'Sanctuary' Canceled After Four Seasons By Syfy

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May 21st, 2012

After four seasons, Sanctuary has been canceled by Syfy. The season four finale aired in December 2011 and drew a 0.4 adults 18-49 rating and 1.288 million viewers.

  • The End


    What killed Stargate Universe was the fact no one with a Nielsen box was really interested in the show. No network can sustain a show with a budget of around 3 million an episode with under 1 million viewers.

    For reference, Stargate Universe had a higher budget than The Walking Dead. Comparing 2 cable shows there :)

  • The End


    Sad that things didn’t work out in the end. It wasn’t like the network wanted to ditch this show. Things just didn’t work out for it.

  • Butters

    The Walking Dead is a perfect example of how “SyFy” is screwing up, that and that SciFi fans apparently have little taste, being willing to watch Sanctuary, Merlin, and Warehouse 13 and call them good. They should have had TWD locked up, or at least made a decent clone.

    You think after a hit like Battlestar SyFy would realize they need some good character development. Maybe they did try that with SG-U, but it was terribly boring and there was no big bad. SG shows need a big villain to fight, without that it is just wandering for berries on other planets.

    Here is an easy one SyFy – It is called the Wheel of Time. Get a piece of that GOT action and earn your strips back.

  • RandyAw

    Well that leaves Haven and WH13 for me to watch. After that they can dump the network,SYFY is to Sci-Fi what Fox News is to journalism.

  • KirbbDogg

    @ The End

    The point I was making with Stargate Universe and canceling Stargate Atlnatis to make room for Stargate U was. There was no resion to get rid of Stargate Atlantis. One there was on tell how Stargate Universe was going to tank or not. And if it did you still have the other stargate to fall back on. They both could have stayed on the air. And if Stargate Atlantis might have helped as a lead in of Stargate Universe. I can understand canceling Stargate SG-1 that show had been on for 10 years and had not been the same sence Richard Dean Anderson left the show.

  • christy

    The Syfi channel isn’t the same when they took the Stargate shows off the air,
    I like it when they put horror shows on.

  • The End


    Yeah sorry about that, I admit I misread your post initially but didn’t want to triple post, even though I was ontopic.

    Stargate Atlantis ending, speaking about that would be like opening a can of worms. The network wasn’t entirely to blame there. MGM also wanted to move on from the show and continue it in movie form(This obviously didn’t happen). The Season 5 ratings justified renewal however.

  • SyFyGuy

    I was never a real fan of Sanctuary, however, that does not mean I don’t mourn its loss, as I feel the direction of SyFy is spiraling downhill. The cancelling of this show is the trend, and a sad, sad one for those of us that truly love SciFi.

    Please do not let wrestling fans and ghost busters ruin this channel. I kind of saw the handwriting on the wall a few years ago when wrestling was first added to the lineup on Friday nights. Someone hit the nail on the head a few posts back…the next new show on SyFy will be hunting ghosts in wrestling areas.

  • Julie

    Really sad news, and I feel for Amanda Tapping. On the bright side, at least the season 4 finale did work as a series finale too (although I’ll always wonder what happened next!).

    @Alex2 – agreed, that went through my mind about Space here in Canada too (especially since they are behind the new Primeval). And at least they’re currently showing the repeats weeknights. I’m sooooo glad Space has pretty much stuck to sci-fi and similar genre programming. I mean, I could do without a few of the Syfy ‘reality’ shows they also air, but basically it seems we have it much better with Space overall than our US friends currently do with Syfy!

  • The End


    How do you have it better with Space exactly? Space is just a small network with a modest budget, it can’t afford to finance many, if any major productions. For example Space can’t afford to keep Sanctuary or anything on Syfy alive by themselves.

  • Jason50

    Guess they’re trying to make more room for reality series. That sucks. No new BSG either.

  • Julie

    @The End

    I think you misunderstood my last sentence. I wasn’t referring to the ability (or lack of) to be able to produce lots of original programming in the same way that Syfy does/has. What I meant by ‘better’ was simply what I said in the previous sentence – that Space mostly continues to air programming consistent with its original mandate, whereas Syfy has drifted further and further away (if I’m understanding all the complaints I read here!).

    Although, Space isn’t really just a “small network” – they are actually part of the gigantic CTV/Bell Globemedia family, which – although you are right they don’t have the $$$ available to them that we would all like – does give them enough $$$ to allow them to buy a huge number of programmes that fit the genre(s). In addition to most of the Syfy offerings, they also air series like Supernatural, Grimm, Doctor Who, Being Human (UK as well as US), Primeval (and they are heavily involved in the production of the new Primeval series), Merlin, other British sci-fi themed series (like the recent Bedlam) and of course all the Stargate and Star Trek stuff (sometimes endlessly lol).

    Hope that explains it better!

  • The End


    Understandable, a lot of complaints about the network(Syfy) do have no basis in reality though. People say the network hates Science Fiction but in reality are passionate about the genre, it can’t be blamed if not enough viewers watch a specific show forcing cancellation.

    Though I guess my refering to Space as small was kinda cruel, mostly came from the fact they operate on a much lower budget. So in reality Americans are much better off with Syfy than Canadians are with Space. At least in my opinion and my comparing how both networks are.

  • The End

    Saw this on twitter, a disgruntled Sanctuary fan aiming a comment at the Craig Engler(Syfy twitter guy and network Exec), found the comment stupid but Craigs response was priceless.

    See here, hope this comes out right. Haven’t posted twitter stuff on websites much.


    For reference, it’s the comment from someone called Jessica that he’s responding too.

  • Herb

    People still watched Sanctuary? I stopped after season 1.

  • KirbbDogg

    There are still some lose ends to be tied up. Is Ashley really dead ? All kidding aside they should have a 2 hr or a 2 night finale just for real closer. And it’s not just The Stargate shows. for some resion the network is ending Eureka. When its still good.

  • TomKo44

    What is amazing is the Blastr still hasn’t mentioned the cancellation a whole day later. You would think that it would get some mention. Guess not… they gave up on SciFi and their audience even before creating the lame-ass name SyFy.

  • TomKo44

    KirbbDogg…. Ashley is dead! They killed her and outsourced her character to India! And that was the beginning of the end for Sanctuary!

  • thesnowleopard

    Aww, that’s kind of a shame, seeing as how they ended on a cliffhanger. On the other hand, they did lose me after they wrote out Ian Tracey’s character.

    I think the balance is totally off for SyFy. I don’t mind paranormal shows or reality programming about old sci-fi memorabilia or FX. There’s no reason for a science-fiction-based network to have only scripted programming, especially of the space opera variety. But to have reality on incessantly, in place of all but a few scripted shows (and endless repeats of Stargate) is boring.

    Also, these shows could, quite frankly, be much better. Shows like Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth, for example, have maybe ten minutes in the beginning of the history of the place and the locals’ anecdotal stories. Then the rest of it is a bunch of idiots running around some location in the dark, yelling about nothing, in infrared camera light. That’s not even remotely spooky, let alone scary.

    Similarly, the bulk of the Hollywood business shows are about some kind of manufactured family/employee drama behind the scenes. And while Total Blackout surprisingly has a decent setup, they ruin it with unnecessarily humiliating gross-out gags like having people identify toilet seats with their mouths and sniff other people’s butts. Syfy, if it’s that hard for you to figure out how to make these subjects exciting that you have to fake investigator drama, just go back to scripted drama. Seriously, how can you suck at public-access horror?

    I have the same issue with stuff like Pawn Stars on the History Channel, where you get about two minutes of actual history, and 38 minutes of family squabbling and the protags of the show trying to cheat people out of a fair price for the memorabilia they bring in (Yeah, ’cause I’m totally gonna root for that! [/sarcasm]). Something like How the States Got Their Shapes actually has history in it. Pawn Stars? Not so much.

  • pete5125

    MGM going bankrupt killed Stargate movies and TV, SGU even with uneven ratings would of returned in some form except MGM was in such bad shape that they could no longer finance the show so SyFy would of had to finance it all for year 3 for a show that was not a hit, same with movies, they were wrote, actors where signed up, but MGM went bust, even James Bond had to take a 1 year break before they could shoot a script, that had everything done even product placement.

    The economics of straight to DVD has changed with few people buying DVD’s and most big rental stores going bust, so unless they get a netflix deal I wouldn’t expect a film anytime soon.

    Sanctuary is a Canadian production and around 60 episodes is what they normally film even for their big shows, hopefully SyFy still reruns it

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