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May 22nd, 2012

Continuing our night by night look at the Fall 2012 schedule we move to Tuesday night.  Six new shows on the night: four comedies and two dramas. Along with Wednesday, the night with the most new shows.

ABC  doesn't have any rookie shows, but pushes Dancing With The Stars results show an hour earlier, and moves in a 2nd and 3rd year sitcom from other nights to 9pm, followed by Private Practice in the place of Body of Proof.

Fox launches a 2 hour live action sitcom block led by relative ratings weakling Raising Hope. I am not hopeful.

NBC brings The Voice results show into the Fall along with rookie sitcoms Go On (Matthew Perry vs. Happy Endings which was renewed over his last sitom, Mr. Sunshine) and The New Normal, joining Tuesday fixture Parenthood.

CBS launches new drama Vegas where Unforgettable failed last season. Les Moonves is predicting victory, but Les is always predicting victory.

The CW goes all medical on the night, as Hart Of Dixie moves to a new night and leads into the new series Emily Owens, M.D. Sadly, Emily is unlikely to be the traffic draw for us that Ringer was last season. Whether it will live longer or not, we'll have to wait and find out.

Take a trip down memory lane with last season's 2011 Tuesday Fall schedule:

  • Chris

    In terms of quality and writing, Happy Endings >>>>>>>>>>>>> New Girl.

    I hope the ratings reflect this in the fall. (I can dream, but not optimistic given what the Nielsen idiots tend to watch)

  • Revenge

    Revenge Season Finale. Tomorrow at 10:00pm on ABC.

  • Bizarro

    Oh No, hopefully HOD survives why did they have to move DWTS at 8 were they trying to give the CW a break. HOD fans watch watch watch next season. I already lost Ringer and am trying to get it back. I don’t want to loose Hart too!

  • Hugh

    Think and hope Tuesday will work well for NBC

  • Tom

    3 comedy blocks up against each other and a period serial on CBS? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

    ABC: Without knowing what the structure of those Tuesday Voices is, it’s tough to say, but the last time DWTSR was at 8pm, it wasn’t pretty. Thinking 2ish. HE will be lucky to stay above 2, with Apt 23 staying in low 2s. PP without direct DWTSR leadout falls into high 1s. (The real question is what happens if the entire night falters – does ABC yank HE/Apt 23 and ‘revert’ to LMS/MC/DWTSR/PP?)

    CBS: NCISes down a couple tenths from age, with Vegas being a real wild card. I think it premieres well before falling right into Unforgettable-level territory (the length of the backorder probably depending on what happens with the rest of the rookies and 8pm NY).

    Fox: I thought last year’s numbers made this block preposterous, yet here it is. RH mid 1s, B&K mid 1s, New Girl mid 2s, Mindy mid 2s.

    NBC: Without knowing what the Tuesday version of the Voice is, will go with low 3s. Comedy block still born, with GO low to mid 1s and NN mid 1s. (The more I see of Greenblatt’s comedy pickups, the more I think the strategy of emulating Showtime to get back into the mass market’s graces is one of the biggest mistakes in the history of broadcast television, disguised by how many other entries NBC has made in that ledger recently.) Parenthood in mid to high 1s.

    CW: HoD 0.5ish, EOMD the same or a tenth worse.

    So CBS with clear win, NBC/ABC/Fox all in a 2.0ish dead heat, and CW far behind.

  • Kieran Pertnav

    The table says “The New Mormal”

  • Jim

    Emily Owens, MD? What is this 1970? Is she related to Marcus Welby? The only worse title of a show I can think of is Sue Thomas, F.B.Eye on ION a few years back.

  • @scl2

    Go On, I’m waiting 4 you!

  • ToXiX

    Tuesday :)

    I’ll check out Ben & Kate @ 8:30pm, don’t expect to stick to it though.

    9:00 Go On

    9:30 The Mindy Project

    10:00 Vegas

    Decent night I’ll say.

  • OH NO

    They can’t air new girl and happy endings at the same time. I can’t choose.

  • Harmiel

    I think Fox will not put RH as a lead-in for nothing. A hidden tactic is on the way but if not, RH’s survival for syndication, RIP for Ben and Kate, NG down, and TMP toss-up.

    I’ll probably watch the entire comedy block of Fox and DVR NCIS shows. My 10pm is alloted for cable show.

    Prediction: CBS<NBC<FOX<ABC<CW
    CBS shows are so strong, The Voice will anchor the night for NBC, FOX and ABC are close but the former has a better edge, explanation is needless why CW is the last. X)

  • Harmiel

    Oops sorry for the mistake. CBS>NBC>FOX>ABC>CW :Ð

  • Harmiel

    Oops! sorry for the mistake. CBS>NBC>FOX>ABC>CW :Ð

  • fearless

    I hope Happy Endings, Bitch 23 and Private Practice will get cancelled…

    Rooting for Hart of Dixie and Emily Owens… xD

  • Mike

    NCIS , NCIS. LA. , Vegas.
    Perfect night!
    Vegas looks great, the cast is amazing.

  • ninjago

    Looks like Tuesday will be a good eve to spend in a bar, the movies or whatever. What a bad schedule so far.

  • rob60990

    @fearless, Private Practice is ending next season.

  • MelindaB

    Tuesdays will be very easy for me to choose what to watch–HOD at 7, Go On and The New Normal at 8 (assuming neither one is bad) while recording The New Girl, and Vegas at 9. Or if none of the new shows turn out to keep my interest, it will be a night for catching up on recorded shows.

    But where will Body of Proof end up? I had to double-check to ensure that yes, it had been renewed. Is it being kept back to help plug in holes after the first round of cancellations?

  • KJ Styles

    CBS will dominate the ratings as well as my interest on Tuesday nights.

  • Ben

    I wonder if Vegas will get good ratings? If it does not, CBS might regret cancelling Unforgettable. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

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