Fall 2012 TV Schedule Night by Night: Monday

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May 21st, 2012

Continuing the night-by-night look at the fall schedule, we move to Monday night.  ABC is keeping the exact same lineup as Fall 2011 and CBS is close, with only the new comedy  Partners at 8:30p, and 2 Broke Girls moving to the tentpole 9pm spot after the Thursday move of Two And A Half Men.

NBC brings The Voice into the Fall, followed by new drama Revolution at 10pm. For NBC's sake, I hope it lasts longer than The Playboy Club did.

We can only hope we'll get a little Revolution fan chatter joining the Castle v. Hawaii Five-0 trash talk on Tuesday mornings.

The CW moves Gossip Girl an hour later than last Fall for its final season (not clear on the episode count) and brings 90210 into the night. The Carrie Diaries is scheduled to enter the night after Gossip Girl is done.

Nothing nearly as newsworthy on the night for Fox as Terra Nova was last Fall, but rookie The Mob Doctor will follow Bones.

Take a trip down memory land with 2011's Monday Fall schedule:

  • SherLOCKED (The Mighty Cringe)

    I think “partners” will thrive in that time slot. HIMYM, then Partners, then 2BG then M&M sounds like a solid comedy block!

    “Rev” should be able to hold its own with a VOICE lead-in.

  • Justin J. Poppiti, Esq.

    Sunday is for football.

  • KS

    Can’t wait for Revolution. I hope it stays with solid ratings in the first two seasons at least and we fans will do campaigns for the show to proceed further, after that. I am sure it would be great, and will definitely do as good as Fringe. I really hope Kripke is aware of situation about Sci-fi shows on Network TV, how soon they get cancelled.

  • Bunny


    Partners looks good!

    it’s a typical multi-cam sitcom but very different from other CBS shows.

  • Pepper

    I think Revolution will start strong and fade quickly – it’s tough to run a high concept sci-fi show like that on Network television. I wish it the best of luck though.

  • Justin121

    The Super-Bowl slot was Person of Interest or 2 Broke Girls.

    Now, I’m certain it’ll be 2 Broke Girls.

    On Mondays, no TAAHM leaves 2BG do all the heavy lifting.

    On Thursdays, TAHHM props up Person of Interest to the needed ratings level.


    Reminds me of the 2010 moves of Suvivor, Big Bang, CSI NY and Miami.

    How long has Kelly Khal been head of CBS scheduling?

    He deserves a raise :D

  • Flame

    To watch: Mother.

    I have a feeling that this will mark the final season. Plotwise I am happy where they are right now.

  • GDfriends

    I see the night as follows:

    Every net is risking something, NBC has the Voice which in most everyones opinion will fade a bit from this years numbers (and at the end they were being beat by CBS comedies), Men is gone and Girls will anchor the night which could be risky….DWTS is falling hard but a new all-star edition may help (or show ABC that there is no hope). FOX and The CW are out of this match…I expect the CW to match this years numbers while FOX to average in the upper 1 demos (not pretty if you ask me)

    CBS will win the night though they will be down a bit…the loss of Men and the addition of Partners will shake things up, instead of continually focusing on male viewers CBS is opting to go after female and gay viewers which may or may not benefit them, but with no comedy competition this transition may be far easier then on other nights. H5O will also win its timeslot but will be down (slightly) due to the competition

    NBC’s the Voice will continue to do will but I expect it to average just above 3.0 demos after a few weeks…sorry but there will be to many music shows and over-saturation is a real present danger for shows like this. Revolution will debut well but fade to Smash numbers (sorry everyone but the competition is tough in this slot)

    ABC’s DWTS will rise slightly to the upper 2 demos but these marginally better numbers only prove the obvious…this shows dominance is over. Castle despite the higher demos by DWTS will fade a bit…I expect it to beat Revolution but not by much (maybe 10%)

    This is by far the most hotly contested night…but with so much reality on the night and weak dramas on FOX the nets have given CBS the night by default.

  • Petar

    Revolution received the highest test ratings on NBC. The media is saying it is the most anticipated show , voted by viewers. And trailer is the best one i have watched since Lost.(good job by jon favreau) This is all good and plus.
    I am worry only that expectation go so high only from one trailer. Its ok for fans to be with high expectation. But writers and tv sites like tv guide, EW etc. make bad service as they compare revolution all the time with Lost, the hunger games, gamee of thrones etc. NBC in last 5 even 10 years haven’t successful dramas. Their most successful 10 pm drama is parenthood wich is laughable. So NBC must manage lower the expectation. Its from their interest.

    entertainment weekly:
    Highest concept: Lost godfather J.J. Abrams’ latest sci-fi series, NBC’s Revolution, has a spectacular trailer (thanks to pilot director Jon Favreau) and sky-high concept (set 15 years after every electronic gadget has ceased working). Will “It’s going to turn off!” be the new “We have to go back!”?

    Take a little “Lost,” add in a touch of “The Hunger Games,” “Escape from New York” and “Battlestar Galactica,” and you’ll get the general vibe of “Revolution”!

  • Justin121

    ABC: Castle and DWTS will be flat vs. last Fall

    CBS will be down

    NBC will be down

    FOX will be down

    CW will be falt

    #1 will be CBS or NBC

    I expect both CBS comedies and The Voice will be weaker this Fall.

    FOX Mondays will be like NBC Chuck Event Mondays

  • OMG

    It has been a long time since ABC has a post-Superbowl slot. I am quite sure the next few years are all NBC, or FOX, or CBS. ABC would have really benefited from that Superbowl (Imagine the different possibilities). I agree that CBS should go with 2 Broke Girls though, since TAAHM has already provided POI with the lead-in. 2 Broke Girls seems to be not quite steady on its own yet. On another note, I think CBS is still pursuing a Thursday comedy block, just one year later. Like another poster said, they are trying to recreate the TBBT and TAAHM Monday comedy block, this time on Thursdays.

    I think ABC scheduled Castle on Monday in light of Revolution. It seems to be quite a good decision, as a new show against Revolution might be DOA, since the sampling audience might go for the way more hyped Revolution. I wish Revolution the best of luck though.

  • bluejays

    I think NBC will win Mondays in the fall with The Voice but maybe by the second cycle fatigue will have set in with it.

    ABC will do similar to this year, but DWTS’s might get a slight boost from the ‘All stars’ bit.

    CBS has taken a big risk IMO with Mondays. They had a strong night but then didn’t win even with that up against The Voice in the new year so how they think they will by weakening the night I don’t know. I get why they did it. The Monday line up was consistently stronger than Thursdays in every slot except for TBBT – so they might boost Thursdays but at what cost to Mondays?

    It might pay off or it might leave them weak and even in third place.

    At ten I think Revolution will start off big. I predict maybe even bigger than Smash. I think it will drop – a lot. I’ve seen the preview and it reminded me of Terra Nova with the feel of it.

    Still six and a half million youtube hits is the most I think I’ve ever seen for a tv preview (but then again last year Terra Nova got over two million, way more than most other shows and that’s no longer with us).

  • Petar

    2BG deserve that honor best monday show for next 10 years on CBS! Partners look good too. But NBC the voice will win. I think fall cycle will be the best one. After that will drop. But NBC haven’t reallity or else even close to the voice so they haven’t choice.

  • Petar

    @Pepper who said:
    I think Revolution will start strong and fade quickly – it’s tough to run a high concept sci-fi show like that on Network television. I wish it the best of luck though.

    Well may be will be too much for HBO to have Game of thrones and revolution. But this is the best case scenario. 10 ep, no filler episodes, no worries about ratings and opportunity writers and actors develop the story. But if lost can survive on network tv and be with 5s demo, game of thrones and revolution can too! Although i am happy that GoT is on HBO.

  • tv#1

    At 8 I will probably watch HIMYM and then Partners. I will record 90210 for later. At 9 I will check out Mob Doctor. Then at 10 I will be watching revolution.

  • Ram510

    I’ll be watching HIMYM and the Voice. I’ll give Revolution a try but I don’t have high hopes for it, so if it flops I’ll go back to watching sometgibg in cable such as Raw, Anthony Bourdain, or the lying game

    Partners doesn’t look, but the best part of this fall is that the sing off isn’t coming back.

  • http://tvbythenumbers.com Bill Gorman

    “It has been a long time since ABC has a post-Superbowl slot. I am quite sure the next few years are all NBC, or FOX, or CBS. ABC would have really benefited from that Superbowl (Imagine the different possibilities).”

    ABC will not broadcast the Super Bowl unless something changes in a future NFL rights deal (more than 10 years away) because they sent Monday Night Football to ESPN.

    Fan confusion to the contrary, they’re happy they did, because that’s an important reason that ESPN is by far the most valuable property in TV today, broadcast or cable.

  • Ryan

    I am really looking forward for REVOLUTION. However, its ratings are going to depend partially on THE VOICE’s. I say partially because with all the anticipation, I think it will be capable to earn its own success even without a strong lead-in. At first.

    After the debut (which will certainly be a success) the ratings may remain steady or fall depending on the plot. NBC has a lot to learn from the mistakes committed by HEROES. Remember? It became a hit during the first season, but from the second season on it just disappeared. I’m hoping NBC has learned its lesson because I really wanna watch that show.

    HAWAII FIVE-O is the most common kind of drama, so the viewers may be willing to watch something different. I think CASTLE will be its bigger competitor.

  • Michael

    Gonna give the win to ABC. Depending of course, on who is ‘dancing’ :D
    CBS a close 2nd….comedy is solid on Monday, but Hawaii been faultering as of late.
    NBC…a close 3rd. I like the Voice. Ratings might falter though with high competition. Revolution looks good. NBC hopes it gets the “Smash” effect.
    FOX…DISTANT 4th. No more house!! :(

  • Andrea from Italy

    I really think that The Voice is a great choice on Monday on NBC, but I would really, really know why NBC doesn’t try to put America’s Got Talent on Mondays during fall. They must have very good reasons for not doing so because last Monday and Tuesday (both 2 hours) it did quite well against season finales.

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