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May 22nd, 2012

Continuing our night by night look at the Fall 2012 schedule we move to Tuesday night.  Six new shows on the night: four comedies and two dramas. Along with Wednesday, the night with the most new shows.

ABC  doesn't have any rookie shows, but pushes Dancing With The Stars results show an hour earlier, and moves in a 2nd and 3rd year sitcom from other nights to 9pm, followed by Private Practice in the place of Body of Proof.

Fox launches a 2 hour live action sitcom block led by relative ratings weakling Raising Hope. I am not hopeful.

NBC brings The Voice results show into the Fall along with rookie sitcoms Go On (Matthew Perry vs. Happy Endings which was renewed over his last sitom, Mr. Sunshine) and The New Normal, joining Tuesday fixture Parenthood.

CBS launches new drama Vegas where Unforgettable failed last season. Les Moonves is predicting victory, but Les is always predicting victory.

The CW goes all medical on the night, as Hart Of Dixie moves to a new night and leads into the new series Emily Owens, M.D. Sadly, Emily is unlikely to be the traffic draw for us that Ringer was last season. Whether it will live longer or not, we'll have to wait and find out.

Take a trip down memory lane with last season's 2011 Tuesday Fall schedule:

  • Gary A

    My thoughts on Tuesday:

    ABC – Third place in the demo 2nd place in viewers
    CBS – First place in the demo, first place in viewers
    FOX – Fourth place in the demo, fourth place in viewers
    NBC – Second place in the demo, third place in viewers
    CW – Last & last

  • Michael

    CBS wins this night….

    NCIS:LA has NO competition for that time slot. Dancing with the Stars could take a small bite out of ‘NCIS’ but it’s too highly rated to do much damage.

    Private Pratice could actually get a bump of this time slot. Pretty weak 10PM slot. Be interesting to see how Vegas does.

  • Dan S

    @ Oliver, after I posted the Thur swap I forgot about the comedies on CBS & NBC at 8 pm. Someone had suggested swapping HE & Apt 23 with Nashville on Wed at 10pm which would make better sense. Just too many comedies on the fall lineup so unless they open up the 10pm hour there’s going to be overlap.

  • Tommy

    I think renaming “First Cut” to “Emily Owens, MD” was a huge mistake and might even cost the show it’s longevity. It’s unlikely for the CW to attract a male or older audience, but a title like “Emily Owns, MD” just sounds like a really cheesey second-rate rip off of “Grey’s Anatomy”.

    But with that said Tuesday will be my most packed night. I just can’t believe that “Happy Endings” and “New Girl” are going up against each other! They are essentially the same show and I don’t want to see one cannibalizing the other’s audience…

  • SarahL


    I’d be surprised if Justified gets moved, it and Sons Of Anarchy are locked into 10pm Tuesday.

    Justified is also beating Southland so TNT is probably very happy with that Tuesday time slot, even though some fans are not.

  • Dan

    Emily Owens, MD will be cancelled after one season just like Melrose Place, Life Unexpected, Hellcats, and Ringer before it. The CW should have put Arrow or another show that is likely to get high ratings (for The CW) there instead. It wouldn’t surprise me if Emily Owens, MD didn’t even make it past the initial 13 episodes with no back 9 option.

  • William Haney

    First, could you imagine The New Normal airing some 30 years ago? Anyway, NBC might be wasting any bump the Voice results show gives. Two unknown comedies and the struggling Parenthood.

    B in 23 is a very funny show. I will dare say it is a female “Two And A Half Men”? Could break out for ABC. NCIS and Sex, I mean Dancing with the Stars will (sadly) lead the way that night.

  • TomSFBay

    I hope Happy Endings survives the move. It will be the only show on Tuesdays that I will be watching.

  • Tessa

    Wasn’t Unforgettable cancelled?

  • Tessa

    Wha? I swear the table on the first page was different. Ignore my previous question.

  • Networkman

    @Oliver and LLL. I would love to see that schedule change. Nashville just seems to be perfect for the DWTS audience. Country lovers would love it at an earlier time. The comedy competition @9pm would be beatable. And if it can come close to NCIS:LA that would be a win for ABC. Adult comedy on ABC is a tough sell so why not put it @10pm and just allow the content to be more racy. It would actually have a chance to come in second for the hour.

  • Gustavo

    Imo the best nights of the week will be:Thursday:The whole lineup of ABC:Last resort,Greys anatomy,Scandal and also of CBS:The big bang theory,Two and a half men and Person of interes.Than Wednesday looks also good:Criminal minds,Nashville,Chicago Fire and Psych.

  • Networkman

    I feel Reba would have been a better lead in for Nashville as well both centering around females in the country world. Country fans love Reba and would have stuck around to watch a show based on the Country music world.

    ABC could of done this as well
    8pm Dancing with the Stars:Results
    9pm Last Man Standing – This would be great counterprogramming against the single cam offerings on the other network
    9:30pm Malibu Country
    10pm Nashville

    And then of course Happy Endings and Don’t Trust the B… would go to Wednesday @10pm. Private Practice could of been kept off the Fall Schedule, returning midseason for a final 13 episodes.

  • Ben

    @Tessa the bottom table is last year and the top one is the new one

  • Ben Thompson

    CBS should easily win this night with NBC coming in second. ABC and Fox will battle it out for third. The three way comedy battle will be interesting. I’m predicting New Girl will top them all. I don’t even know why The CW picked up Emily. Its going to be DOA. HOD will probably receive a bump and Cult will probably debut at 9pm in Midseason.

  • Melanie

    NCIS is going to crush The Voice

  • GDfriends

    This is probably the night most difficult to predict…not only do we have single-cam comedies clashing but we have a “part 2″ of Mondays reality shows clashing…not pretty if you ask me.

    8pm – NCIS should easily win this hour as there is absolutely no drama competition which is a huge mistake the other nets did. The Voice should be a decent 2nd despite the expected drop next fall with Dancing thereafter. Raising Hope will more than likely be in the mid 1 demos but Ben & Kate may have a shot if they outdraw their lead-in (hello low bar). HOD should do just fine…this solid little show IMO will duplicate or slightly rise from this seasons numbers

    9pm – NCIS:LA will win by default, like 8pm the drama competition is not there and the comedies IMO will “eat eachother up” It is impossible to figure out who could win this hour among the comedies…New Girl has the edge but no real lead-in unlike Go On or Happy Endings…If NG can win this battle could break ABC/NBC as NG would of done it without support which means all FOX needs to do is find another semi-hit comedy to help push the night up…if NG fails than give the edge to NBC’s Matthew Perry show Go On as it has solid lead-in support and a star at the helm…I have little to no hope for HE. The 9:30 comedies are dependent on their lead-ins…if 9pm fails they will more than likely fail…if 9pm succeeds they have a shot. EOMD on the CW can go either way, it will skew older than most CW shows therefore its very possible that it becomes a bigger hit than most of the narrowly skewed shows the CW has.

    10pm – Vegas has the edge here, the show has lots of buzz and a compatible lead-in, plus the competition is weak. PP should do okay but its lead-in could have a negative affect on her (as we saw this season), Parenthood has a solid following but will more than likely fight it out for 2nd with ABC…a soft 2nd that is

  • Bee

    crazy night! i sure hope happy endings, apt. 23, and PP do well on the night. i’m SO glad HE already has a 22 episode season. but i want full orders for apt. 23 and PP too! they’re all sharing an audience with other shows so fingers crossed!

    it’ll be interesting to see how everything plays out. new girl is a hit, but it saw low after low once it didn’t have glee as a lead-in. and go on and the new normal, if they debut early, will have settled down to their normal numbers by the time the others begin. HE and apt. 23 need to be promoted a lot. but above all else, the promos have to be GOOD. ABC needs to learn to promote them ASAP. airing a promo for them every 5 minutes is useless if that promo is not funny.

    i’ll be catching all the single-cams except new girl, with the ABC ones being watched live. and then PP!

  • alexjones

    the is the crappiest night as far as i’m concerned (aside from saturday obviously)

  • Bee

    also excited to watch emily ownens, m.d! hope it’s a good show. and i wouldn’t be too quick to call out shows as DOA, esp. on the CW. ringer and TSC began with a 1.2 and 1.5 respectively and got all the hype and promotion, but the significantly less hyped and promoted show that premiered with a 0.8 got the renewal.

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