Fall 2012 TV Schedule Night by Night: Monday

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May 21st, 2012

Continuing the night-by-night look at the fall schedule, we move to Monday night.  ABC is keeping the exact same lineup as Fall 2011 and CBS is close, with only the new comedy  Partners at 8:30p, and 2 Broke Girls moving to the tentpole 9pm spot after the Thursday move of Two And A Half Men.

NBC brings The Voice into the Fall, followed by new drama Revolution at 10pm. For NBC's sake, I hope it lasts longer than The Playboy Club did.

We can only hope we'll get a little Revolution fan chatter joining the Castle v. Hawaii Five-0 trash talk on Tuesday mornings.

The CW moves Gossip Girl an hour later than last Fall for its final season (not clear on the episode count) and brings 90210 into the night. The Carrie Diaries is scheduled to enter the night after Gossip Girl is done.

Nothing nearly as newsworthy on the night for Fox as Terra Nova was last Fall, but rookie The Mob Doctor will follow Bones.

Take a trip down memory land with 2011's Monday Fall schedule:

  • Gustavo

    I think Castle for four years with DWTS as lead-in had already more than enough help.ABC should use that timeslot to promote new shows like:Last Resort.However this show though looks promising will never gonna get a solid fan-base on a Thursday at 8:00pm against such monsters like:TBBT-2 1/2 men and The X Factor,but changing timeslot with Castle could be better:1°Last Resort looks like more a 10pm show and i think will perform better against H5-0 than Castle does.Besides Castle already a solid fan-base that could follow that show every other night.However launch a new show in such terrible timeslot will make that show certainly crash.Besides:Castle has almost the episodes for syndication ( has 81 and need just 7 more))which mean doesn`t need so much help to stay alive.

  • Mi

    “I really hope Kripke is aware of situation about Sci-fi shows on Network TV, how soon they get cancelled.”

    I’m sure he does, considering SPN faced cancellation during his days more than once.

  • Albert

    Well it looks like I’m not gonna miss a thing while I watch Monday Night Football.

  • K

    I am pretty sure that the plan is to only do 13 episodes of Revolution and then in midseason SMASH will premiere Mondays at 10/9c and be paired with the spring cycle of The Voice.

  • Bee

    i’ll be giving partners, the mob doctor, and revolution a try.

    i’m sure revolution will open BIG. it’s got that “OMG THAT SHOW LOOKS AMAZING” aspect written all over it, will get major promotion, and has a good lead-in. how well it sustains depends on the quality. but i’d be very surprised right now if the opening was less than a 3.5 at the very least.

    partners will do just fine between HIMYM and 2 broke girls.

    i have a feeling mob doctor will slowly fail, but i’ll check it out for zach gilford.

    90210 and gossip girl will be their usual 0.4-0.6s. 0.7s if they’re lucky.

    i wish nashville was after DWTS, but whatever.

  • Nick

    Ratings predictions:

    HIMYM: 3.5-3.9
    Partners: 2.5-3.2
    Bones: 2.4-2.7
    90210: 0.5-0.6
    DWTS: 3.0-3.4/ Bachelor: 1.6-2.2
    The Voice: 3.8-4.6
    All-Star DWTS will bring it up. The Voive and Partners will start strong but slide. 90210 will slip in its new slot. Bones will be flat or up a little. People will finally get tired of this Bachelor nonsense.

    2BG: 3.6-3.9
    M&M: 3.3-3.8
    The Mob Doctor: 2.3-2.7
    Gossip Girl: 0.4-0.5
    GG will tank in its new slot, away from its core teen audience. The Mob Doctor will do OK. It won’t hold on to all of Bones’ audience, but most is good enough.

    Castle: 2.4-3.0
    H50: 2.5-3.2
    Revolution: 2.5-3.1
    Sadly, this is not the year Castle beats H50. Revolution will get off to a good start, but will slide with The Voice, and still get renewed. This hour is gridlock for me, as I am addicted to Castle and expect to be addicted to Revolution. I would gladly desert H50 for the two of them but my family watches it and… Ugh!!!
    Let the Castle vs. H50 vs. Revolution fights begin!!!!!!

    Network averages:
    NBC: 3.5
    CBS: 3.0
    ABC: (with DWTS) 3.0/ (with Bachelor) 2.3
    FOX: 2.5
    CW: 0.5
    NBC will fall, but still be on top. CBS and ABC midseason will go down. ABC autumn and FOX will go up a little. The CW will fail miserably.

  • Nick

    ^ this does not includes premiers or finales.

  • Tim

    Revolution is going to be a hit. This is the type of show JJ Abrams does well and the type of show young viewers love. And with The Voice as the lead in I think it will beat Castle and H50.
    The promo is awesome.
    I don’t think Castle’s numbers will drop because most viewers r woman in love with Nathan Fillion and the romance Castle, Stana. But H50 will suffer because of THM gone and because of Revolution.

  • Erika

    Mondays are always so hard bc I enjoy all the reality talent competitions and they are 2 hours each.

    I’m not sure what I’ll be watching live.

    -Bones either live or DVR
    -DWTS & The Voice live or DVR- DWTS is always live while the Voice doesn’t get live until later in the season, so I think at the beginning DWTS will win my viewership.

    I’ll watch How I Met Your Mother the next day- I really want this show to end soon since it has lost its mojo.

    I might try Revolution bc there will be nothing else on that I watch.

    And of course with football on ESPN, a good game might grab my attention.

  • Lena

    The premiere of Castle will do good because people want to watch the next morning after Castle and Beckett slept together. And hopefully DWTS will come back stronger with the ALL- star edition.
    I don’t find the next season too exciting, the only promos I like are Revolution, Vegas, 666 Parc Avenue and Elementary,

  • bluejays

    @Tim. JJ Abrams is on this thing in a exec producer capacity only and I doubt he’ll have that much close involvement with it. However Kripke has had success with SPN so can do so again. Abrams had the same level of involvement with Alcatraz as he’ll have with this.

    What makes me think Revolution will get off to a good start is the huge amount of buzz and youtube views etc. I’m sure I’ve read on here before by people more expert than myself (not hard) that facebook/youtube stuff means nothing but I can’t believe that a show with a preview with that many hits won’t start out big.

    I don’t think the promo *is* awesome. Its average at best.

  • joel

    I have so much CBS Monday sitcom fatigue I plan to ditch that next year. As a further extreme I’m considering going cold turkey on singing and dancing reality shows. For Mondays that leaves me with Hawaii Five 0, Castle, and a sampling of Revolution.

  • Sam

    I am very excited about Revolution . I watched The Hunger Games and this show reminds me of it.
    This is the best show next season IMO.
    And with The Voice leading it, and 2.5 man gone from Mondays, I think NBC will win Mondays in the demo numbers. ABC will be first on viewers thanks to DWTS.

  • David Howell

    Revolution is going to get a big initial sampling, and might be one of the top shows in premiere week.

    It would surprise me not one bit if Monday is the top night of the week all told for broadcast, especially as Thursday Night Football is now running all season long thus matching the effect of Monday Night Football.

    Partners is crucial for CBS. If it goes well out of the gate, CBS are going to do some huge damage to NBC on the only weeknight in which they can compete, much less win. If it doesn’t, and 2BG suffers, then CBS’s comedy slate would be TBBT, a lead-in dependent show without its lead-in (Mike & Molly), two shows that might be entering their final season (HIMYM, 2.5 Men), and – possibly – one a year removed from being slated for Saturdays (Rules). Yeah, Partners is pretty important for CBS. I think it succeeds because I don’t see CBS taking a chance like this on their comedies unless they have a sure-fire hit on their hands. Then again, this is the network that just let one of their franchise hits end with an unannounced series finale at 11pm on Sunday.

  • Joseph

    We are seeing the same thing about Revolution , and how it might attract the Hunger game crowd , though I think they should have aired this in a 9:00pm not a 10:00pm slot.
    I see the demo being pretty much evenly split among the major networks , with The Voice leading the pack.

  • Concerned Citizen

    If Revolution ends up being good, that’ll be my go-to show on Mondays. If not, I’ll just stick to Castle (or, as I like to call it, The Nathan Fillion show, since he’s the only reason I watch it).

    I think all three new shows have a decent chance of being commercially successful. From most to least likely, I’d say it’s Partners, Revolution, and The Mob Doctor.

  • bluejays

    What bugs me about Revolution is that the premise is great, the details make the show look idiotic. So no electricity? Okay I can buy that. But no battery power? No steam engines? No using coal?

    It doesn’t make sense when you actually watch the trailer more than once and tons of the comments have picked up on that. I suppose it depends on how far you’re willing to suspend belief – I watched terra Nova so have a fairly high tolerance for that sort of thing so will try it out but I think it might be too stupidly executed.

  • Holly


    Since there aren’t a lot of steam-powered machines around any more, or any factories to build said machines (or factories to create the metal needed), I suppose it would take a while for them to be re-developed. It could be that they would work in the world of “Revolution” but aren’t common.

  • Joseph

    But thats the thing , I can see something that put the brakes on Nuclear Power and Electricity , but you are right , Steam Trains , Water Powered Factories, Wind Pushed Ships, would be the new norm humanity was trying to convert to.
    Plus , I can only imagine the value placed on female horses that could breed.
    I like you fear that the plot holes are going to be horrific when it comes to Revolution.

  • Holly

    Then again… I’m trying to use logic for a TV show…maybe I should stop that.

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