best premiere week (behind Seasons 4 and 5), with tremendous growth from the prior season (+167% to 322K).
  • E!’s series premiere of Mrs. Eastwood & Company followed on Sunday from 10pm-11pm with nearly 1.1 million Total Viewers which is more than double E!’s Primetime average among Total Viewers.

*Source Nielsen Media Research, Fast Nationals, 5/20/12 Live + Same Day, COV AA% & Impressions; E! Primetime based on 2Q’12 to date (03/26/12-05/17/12, Mon-Sun, 6pm-12am) Online Source: Adobe Site Catalyst (Traffic 2010 – current, Video Starts 2011 – current), The Platform (2009 – 2010 ) Premiere week is based on the full week leading up to the premiere show and video content totals and comparisons include E! Online on-site and off-site players since 2010. Show site comparisons include related photo galleries.


  • Chris


  • Sheila

    I love it, the haters are going to hang themselves.

  • kyle

    WHY THE HELL DO PEOPLE WATCH THIS SHOW? Unless its boys just looking at their hotness I don’t see the point.

  • Mr Mikey

    Who the hell actually watches this garbage? Whoever watches this trash are retards.

  • Jadine

    Seriously, who turns to this show on purpose?

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Robert Seidman

    nearly 3 million people who aren’t you?

  • casey

    Surprised to see that 3 million plus people watch it. I expected less cuz of all the negative haters around here. Negativity is ugly people

  • Scandalfan

    I do! I watch when I can i actually like Chloe or is it Courtney? Anyway the one married to the basketball playah.

  • RJ

    Great to see the Kardashians do so well.

    To all the haters, it’s already been renewed for an additional two seasons, so go away until then.

  • Erika

    Wohoo haters can hate all they want. Notice how you bring the people you hate more attention by clicking. They are the only people that would make you do this.

    I couldn’t watch the first airing, but caught the 2nd airing. Next week, I’ll be watching the first airing and I hope the ratings go up.

  • Lisa

    I’ll have to catch a rerun of the season premiere. Didn’t know the show was back.

  • Kevin

    Come on man! This is crazy!

  • JFC

    This is sort of a sad statement about us.

  • FringeFan

    Seriously is 3 million really that many people? Much less than 1% of the population despite the family being everywhere. Fringe gets roughly 3 million viewers and is non existent outside of Fox and this website.

  • pickles

    Do the people that are watchingthis show know it’s all fake? I can’t believe more and more people tune in to watch.It just boggles my mind.

  • Kelly

    I agree, 3 million viewers ISN’T a lot people but I’d Ike to know just who are the dummy’s watching a reality show that isn’t real?? I guess lots of people/supporters living vicariously through them. How empty can your lives be?? PATHETIC!!! And Kim’s face hasn’t moved in 2 years and I love that she’s starting to look older in her photos that are shoved down my throat. Btw, she is still married, which makes her an adulterer, separated or not so for her supporters, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!! There’s more to life then shopping, hoeing and money….

  • RJ


    FOX reaches about 112 million homes, compared to the 88 million homes for E!. Plus, ‘Kardashians’ repeats frequently for the network, so it probably totals around 10 million viewers per week. The haters can spin all they want, the fact remains that the series is still bringing in tons of money for E! or they would have pulled the plug.

    By the way, where is that chart that shows the % of HH for each network? I had to go to numerous sites to find the above information, but I know its all on this site somewhere.

  • Kelly

    And the title of this articles deceiving because yes,they’ve bested last years season by 16% but you didn’t mention how at one point they had 4.1 million viewers so less are watching and I DOUBT 3 million watched last night. Straight up guesstimate and exaggeration….

  • A

    Breaking News: 3 million people are mentally retarded.

  • pooder

    I tune in to watch fatty. Each time she puts something in her mouth we all do shots. You are ripped in mins. You truly have to be drunk to watch these skanks..

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