Fall 2012 TV Schedule Night by Night: Monday

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May 21st, 2012

Continuing the night-by-night look at the fall schedule, we move to Monday night.  ABC is keeping the exact same lineup as Fall 2011 and CBS is close, with only the new comedy  Partners at 8:30p, and 2 Broke Girls moving to the tentpole 9pm spot after the Thursday move of Two And A Half Men.

NBC brings The Voice into the Fall, followed by new drama Revolution at 10pm. For NBC's sake, I hope it lasts longer than The Playboy Club did.

We can only hope we'll get a little Revolution fan chatter joining the Castle v. Hawaii Five-0 trash talk on Tuesday mornings.

The CW moves Gossip Girl an hour later than last Fall for its final season (not clear on the episode count) and brings 90210 into the night. The Carrie Diaries is scheduled to enter the night after Gossip Girl is done.

Nothing nearly as newsworthy on the night for Fox as Terra Nova was last Fall, but rookie The Mob Doctor will follow Bones.

Take a trip down memory land with 2011's Monday Fall schedule:

  • Charles

    I might start giving H:50 a shot. That’s about it for Monday’s other than MNF. Other than that, I’m going to wait for The Following in the Spring.

  • Petar


    My friend, do not underestimate young people. If that was the case than we will never ever watch dramas like lost! But we watch it and was one of the greatest show of our time.(for me THE greatest) Young people always support new, creative, innovative ideas…. good ideas as a whole. If not getting done its not young people fault. Something somehow go wrong! And unfortunately in this high concept shows 100 things can go wrong. But Abrams have brain, balls and courage to take the risk. New NBC boss is smart guy with balls too. He know the risks. I read what shows he greenlight in showtime and was impressed. That is why he get that job.

  • tvfreak

    It’s official: I’m going to have DVR overload on Monday nights, with three shows recording at once during the 10pm hour. I wish Revolution all the best! :D

    And yes, I am going to watch all three shows (RVN, Castle, and H50) avidly, and praise them all no matter what the crazy fans say. I am that certain that RVN will be that awesome.

  • Benjamin

    @ Petar: They said the same things about Terra Nova. Didn’t stop the network from canceling it. They’ll cancel this too. My advice to the cast of Revolution is to really pork out during production, and then put in some ad-libs about how brokenhearted they are to be fat. Throw in some steampunk treadmills and then have the episodes be about how much they’ve suffered and how much weight they’ve lost. Then, it *might* get renewed.

  • Jenny

    Pass on everything airing Monday night.I seriously think Mondays are the worst day for t.v. Mostly crap

  • Ultima

    Seriously, why the TV networks even bother with science fiction for a U.S. audience is beyond my understanding. Viewers want:

    What viewers want is an ever-changing target. Networks go with what works, chase what’s hot, and try what’s not in the hopes that it’s the next hot thing and they can be out in front of the competition.

  • Dahne

    You’d think since I only watch one show on Mondays that this day would be pretty safe for me. No dice. Of course that means that the new show I look most forward to is scheduled in that slot. So adios Castle, you get the online treatment next year while I check out Revolution. At least for 6 episodes.

  • bluone

    The only shows I would think of watching are all on at ten — against one another !!

  • Tommy

    I cannot wait for Revolution. The promo looks so so good. Some posts r comparing it with Terra Nova, I don’t agree. Terra Nova had production troubles since the start, and Dinosaurs? Give me a break! Lame.
    Revolution is a way better show, a mix of Lost/Fringe/Hunger Games.It is going to be a FUN show, with great plots and action, something needed big time on network TV.
    NBC will win Mondays and they deserve it.

  • Jared

    Since I gave up on HIMYM last year, I’m not interested in anything the broadcast networks have to offer on Monday before 10:00 PM (I’ll use the time to catch up on massive DVR overflow from Sunday). At 10:00, I’ll be watching Castle live and setting the DVR for Revolution, though that may change if it becomes clear that the latter show needs more immediate help.

  • NJ Viewer

    The 10 pm slot is the only one that has any shows that interest me. Guess I’ll start with Revolution just to see what it’s about, going to Hawaii 5-0 when I start to lose interest, and Castle when reruns start.

  • Brandy

    Gossip Giirl, 90210, 2 Broke Girls.Carrie Diaries at mid season, Lying Game in Jan. if it stays on Mon.

  • William Haney

    The Voice and Revolution could hold a constant. It will be quite a ratings battle between Revolution and Hawaii Five-0. CBS will have a solid “chick hour” with Broke Girls and Mike and Molly.

    One MAJOR factor for Monday nights, how big will the football game be that night on ESPN?

  • Evan

    I have a feeling that Revolution is going to have trouble competing with Hawaii 5-0 and Castle. I think they should have put it earlier on in the night or on another night. Maybe the lead in from the Voice will help though.

  • disney rocks

    Revolution should be on MondYS t 8.

  • Ally

    Partners will be a flop.

  • Aaron

    I MIGHT watch The Voice, and if I do, then I’ll PVR Gossip Girl.

  • amvr

    Revolution may draw some viewers from H 5-0, younger men.
    Castle will stay the same or increase. Smash drew viewers from the same group as Castle.

  • ToXiX

    Partners, 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly.

    I’ll check out Revolution.

  • KJ Styles

    Mondays are gonna be weaker for me without House. I’m disappointed that 2 Broke Girls now moves to 9pm because it competes with Monday Night Football and Monday Night RAW. It should have moved to Thursdays instead of Two & A Half Men.

    I’ll watch How I Met Your Mother live for sure. I’ll give Partners a chance, and I’ll DVR 2 Broke Girls and Hawaii 5-0.

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