History Announces New Season of 'Ice Road Truckers'

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May 21st, 2012

via press release:

Premieres Sunday, June 3, 9pm ET/PT






New York, NY – May 21, 2012 – ICE ROAD TRUCKERS returns Sunday June 3, 9pm ET/PT. This summer, IRT pushes farther north than ever before, new roads, new ice, and a whole new set of treacherous challenges. This season, the drivers will face three roads, the most ever encountered on IRT.  The weather is the massive protagonist, as the Dalton faces the worst storms in recent times, while the guys in Manitoba are racing against ice literally melting under their wheels.

IRT vets Hugh Rowland, Alex Deborgorski and Rick Yemm are back, with Hugh and Rick handling the deadly roads of Manitoba Canada.  The Manitoba Winter Roads are 1,400 miles of twisting ice roads through some of the most remote and unforgiving terrain on the planet. The roads are marked by axle-crushing frost heaves, heart stopping ice crossings and frozen swampland.  But this year, unseasonably warm weather is melting the snow and ice, making for very intensely precarious conditions.

Alex is given the most dangerous assignment yet as he’s charged with hauling supplies up the Dempster Road, a road which connects the Klondike Highway in the Yukon to Inuvik, in the Northwest Territories and a road few have dared to travel! Many lives and livelihoods have been lost on the Dempster.  Alex has the trust and the chops, will he live up to those expectations.

The stakes are just as high for Hugh who has even more “skin in the game” as he partners up with a local trucking company in season six. He and Rick join forces to tackle the winter roads.

On the Dalton, crazy and treacherous winter weather has created the most dangerous conditions in years as new faces emerge and an old veteran returns! Former reigning “King of the Haul Road” Jack Jesse is back. Jack is the undeniable leader at the start, heading a pack of three new drivers who will all take on the Dalton.  The “Rookies” are Daryl Ward from Montana, who’s newly divorced, looking to make as much money as humanly possible so that he can one day set up a business for his son.  Ron “Porkchop” Magnum joins IRT from South Carolina. His own dad left him when he was a young boy, Ron is determined to give his own kids a stable life. But this is very foreign territory for Ron. Can he last the season is the question on his mind.  Finally, Austin Wheeler is the young gun.  At 22 years, he’s out to prove that age doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to heavy hauling on the Dalton.

  • InquiringMind

    What happened to Lisa Kelly?

  • Casey Abell

    Mildly surprised. The ratings have, er, melted down pretty far.

  • Fed

    Great! Waiting for the new season. No Lisa Kelly though.

  • Dan

    Glad to see Jack Jesse back was strange he wasn’t there last season, but no Lisa Kelly she has been the keeper in both IRT and Deadliest roads.. strange.. At least they aren’t trying to get ratings by throwing inexperienced woman in there this year and making em wear bikini’s.. but no woman.. hmm

  • Chris Dragon

    @Dan. Lol, agreed. They had whats her face in a bikini in that hot tub just to show the views she has big boobs under her winter gear!

  • mArS

    Hope Lisa Kelly was kept for a new season of Deadliest Roads

  • Mike

    I guess the “new hotness” Maya didn’t make it very long either. Presumably she didn’t spend enough time basking in a bikini in the hot springs? *shrug*

  • Nickelodeon Rocks 2012


  • Joshua Mangum

    My cousin is Ron Mangum! That’s all!

  • USAmerica1st

    Happy to see them back. No Lisa (last season’s winner) or Maya? Bummer, Dude, gotta have some chicks.

  • Hoosier

    Without a feminine presence, especially in the persons of Lisa Kelly or Maya Sieber, I will not be motivated to watch any more IRT.

  • Kathy

    Without the women truckers History will lose the female viewers. I am no longer motivated to watch the series without those strong women’s adventures. I think it will end up being a big mistake in the long run.

  • Anthony

    Really…women adventures..lol..more feminist crap..you must be an American women..trucking is a dudes job..if you want to be a dude go get a sex change or something..why cant women just be happy being women…

  • Gerry

    I agree about Lisa… she was a mainstay on the show. Huge mistake by the producers not to bring her back… and to think we give a crap about Hugh and his big mouth. And what the hell were they THINKING bringing back Rick Yemm? He’s been fired once on this show by Hugh and he chickened out of Deadliest Roads after what…ONE episode this past season? He pussied out of that show along with the Alabama Crybaby (Dave, I think) who blamed everybody but himself for his problems and got fired from IRT last year and then QUIT IRT Dangerous Roads the same time as Yemm, and went whining back to Alabama. At least they didn’t bring him back this year (no company wanted to hire him anyway).

    But NO LISA?? No Lisa = No Viewers is my prediction. Maya never really added much. Didn’t have much personality, but Lisa was the kinda gal we all wanted to root for (well, maybe except Anthony, above).

    Something tells me it’s gonna be a rude awakening for Hugh when the audience dives this year and he finally realizes it wasn’t HIM everybody turned in to see.

  • Curtis Bell

    Is Lisa Kelly coming back this season. I always enjoyed watching her, she added character to the show

  • Belle

    We also want lisa back.Rick is ass why him and not her.

  • Rt Bell

    No Lisa…No watching this year!

  • Barb

    I waited with great expectation for ice road truckers but n
    NO LISA. I turned the channel. Why mess with a good cast.

  • debbie


  • Lynda

    My husband and myself were looking forward to another great year of ice road truckers, but sadly, we discovered Lisa would not be on so we will not be watching this.

    This is a major bummer…..


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