Guess The Ratings For The 'House, M.D.' Series Finale (Poll)

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May 21st, 2012

After eight seasons, the two hour series finale of Fox's House, M.D. airs tonight.

How will it do in the adults 18-49 ratings?

Here are some data points for your handicapping assistance.

  • Since January, House averaged a 2.34 adults 18-49 rating for its new episodes (all of which were one hour).
  • Its high rating since January 1 was a 3.1 the week ending 1/29/12.
  • Last week's episode of House drew a 2.1 adults 18-49 rating.


  • Californiadgd


    3.2 I guess. :) GB House

  • Jack

    12 million, 4.0 rating. I hope.

  • TomSFBay

    I used to watch this show fairly regularly, but haven’t in quite some time now. However, I might just tune in to see how it all ends. My guess: 3.1

  • AniMatsuri

    More of the same ratings since finale promises not to be much different from any other episode in the past 8 seasons. So while there will be no big relevalations in the finale draw big numbers of people looking for a actual conclusion, syndicators will love this since it allows the show to loop around as a rerun forever.

  • SarahL

    I always go much lower, but this time I voted “2.1 – 2.5.” I think 2.3 is a reasonable expectation.

  • Liam

    DH isn’t a good comparison. Different competition per timeslot for one. I agree though it wont go above 3.5, I can’t personally see it doing anymore than 3.2 but who knows? I agree it should’ve been promoted better.

    I’ll guess 2.8.

  • Naemeth

    2.6 or 2.7, ratings probably won’t be all that much higher than the 2.43 average, can see a 2.8/2.9 though.

  • Nick

    3.0 or 3.1. I’d say a little less than the ratings DH got.

  • bluejays

    3 or 3.1 – it’s an iconic show and there’s little competition so I think people will tune in to see how they wrap it up.

  • Ultima

    No one knows its even ending. No promotions.

    They’ve been promoting House as the series finale on FOX.

    Do you expect them to take out billboards or something?

  • Ultima

    I agree it should’ve been promoted better.

    You do understand that promotion costs money and if it doesn’t bring in enough additional viewers, then it was a waste of money, right?

  • hello

    Around 3.0

  • Mark


  • Matthew

    Im guessing, since its season premier had 9.7M, it will end with between 9.5-10.5M and a 3.0-3.3 in the demo.

  • MoHasanie

    I’ll say 2.8. I was very optimistic for the DH finale, and predicted a 3.6, but I was 4 tenths off. And considering DH had better ratings average this season, I think below 3.0 is more likely for House. Also, many people thought DH had a good season, whereas people thought House had a very weak season creatively. And there certainly isn’t much hype about it. Well, DH didn’t have much either, but it was more than House.

    But ofcourse, it may perform really well. The season opened with a 3.9, so it may come close to that, and there is little competition, and the retrospective could help familiarize former viewers about the story. Moreover, DH was a soap, so people that left would never understand what is going on, but since House is a drama, I’m sure some former viewers could understand what is going on, and may watch.

  • MoHasanie

    Actually, I think that 2.8 might be too high of a prediction, since the penultimate episode only got a 2.2.

  • Fennerbender

    Unless House dies (from Lupus of course) and there is no Cuddy reconcile or perceived reconcile, then the finale will be a bust for me. Hope House comes to a resolution of his addiction as well. I’m giving an optimistic 2.5-2.6 mostly as a fan.

  • Jon23812

    Not sure about ratings, but for viewers I think in the 13 millions.

  • SmG

    I hope 3.1-3.5, it is (was) a great series and it deserves to go out with a bang!

  • Shabbir

    It will be over 3 as many lost viewers will be back to see the end of house. They should have ended the series much earlier but money talks.

    Will miss house when its gone.. but another Brit im proud of.

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