'Sanctuary' Canceled After Four Seasons By Syfy

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May 21st, 2012

After four seasons, Sanctuary has been canceled by Syfy. The season four finale aired in December 2011 and drew a 0.4 adults 18-49 rating and 1.288 million viewers.

  • Peace, Love & Apple Pie

    Syfy has pretty much moved away from science fiction. sadly this network is going downhill.

    I miss Stargate, count the versions. i wish there was a real sci-fi network. this pseudo one sucks.

    Can’t even get a decent Battlestar Galactica sequel out of them.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    As Amanda put it on Twitter today… “Bloody hell, indeed!”

    Well, at least I’ll get a season two of Alphas before they kill that off…

  • coolioni

    Poor Amanda Tapping.
    She must be heart broken right now.
    She put everything she had into the show.
    I just listened to an interview she did on gateworld.net with her and Damien Kindler (2 of the 3 producers of the show) , well they brought up SyFy not renewing the show as of that time, and all she did was talk about how heart broken and upset she has been about SyFy not giving them a green light for a 5th season.

    Supposedly Syfy told here they thought season 4 was the best one they did so far, so it was not an issue of the show itself , they said they could not give them an answer becuase of everything SyFy had been going through like them being taken over by Comcast. I think it was a lame excuse though.

    So now SyFy has completely gotten rid of every good show that was ever on that network.
    Stargate (all of them), BSG, Caprica, Farscape, eureka, and many others.

    They do not have jack on that show as far as anything science fiction. all they play now is a load of crap reality type show.

    Ghost hunters and cooking shows, Face off, wrestling, Lost girl ( Good iidea but terrible acting) plus it was not even one of their shows, it is a Canadian show they picked up. Monster Man, Alphas, Haven, Holly wood treasure …They all suck !!!!!

    I really wish that another network would start up a real Sci-Fi type network again..

    It is such a shame what has happened to that channel. all they seem to care about is the bottom line, and they really dont give a crap about their viewers.

    I will never waych this network again once euraka is over.

    hopefully since the show is made in Canada and has a network thatprobally pays quite a bit for it , they can at least make am mini series or a movie to finish the show and give it closure.

    Today is a very sad day for Sci Fi Fans ..

  • Conni

    They had to cancel it to put on another Reality Show.
    Don’t know why they continue to call it the SYFY channel. Reality is Far from
    Science fiction. At least it is supposed to be, even thou most reality shows are a bunch of Dramatic made up garbage.

  • Ray

    How would you SciFi/Syfy fans feel about a show centered around a coven of witches?

  • mozzer

    The show was bad from the beginning and after Emilie Ullerup left it got even worse. I’ve dropped it at the beginning of season two.

  • jdessart

    Syfy pretty much killed Sanctuary when they moved it to Monday nights at 10:00 pm. The numbers dropped and never recovered. Personally, I watched the show, but it never really captured me. I’m sorry for Amanda Tapping and crew, and I hope her next project goes well, maybe on a channel that will respect it more.

    Truth is, people watch Ghosthunters and wrestling. And yes, I’ve watched Ghosthunters because I find it unintentionally hilarious after a couple glasses of wine — same with the really bad Saturday night movies. (There’s a couple good drinking games that work well with them that I can share). We sci-fi geeks can complain all we want, but if the numbers for nighttime cameras that catch owl noises are higher, then writing is on the wall. What we need is a concerted effort from sci-fi fandom to watch these shows no matter what bone-headed decisions the clueless network executives make (see Friday’s at 9 pm with Fringe, Grimm, and Supernatural!).

  • william 1000

    A 0.4 adults 18-49 rating and 1.288 million viewers.

    Those aren’t bad numbers for Syfy

  • craigcuk

    Apparently SyFy are going to change their name again…….

    They’re going to drop the S, it’s new pronunciation is “iffy”.

  • PJ

    Sorry to see Sanctuary being let go for it is by far better than watching the Ghost Hunter and Paranormal shows! Eureka is almost done and I will miss Carter, Jo and the rest of the gang! Hopefully Warehouse 13 will be around for a few more seasons and Haven as well. Too much relaity tv is airing these days and the reality is they don’t even come close by comparision to the great shows that have been on and are leaving us!

  • dcindep

    Of course! Gotta make room for more reality CRAP! Syfy has gone to hell!

  • NJ Viewer

    …to be replaced by more paranormal/reality crap.

  • Ben

    Of all the networks on TV, HBO usually shows the best made-for-tv movies, and Syfy the Worst. Syfy airs terrible made-for-tv films. They are not ‘so bad it’s good’ guilty pleasure good for a laugh; they are just plain garbage. Too bad there is no more Mystery Science Theater 3000. It would be fun to see them make fun of Syfy movies. Just like Joel McHale does on E!’s The Soup.

  • Butters

    Thank god. The show was terrible. Next up: Kill warehouse 13!

    Maybe then SyFy can bother to make a good show. Or maybe find a good one made in the UK that is NOT Merlin.

    I’d rather they keep rolling the dice then keep bad shows on the air.

  • NJ Viewer

    Sorry, I posted my comment before I saw yours. But I totally agree. I’m just waiting for Fox or TBS to set up a real sci-fi station.

  • heatwave16

    This is terrible news. I loved this show.

  • Alex2

    By way of a reality check, though, 4 years for a science fiction series that isn’t named Star Trek, Doctor Who or Stargate is pretty darn good. Most shows of that nature – whether on mainstream networks or cable – tend to have a 2-3 year lifespan, 4 if you’re lucky. For example, I don’t expect Once Upon a Time to see a season 3; Fringe and Chuck only made it to their Season 5 by the skin of their teeth. So for Sanctuary to last 4 is pretty good. Maybe, since it’s a Canadian production, Space channel here in Canada might pick up the ball for another season (might make it hard to find in the US, but there’s always DVD later). I bet Amanda’s on the phone with someone at Bell Media right now.

  • The Watcher

    We still watch WH13 and Merlin (thank you, BBC!)
    Nothing else left.
    The only ghosts they’ll ever find on those crappy “reality” shows are the ghosts of canceled science fiction shows.

  • Simon

    Warehouse 13, Alphas, Haven and their new SCI-FI show Defience are the only ones worth watching on the network now :(

  • KirbbDogg

    I think this is Sy Fi as a whole is messed up. For some resion even before the merger they was prematerly getting rid of shows that still had some live. Stargate Atlatus being a prime expample. In the long run it was a mistake to get rid of Atantus to make room for Stargate Unlveres. I think really killed the Stargate as a whole. Because it didn’t last past 2 years and now canning Eureka and Sanctuary.

    As far as Sanctuary go’s They sould atleast bring it back for a final year or make a movie to wrap up any lose ends I also think it was not the same when they got rid of Ashley after the frist year.

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