'Sanctuary' Canceled After Four Seasons By Syfy

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May 21st, 2012

After four seasons, Sanctuary has been canceled by Syfy. The season four finale aired in December 2011 and drew a 0.4 adults 18-49 rating and 1.288 million viewers.

  • _JC

    Well, other than Alphas (which I’m not sure I’ll stick with long term), this scifi fan is pretty much done with the Syfy channel. *sigh* Guess I should just be happy with whatever genre scraps the networks decide to throw us now and again.

  • BJH

    Shame on Syfy for making the Sanctuary fans wait 5 months to read this.

  • kasey

    Shameful absolutely shameful that they do this after 5 months of nothing. But at least there is some semblance of an announcement, they never officially said a word about Dresden Files. To add insult to injury, they aired the 2 hour DF movie at 4am one night with no advertising.

    The name Syfy is the biggest joke ever because this network has virtually nothing to do with science fiction anymore, not to mention quality programming.

    Who wants to bet we never see Sanctuary in re-runs on the network either. After all, when was the last time they aired Dresden Files? or Farscape? (one vague redeeming factor for me is the infrequent marathons of The Sentinel since the remaining seasons *still* aren’t on DVD).

  • Bob

    Wow. Never even heard of it. Sorry for the fans of the show.

  • Bob Jones

    No More BSG, SG1, SGA, SGU, The Dresden Files, Caprica, BS Blood & Chrome, Farscape, Sanctuary, and Eureka. . . Damn!

    So Warehouse 13, Alphas, Haven, and Defiance (with Jaime Murray & Julie Benz)?

  • a p garcia

    SyFy had to cancel b/c it didn’t fit with their name sy(i)fy(i).

  • Observer

    I dream of an AU where Farscape, SG1, SGA, Eureka and Sanctuary are gearing up for their next season even now.

  • MB

    This doesn’t surprise me. SyFy has as much to do with science fiction as MTV does with music.

  • HarmonyMom

    But on the other hand, there is a new series about haunted wrestling ring that will be shown every night.

  • Tom

    What’s with all the griping? Sanctuary was on for four seasons. Eureka is currently in season 5. They both had a good run, so I can’t begrudge the network for ending either series. I’m particularly happy that SyFy stuck with Haven. Hopefully, SyFy will put more money into Haven. The show has great writing but tends to look too much like a low budget project.

  • Eric_Philly

    Wow… that’s random. Kinda sucks… but oh well I guess.

  • Jonas

    It’s too bad they got rid of this; strange how sci fi and fantasy only seem to be popular in the movies and not so much on TV right now.

    Emilie Ullerup is pretty amazing on Arctic Air.

  • Jonas

    But it was also doubtful that Sanctuary was coming back b/c
    Amanda Tapping is producing Primeval: new world
    and Chris Heyerdahl and Ryan Robbins are in Season 2 of Hell on Wheels.

  • Tom

    @Jonas Thanks for the 411 on Amanda Tapping and Primeval. That’s fantastic news. I’ve seen all five seasons of the British version Primeval and it’s terrific. I’ll bet AT will do a great job on the New World version.

  • LJ

    the network isn’t going to be content until the entire lineup is all bs reality shows.

  • Tim

    I personally never watched the show. I have heard good things from the fans. I feel sorry for you guys

  • TJ

    To quote Magnus, “blood hell!” SyFy has made some of the worst programming decisions. What about this channel is science fiction? I never thought it would become another reality network. At least they do not own the rights to Sanctuary and probably that was it’s downfall – it’s not their show.

  • Jiji Moran

    We all complain about reality shows, yet those shows are on the air because they have a following, they have the ratings to keep them on.

    I personally don’t waste a minute watching reality shows, other than “DWTS” and “AI”, but those are competition reality.

    Wasting an hour looking into the life of some dumb bimbo with duck lips is just nauseating to me. I rather waste my time online, reading news and typing my opinion, whether anyone cares or not.

  • Jeff O’Connor

    I ran out of ‘I guess it really is just SyFy now’ jokes a couple of years ago.

  • Travis

    SyFy cancel a show that I enjoy? That is pretty unexpected…since you know, they don’t do this often.

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