Guess The Ratings For The 'House, M.D.' Series Finale (Poll)

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May 21st, 2012

After eight seasons, the two hour series finale of Fox's House, M.D. airs tonight.

How will it do in the adults 18-49 ratings?

Here are some data points for your handicapping assistance.

  • Since January, House averaged a 2.34 adults 18-49 rating for its new episodes (all of which were one hour).
  • Its high rating since January 1 was a 3.1 the week ending 1/29/12.
  • Last week's episode of House drew a 2.1 adults 18-49 rating.


  • V

    It should be able to match the 3.1 high in 2012.

  • Polar Bear

    “Nothing else on”
    That’s true, but people still usually end up still not watching the stuff that IS on

  • psychic

    Series high, please. I want House to go out with a bang. :D

  • Only you can be you only I can be me!, You always wanna be what your not cant you be happy with what you got? Your perfect the way you are

    I Am gonna miss house
    Best series Finale ever!
    SO SAD!
    One More season!
    Movie maybe?

  • Hugh


  • 728huey

    I just saw the series finale, and ….(SPOILER ALERT)…..House dies.

    Sort of.

    Well, if you’ve ever seen the movie Life, with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, you’ll figure out how and why he “died.”

    At any rate, I ranked the finale pretty low, based on the more recent series finales and the recent ratings for House. While Lost and 24 went out with fairly big ratings for their series finales, Desperate Housewives didn’t draw all that much buzz, and the mothership Law and Order and Chuck went out with a whimper. I predicted sub-2.0 for the series finale, as a lot of people would be watching the finale of Dancing With The Stars, America’s Got Talent, and NBA playoff basketball.

  • Tim


  • KJ Styles

    I hope it got at least a 3.0. I voted 3.1-3.6.

    GREAT finale! I’m glad Wilson didn’t die and it was great to see many past cast members. Only thing it was missing was Cuddy. But great finale nonetheless!

  • KJ Styles

    @728Huey- House didn’t die, he FAKED his death to fool the police so he wouldn’t get arrested.

  • were123

    Nothing would surprise me aside from getting below 1.8. My guess is 3.9, I’m guessing that number because that’s what it premiered and those who watched the start of the season might as well want to see how the series ended, even if they skipped some episodes.

  • Fischer

    24 didn’t get a huge bump in it’s finale, don’t expect House to, I guess 2.4

  • Andy H.


  • Johnny

    I got an e-mail from getglue saying that over 18,000+ viewers were checked into “House”. Usually when they send me those the numbers are in the 5,000-10,000 range.

    I wonder if that means anything?

  • Cristi

    I guess 1.6 rating.

  • Terry

    My guess is 3.3 rating.

    Goodbye House and cast, thanks for 8 great years!

  • Sports Preemption

    2.4, 2.5 if they’re lucky. 2.6 if I’m wrong.

    It’ll potentially max out at 2.7, and I’d be shocked if it hit it.

  • David Howell

    Low 2s for the recent regular episodes implies a mid 2 for this one. I’ve gone with 2.6-3.0, I’d be completely unsurprised if it slipped into 2.1-2.5 territory.

    CBS was in reruns though which I suspect must help.

  • Gustavo

    I guess between:2,1-2,5.How much did last week:DH series finale?

  • ron

    Im giving it the ebst so 3.5 it deserve it!

  • Sam

    Hopefully < 2, it doesn't deserve any more than this. Thank heavens it's gone. I wish they had the guts to kill him off for real, sounds like a gayfest (no, I didn't watch it, just read the comments above).

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