CNN Hits 20+ Year Low In Weekday Primetime Viewership

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May 22nd, 2012

Last week CNN's weekday (Mon-Fri) average primetime viewership of 395,000 was its lowest in more than 20 years (since September, 1991, I lack prior data).

More CNN ratings milestones last week (or millstones, as the case may be) (these rankings since 3/31/97):

  • 4th lowest weekday average for the news target adults 25-54 demo (111,000)
  • 3rd lowest full week (Mon-Sun) primetime viewership (385,000)
  • 4th lowest full week adults 25-54 demo (104,000)


  • MathMan

    Democrats and Republicans are like good cop/ bad cop. With few exceptions they take turns playing each role. I’ve only been able to observe their actions since FDR but in general they have served to reduce the quality of life in America. To call each other names and take the side of FOX or MSNBC as always being right is, at best, stretching it. Both sides stress the idea that compromise is the key and both media factions support it. Every compromise leads us further into socialism. Soon we will be the United Socialist States of America. The good old USSofA.

  • betty

    MessNBC is “Looney Left Liberals” and they Pay-the-Price for it with almost
    at-the-bottom-of-the-barrel Ratings….they Pay-the-Price.

  • betty

    You’ll have to admit that FOX NEWS has pleasant personalities who SMILE a lot and LAUGH and are just very pleasant….when did Mr.Edd ever smile or Larry McD….he always has a demonic, evil look on his mug…Sharpie always looks disturbed…Piers is probably the closest to “pleasant”,but still, FOX is the best of all….it’s called salesmanship. Duh.

  • Scott Johnson

    Very sad, CNN really needs to fire the people responsible for their ratings woes

  • HRJ

    Can’t we all just get along?

    The problems at CNN run deep. Start by hiring a person(s) who can bring in numbers. I say that Keith O is what the doctor ordered. Bring back a program like Crossfire with no rules like it once was.

    Fire all of the Time/Warner blow dried managers.

  • TheBoss1

    @betty … who let you out of your white rubber room tonight?

  • Gene

    Oh no, I didn’t know they were still on the air. The last time I viewed CNN, the Gulf War was occuring.

  • Gene

    And speaking of the Gulf War, I will never forget the ‘in depth’ CNN coverage given by Bernard Shaw from underneath his bed in a Baghdad Hotel. What a Journalist!!

  • tony

    CNN advertises they are # 1..but where I ask?Possibly in other parts of the world?Not according to TV by the numbers.

  • serg

    That’s what they get for being the only objective news network.

  • hamada

    If you want to be educated you watched CNN if you want to be deceived you watch fox which tells you alot about the state of our country

  • twins fan

    it’s all fox’s fault? hahahhahahahhahahahhaha your a moron.

  • Denny Lemons

    I was so excited when CNN first began. Today, I only listen for a few minutes until I hear some irresponsible person feeding a guest such softball questions. I simply DO NOT TRUST what I hear on CNN. When you slant a story so far left of what the real news is, I feel you must not even be investigating the story, or you are stupid. Most of us adults tend to shy away from a friend that isn’t trustworthy.
    RIP Because I know you’re going to go down until someone comes along and whispers into your ear. You can’t be trusted and that’s all you have to sell.
    Denny Lemons

  • lbsles
  • lbsles

    Democratic National Committee spokesman Brad Woodhouse went there: He acknowledged the emerging question of whether a young Barack Obama could have fraudulently mischaracterized his upbringing while seeking entrance to three colleges — Occidental, Columbia and Harvard.

    On Tuesday afternoon, Donald Trump tweeted out a coy message saying, “I wonder if @BarackObama ever applied to Occidental, Columbia or Harvard as a foreign student. When can we see his applications? What do they say about his place of birth.”

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  • lbsles

    The biggest legal threat to the White House’s birth control mandate could come from a decades-old law that was championed by liberal Democrats, according to legal experts.

    The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) has been mentioned in nearly all of the more than 30 lawsuits pending against President Obama’s administration over the mandate. One, filed by the University of Notre Dame on Monday, cited RFRA’s protections in the first paragraph.

    Legal scholars see the merit in challenging the mandate with RFRA, which then-Rep. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and the late Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) introduced in 1993 to protect religious exercise from laws that might unintentionally restrict it.

  • dana

    Since when is CNN considered anything but ultra liberal…all you get from them is Donna Brazil, Paul Begala and all the usual suspects on the political front…so what they are doing is splitting off a share of MSNBC’s audience, which is a small share to begin with…then they come in with Piers Morgan which cannot get more liberal..duh…how would CNN get a larger audience?? Any fool could tell you, split the audience from a larger pool…

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