'Rules Of Engagement' Renewed For A Seventh Season, Will Return Mid-Season 2012-13

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May 21st, 2012

Rules of Engagement has been renewed by CBS for a 13 episode seventh season, and will return in mid-season 2012-13.

Whatever heart palpitations were caused for fans when it was nowhere to be found on the CBS 2012-13 schedule announced last week can now be calmed.

  • Gary A

    A few comments:

    RoE has done consistently well for CBS, but has been given poor treatment as it’s not a critical darling. It’s primarily a utility player – moves around and fills in where needed. Does the job but doesn’t get the glory.

    In CBS’ defense, it’s what used to be known as “an unobjectional program”, a series that usually follows a hit show and does well in holding a good share of the viewers and doesn’t cause them to switch to another network yet isn’t really strong enough to stand alone or anchor a night. ( Good example from the past is Coach ).

    Surprised that the cast continues to go along with this rather shabby treatment. Of course they may be contracturally obligated.

    CSI:Miami actually did close off nicely. The entire cast having a drink together in a bar and joking and talking and giving the impression that they are ready to solve crime another day – even if we aren’t there to join them. What’s wrong with that as a series finale? Did the team have to break up? Someone die? It’s a nice closing, imo.

  • Rebecca

    I kind of expect this to be a final season for Rules even if it’s not announced officially. Partners might not last, and I don’t know much about Friend Me (is it even on the schedule, or will it be held for mid-season?). So, I hope the next 13 episodes aren’t wasted and they’ll actually finish up the two ongoing plots – baby and wedding for the two couples. The cast members are probably ready to move on once this next season is over.

  • Linda

    Great news, I enjoy this show!

  • TVDude

    Yeah, I doubt the cast will stick around much longer, I’m actually surprised they stuck with this show for seven seasons. I’m not familiar with their contracts, since that’s a private matter, but it seems funny to work your career around a show that a network keeps as a filler show. They have a chance to end it creatively this season, so hopefully they take that chance. If they must leave it open creatively, maybe marry the currently engaged couple and end it with someone else getting proposed to. Then, if it does somehow get an 8th season, everyone’s happy.

  • Debsafan

    It’s a pretty funny show now that it has Timmy. But they need to put it on one night and one time and leave it a lone. I liked it after The Big Bang.. How about Saturday night nothing on that night if you stay at home by the TV.

  • Joey

    Finally the network made a good decision it’s ratings are higher than Rob’s.

  • Dean_W

    ‘Rules’ will certainly air on Monday at 8:30 after the 13 Episodes first Season of ‘Partners’ and the 8 Episodes first Season of ‘Friend Me’.
    It’ll be exactly like the 2011-2012 Season with ‘How to be a Gentleman’ and ‘Rob’.
    ‘Partners’ is certain to bomb.

  • Riff Rafferty

    Yay! Thank you, CBS + Sony!

    I really thought negotiations were going to fall through there for a second.

  • bart

    by so far the best comedy on TV

    shows like little bang and how I met your MAMA are so lame and immmature it is ureal

    the acting and writing on Rules rule

  • wendy

    I love this show!

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