CNN Hits 20+ Year Low In Weekday Primetime Viewership

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May 22nd, 2012

Last week CNN's weekday (Mon-Fri) average primetime viewership of 395,000 was its lowest in more than 20 years (since September, 1991, I lack prior data).

More CNN ratings milestones last week (or millstones, as the case may be) (these rankings since 3/31/97):

  • 4th lowest weekday average for the news target adults 25-54 demo (111,000)
  • 3rd lowest full week (Mon-Sun) primetime viewership (385,000)
  • 4th lowest full week adults 25-54 demo (104,000)


  • kyle

    Very Sad

  • Carmen

    I am glad they are in crapper. They have been so bad.

  • Carmen

    Plus why are you talking about Obama, when this has nothing to do with him. Really.

  • Columbo


  • Mark Lang

    Another Obama lover network – obviously too many.

  • Former CNN fan

    What, Erin “wall street talking point reader” Burnett didn’t turn out to be magical ratings-booster lead-in? Gee, I’m shocked. I am so glad that recruiting snafu has come back to bite CNN execs right in the crotch. Ironic, I always took her for a swallower.

  • Carmen

    The only thing Erin Burnett has is good looks. Other then that, she is bad at her job. Very bad.

  • Graham

    Hope they learn that looks definetely are not everything.

  • SalaciousCrumb

    CNN says its Bushs fault.

  • Jeffrey Grimshaw

    First order of business: BRING BACK JAMES EARL JONES’ “THIS IS CNN” which was penned and produced while I was in charge of CNN on-air marketing!

  • JeffT

    CNN continues to program counter to viewer desires. If they would look in the mirror, and the ratings, they might figure it out. Until they do, they’ll continue to be an afterthought in the cable news business.

  • Curt

    The whole lineup from 5 to 10 p.m. should be cancelled. AC 8 p.m. and 10 pm without just awful ratings. For him to be their “golden” boy viewers see otherwise. AC360 should have been cancelled along time ago. I don’t know why CNN won’t fire him.

  • Jadine

    Goes to show people rather go for entertainment news (Faux) rather than real news..

  • Kool-Aid

    CNN is hard right news now. It should be called the Conservatard News Network. So, Mark Lang, CNN is right up your alley. CNN has it’s pundits blathering right-wing talking points all day long.

  • TheBoss1

    The reason CNN has low ratings is that they have not carved out their audience niche in these days of extreme partisan politics. Fox News has the righties, MSNBC has the lefties. CNN tries to play it down the middle ( more or less), and they pay a ratings price for it.

    Of course, when a crisis event occurs, their numbers soar. I still think they are the most trusted name in cable news with the vast majority of casual cable news viewers. But, on a nightly basis, they are watching America’s Got Talent, Dancing With The Stars” and American Idol. The irrational partisans are firmly locked into Fox News and MSNBC.

  • ben

    Americans watch a news channel because of theire political views. Sad, very sad!
    A real ‘news’ channel has to be independent. 100% independent! Otherwise you are NOT a news channel.
    Fox NC, MSNBC and CNN are NOT independent.
    Watch a real news channel, BBC WORLD NEWS or see the world in an other perspective… Al Jazeera for example. Instead of American rubbish!

  • UpAndOver

    Did someone turn off the TV in the motels lobby ?

  • bill33504

    the republicans are trash. CNN likes republicans. That about sums it up

  • Cr1986

    CNN Starting Point is horrible. I try to watch but that panel with Will Cain and Roland Martin has to go.Y

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