Monday Final Ratings: 'DWTS', 'AGT', and 'House' Retrospective Adjusted Up; 'Clash of the Commercials' Adjusted Down

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May 22nd, 2012

Dancing With the Stars, America's Got Talent,  and the House Retrospective were each adjusted up a tenth, while CBS' Clash of the Commercials special was adjusted down among adults 18-49 versus Monday's preliminary ratings.

Final Monday broadcast primetime ratings for Monday, May 21, 2012

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM NBC America's Got Talent 3.2 9 9.660
ABC Dancing With the Stars 2.9 8 16.840
FOX House Retrospective 2.1 6 6.270
CBS How I Met Your Mother -R 1.3 4 4.060
CW One Tree Hill -R 0.3 1 0.570
9:30 PM CBS 2 Broke Girls -R 1.6 4 4.620
9:00PM FOX House (Series Finale) 2.9 8 8.720
ABC The Bachelorette (9-11 PM) 2.4 6 7.530
NBC American Ninja Warrior (9-11 PM) 2.4 6 6.200
CBS Two And A Half Men -R 2.0 5 7.230
CW One Tree Hill -R 0.2 1 0.530
9:30PM CBS Mike & Molly -R 1.6 4 6.290
10:00PM CBS Clash of the Commercials: USA vs. The World 1.3 4 5.960

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  • The End


    Hey, I agree with you. The House + Wilson stuff in my opinion made them seem more like brothers than Best friends(Said this twice already though lol). Their friendship kinda grew throughout the shows run and ended pretty much the way it should of done, on a high.

    Instead of having Wilson die onscreen and House being all emo and gloomy, they go off together into the sunset to have some fun in his last few months of life.

    I liked that. Wouldn’t want House to end on a sad note personally.

  • Bizarro

    I hope FX picks up Ringer!

  • Tom

    Why would FX pick up Ringer?

  • Revenge

    Revenge Season Finale. Tomorrow at 10:00pm on ABC.

  • Erin

    @Sid, some of them are doing re-runs. They just didn’t start last night. SPN starts from the beginning of season 7 this Friday and it looks like Nikita and TVD are starting from the beginning of their seasons as well.

  • AlcoholicsAnonymous

    @JACOB & @The End

    I agree 100%.

    Knowing that this is the finale and this show is watched by millions worldwide, who gives a flying f&^$ about the ratings?

    Great great finale. Very well fitting for the show.

  • Bizarro

    Um I don’t know because it’s a good show and FX could make some money off of it. It will end up like the tv series the Game!

  • denise walsh

    they used oth to promote their new fall lineup how dare they when they didn’t pick up mark schwhan’s SHELTER !!!!!!!! tree hill fans had 9 amazing years of greatness thanks to mark’s creative mind and the great actors and musicians etc…. mark and 4 of the actors got pilots for new shows you really don’t hear that happening do you?????? unfortunately cw sucks for now picking up SHELTER we were looking forward to more genius shame on the cw congrats! big time to sophia bush for cbs patrners and robert buckley on abc 666 park avenue abc and cbs know talent when they see it WAKE UP CW :(

  • ToXiX

    Monday’s is going to be so much weaker next season.

    Two And A Half Men is the only one about to hit 2.0’s in repeats.

    Mike & Molly + 2 Broke Girls are the same.

    I like the idea of CBS running another “2” show, in place of Two And A Half Men’s slot.

  • Tom

    @Bizarro I’d like to see Ringer revived on cable too. Southland is an example of a show that made the transition. The problem (there’s always one or more of those) is money. Rumor has it that SMG was getting $100k per episode on Ringer. That’s pricey and then there’s still the issue of whether it would be worth her time to work on a show with ten or so fewer episodes. Southland only has a ten episode season because TNT limits its budget. I believe that TNT also cancelled Saving Grace because, although it was a hit, it got too expensive. I also wonder how much TBS is paying for Cougar Town.

    Personally, I’m tired of watching my favorite programs die on network television. For example, I loved Flash Forward and that was prematurely cancelled. The same applies to the Secret Circle about which I’ve already said too much. In my opinion, cable might be the best medium for supporting creative programming. However, I’m concerned that budget constraints may limit just how creative cable programming can become.

  • The Collector

    House had such a great run as that series was almost dead in the water when it began and became FOX’s last big hit drama. House has also been one of the few dramas to do well in reruns in recent years. What an overall success this show is.

    I don’t think were going to see a drama hit this hard for FOX again for a very long time.

  • Puppet Doctor

    I love American Ninja Warrior. I am glad that NBC is airing more episodes of it.

  • AniMatsuri

    I was figuring House would get a 2.5 not the 2.9 it got. Plus it did win its hour in the demo and overall viewers so all and all House leaves on a high note ratings wise.

  • HilsonFan

    Watched the House Swan Song and the awesome series finale. The series finale was perfection, just perfection.

  • Mi

    @The End
    “a 2.9 is great. Various shows average this, like Once Upon a Time.”

    I guess you wish Once averaged 2.9, but lets take all its final ratings


    Write them down and use a calculator and we’ll get.. 3.27 or in other words 3.3, not 2.9

    And seriously though, when a show had only 6 episodes below 3.0, the highest being 4.0 and the lowest being 2.8, if you really believe their average is 2.9, then I feel sorry for your math teacher.

    On House? I was always just a casual viewer and I don’t care enough to watch the finale, especially after reading about it.

  • KJ Styles

    People that are bashing the House finale’s ratings are idiots. The only veteran show (Show that’s been running for 5+ years) who’s ratings are as strong or stronger than they used to be is NCIS. The rest of them are lower, and those of you that didn’t watch yet are criticizing really need to shut up.

    I was hoping for a higher rating too (even though 2.9 isn’t bad) but for me the important thing was that the finale was great! It was a good closure to one of my favorite shows of all time. I’m gonna miss House, and they’ll never be another medical drama quite like it.

  • KJ Styles

    @Mi- Keep in mind that OUAT is a rookie show. I’m an OUAT fan, but House in it’s first year averaged in the mid-4’s. First several years actually.

  • karin

    Pathetic end for House

  • David Howell

    I anticipated mid-2s for the House finale. 2.9 above where I thought.

    The continuing dispersal of television viewers in the United States across many different channels still genuinely amazes me. To think that NCIS used to get solid high 2s against Idol and it was merely solid counterprogramming against (what would turn out to be) the last show in history to get double-digit 18-49 numbers. Fast-forward a few years, it gets almost the same numbers, and it’s television’s #1 drama. And its closest rival is on cable.

  • Christa

    The 2.9 and under 10 million in full viewers shame for the House!
    Hey this was an epoch-making serie’s very last episode and deserves much more!

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