History Announces New Season of 'Ice Road Truckers'

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May 21st, 2012

via press release:

Premieres Sunday, June 3, 9pm ET/PT






New York, NY – May 21, 2012 – ICE ROAD TRUCKERS returns Sunday June 3, 9pm ET/PT. This summer, IRT pushes farther north than ever before, new roads, new ice, and a whole new set of treacherous challenges. This season, the drivers will face three roads, the most ever encountered on IRT.  The weather is the massive protagonist, as the Dalton faces the worst storms in recent times, while the guys in Manitoba are racing against ice literally melting under their wheels.

IRT vets Hugh Rowland, Alex Deborgorski and Rick Yemm are back, with Hugh and Rick handling the deadly roads of Manitoba Canada.  The Manitoba Winter Roads are 1,400 miles of twisting ice roads through some of the most remote and unforgiving terrain on the planet. The roads are marked by axle-crushing frost heaves, heart stopping ice crossings and frozen swampland.  But this year, unseasonably warm weather is melting the snow and ice, making for very intensely precarious conditions.

Alex is given the most dangerous assignment yet as he’s charged with hauling supplies up the Dempster Road, a road which connects the Klondike Highway in the Yukon to Inuvik, in the Northwest Territories and a road few have dared to travel! Many lives and livelihoods have been lost on the Dempster.  Alex has the trust and the chops, will he live up to those expectations.

The stakes are just as high for Hugh who has even more “skin in the game” as he partners up with a local trucking company in season six. He and Rick join forces to tackle the winter roads.

On the Dalton, crazy and treacherous winter weather has created the most dangerous conditions in years as new faces emerge and an old veteran returns! Former reigning “King of the Haul Road” Jack Jesse is back. Jack is the undeniable leader at the start, heading a pack of three new drivers who will all take on the Dalton.  The “Rookies” are Daryl Ward from Montana, who’s newly divorced, looking to make as much money as humanly possible so that he can one day set up a business for his son.  Ron “Porkchop” Magnum joins IRT from South Carolina. His own dad left him when he was a young boy, Ron is determined to give his own kids a stable life. But this is very foreign territory for Ron. Can he last the season is the question on his mind.  Finally, Austin Wheeler is the young gun.  At 22 years, he’s out to prove that age doesn’t mean a thing when it comes to heavy hauling on the Dalton.

  • KMB

    Come on History Channel, no women?? Lisa was the draw to this show. Bring back Lisa Kelly or lose a lot of viewers. Turning the show off now. We got used to Maya and she isn’t on. Bad decision History Channel. Sending back my Team Lisa t-shirt!!

  • sandydog

    LISA, Where are you? Why did you leave us?

  • Chris Cooley

    Losing Lisa is a death knell to the show, at least for me. I loved that tough ‘lil girl. She is a true American spirit, when everyone else on Deadliest Roads IRT shut down, she risked her lifwe to get the fuel to the helicopter to rescue the trapped people. That was amazing. Without her, you got a bunch of high paid, low class mercenaries, and that’s ALL you got.
    I’m outa here.

  • Albert

    I just finished watching the first episode. Without Lisa and Maya, I won’t be viewing anymore. I’m 58 yrs. old, and have been a Teamster Freight Hauler for the past 37 yrs. Women are playing an important role in trucking today. These two Gals were excellent role models.

  • Vickie

    I’m happy Jack is back.I missed him last season.Alex is a good guy.What happened to Lisa this season??? It won’t be the same without her.I’m watching it now.Lost alot of womwn viewers.

  • Leonard

    No Lisa? Not going to be watching this season. She was becoming one of the “old boys” who could take on a new challenge with energy and excitement. She’s going to be missed.

  • mouse

    Tuned in tonight just to see that Lisa has been dropped, but loud mouth Hugh and Rick are there plus some whiney ass young kid. Last year was bad enough with “newbie know it all” Dave or “look at me in my bikini” Maya. When will they learn don’t screw around with what works…Lisa worked. Well, only wasted one night won’t waste another.

  • Teresa

    I will not be watching the show without Lisa Kelly. Lisa is the only reason I even watched the show.

  • Teresa

    What happened to Lisa,the show will not be the same with out her. she was best part of the show. I am glad that you broght Jack back but why did you have to let her go. I don’t know if I will watch the show that much now that she is not on. Please bring her back

  • Allen

    I was really saddened by the loss of Lisa in this very exciting show. She brought a delightful presence to Sunday evening viewing. Our household members perceived her as a daughter-sister-sibling personality; with which we could identify and pull for. When the A-1 sauce is not gracing the steak, one might as well change channels and find quality else-where, for meat-scraps are intended for the dogs, not the viewers. We will occasionlly check to see if she ever returns; or else, We Will Not!!!

  • trek

    You replaced Lisa Kelly with that little red-neck POS Austin.See Ya!

  • trek

    You replaced Lisa Kelly with that whiney redneck POS Austin.See Ya!

  • Bruce Coffey

    Without Lisa, I deleted IRT from my DVR. My wife and I enjoyed watching this show and IRT Deadliest Roads. But we will not be watching this year without Lisa. See could have just been a plant, but she acted like she she was really learning and trying. The only driver left on your show that is belivable is Alex. He’ll probly get the axe next. But two truckers jerking a truck out of a ditch with that much slack & breaking chains is so silly. I worked with locomotives for 22 years and if you jerk machinery like that something is going to break on the equipment, not just the chains.

    You HAD a good show,
    without Lisa, Bye

  • Pam

    Used to love the show. Without Lisa, forget it!!

  • medic44

    Can you imagine the strategy meeting where they decided to replace Lisa with a whiney Doogey Howser (Austin)? RIP IRT! They jumped the shark when they rolled the opening credits on season 6 episode 1.

  • Mark

    Not the same without Lisa.

  • Toni Avery

    How come Lisa isn’t on the show. I really like her.. Not sure if I will watch this seasons show yet..

  • Barry

    Watched last night for the last time. With Lisa quitting the show and no Maya, the show stinks. Look up Dave Redmon’s video on youtube where he gives inside info including Lisa quitting. Oh well lots of other programs to watch.

  • Ray

    Did they seriously replace Lisa and Maya with a kid and a Porkchop? I’m out…I hope whoever made that decision has already cleaned out his desk…goodbye ratings…….

  • Polly Hall

    Was so excited to watch the new season of Ice Road Truckers.

    It was shocking for the women not to be on. The new line up was so boring I finally gave it up. I hated Pork Chop and that character from No. Dakota or somewhere. That kid was just another bitcher like the one you fired last season.
    Bring back Lisa and Maya or I am gone.
    Never been a fan of the Polar Bear, but love Alex D. They are all you have left worth watching
    P Hall

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