Guess The Ratings For The 'House, M.D.' Series Finale (Poll)

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May 21st, 2012

After eight seasons, the two hour series finale of Fox's House, M.D. airs tonight.

How will it do in the adults 18-49 ratings?

Here are some data points for your handicapping assistance.

  • Since January, House averaged a 2.34 adults 18-49 rating for its new episodes (all of which were one hour).
  • Its high rating since January 1 was a 3.1 the week ending 1/29/12.
  • Last week's episode of House drew a 2.1 adults 18-49 rating.


  • rob60990


  • John


  • Victor Hugo

    8 million viewers and 2.7

  • Viktor

    2.5 – 3.0 tops

  • Liam

    3.1 – 3.5. Im basing this on the DH finale from last week. I thought the ratings would rise immensly but the didnt, so Im guessing that for house. The ratings have been lower this year as is viewership so I dint expect a large rise for the finale. Possibly 10-12 million viewers.

  • SoundableObject


  • Red Jane

    Come on – it is THE series finale and frankly there is like nothing else on so… definitely over 3 though I did vote over 3.5 – Farewell doc!!!

  • Danish

    going to miss this show :( 3.1-3.5

  • Bee

    it’ll be a successful night if it can break 3.0, which it probably can considering there’s no real competition.

  • Kyle


    No one knows its even ending. No promotions.

  • Al

    How sad that House is ending. I hope it at least beats the season premier rating of 3.9.

  • Carmen

    It may get into the 2.6-3.0 range since it is the finale of a long running series.
    But recent ratings would seem to indicate it will get about a 2.3 or 2.4.

    Last season really put the hurt on its rating potential.

  • Mary

    I’d say at least a 3.5. First, tons of people who used to watch the show and stopped will probably want to catch the finale. Plus, there’s nothing else on.

  • Raykov

    2.8 at best, 2.5 otherwise

  • Chris

    Might be around a 3.0, but I’m watching America’s Got Talent and Monday Night Raw tonight.

  • C H M


  • CrimTV

    I don’t think it will get better than a 3.0, Desperate Housewives had a better average than that and got a 3.3, but I voted for 2.6-3.0.

  • Seth

    2.2, won’t change much from recent weeks

  • Snoot

    Geesh, remember when House consistently brought in 5.0 and higher? Hoping for a great rating come morning. My guess is right around a 3.0. I know the ratings this year have been bleak but considering it’s the series finale and there is no CBS competition a 3.0 or higher is definitely with-in reach. Will it finally be Lupus tonight? It’s been a fun 8 years, Doc.

  • Lisa

    Seeing that the recent Desperate Housewives and One Tree Hill finales didn’t have huge upswings, I’m not expecting House to, either. Maybe a 2.6?

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