'Rules Of Engagement' Renewed For A Seventh Season, Will Return Mid-Season 2012-13

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May 21st, 2012

Rules of Engagement has been renewed by CBS for a 13 episode seventh season, and will return in mid-season 2012-13.

Whatever heart palpitations were caused for fans when it was nowhere to be found on the CBS 2012-13 schedule announced last week can now be calmed.

  • Only you can be you only I can be me!, You always wanna be what your not cant you be happy with what you got? Your perfect the way you are

    Friend me was picked up right?

  • MoHasanie

    Well it performs respectably, against Idol, so I don’t see why it should be cancelled. Of course, since its after TBBT, it looks bad, but any show after a big show will look bad. Another example is Happy Endings/ Apt 23 after MF, or even Scandal after Grey’s. I really don’t understand what CBS hates about this show. NBC would die to have a show that can get 2+.

  • John A

    So how come it wasnt announced as its final season?

  • Tommy M.

    @ John A,

    Just because it will have an even 100 episodes at the end of the season doesn’t mean it will end next year. The show will likely be just as much on the bubble next season as it was this season.

  • John A

    Yeah but realisticaly it got another season for syndication. It wont get a 8th season.

  • Tommy M.

    But we won’t know that until CBS decides they wont renew it again. Sony will keep the show going as long as CBS is willing to buy it.

  • Mike

    never seen the show but happy for the fans… im hoping that if they decide to end the series they give it a proper finale and then ill start watching…

    i was hoping CBS would have given csi miami a proper finale as well

  • Survivor Fan

    Yes! But, it was not a surprise at all.

  • CrimTV

    The same as Fringe (87 episodes, 13 episode season to 100 episodes!)

  • Tom E

    I agree wholeheartedly with David. The story lines with David Spade are really getting old. Very boring. When ROE has scenes with the 2 couples, it is hilarious

  • TVDude

    Called it! It really was too good of a deal for CBS to pass up. The question is what time slot will it air in? I’ve heard rumors that CBS might expand the Thursday block at midseason, at least for a while. It might be a temporary block while a drama is on hiatus, similar to what Fox did to Glee this past spring. Or, it could get pushed to Saturdays. I’m going to find this upcoming season interesting.

  • DM

    You wonder how everyone involved with the show likes how wildly CBS messes with it on a monthly basis.

  • Freddy Arrow


    “never seen the show but happy for the fans… im hoping that if they decide to end the series they give it a proper finale and then ill start watching…”

    I say this as someone who watches the show, but this is just a silly sitcom. This series does not need a “proper” ending. You could wrap up everything in 2nd half of the last episode. Or not. Would it really matter?

  • Freddy Arrow

    @SVU: Fringe Division

    “I guess Rules is CBS’s Mad About You, which even Warren Littlefield said that nobody really liked and that it’s numbers weren’t good but it was still their ultimate utility player back in the 90?s.”

    Looks like their numbers were just fine until their final season:


    It was NBC’s #4 show in the 94-95 season, and that was starting off the night, not with a Friends or Seinfeld leadin.

  • Bart


    “Rules” is one of the better ensemble sitcoms on TV – wish it was treated better by CBS!!

  • Matt

    HELLYEAH! glad to finally hear update on this show, and even more so that it’s been renewed.. but won’t 13 episodes just put it at 99 episodes?

  • RMH

    The Little Show That Could. Glad to hear they’ll get an even 100 episodes.

  • Matt

    oh never mind..was misinformed about episode count

  • Dan

    @Matt – nope 100, right now the show has aired a total of 87 episodes and 13 more = 100. My guess is that the show may end next season so the writers should craft a nice finale for the show.

  • Nick

    I dislike this show (a lot), but it was the right decision. How could the syndication machine that is the Eye pass up on a show that has one episode left until syndication?

    Fringe was different. It had 88 episodes, not 87.

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