Sunday Final Ratings: 'Family Guy' Adjusted Up; 'Bob's Burgers' Adjusted Down

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May 22nd, 2012

Family Guy was each adjusted up a tenth while Bob's Burgers was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus the preliminary Sunday broadcast ratings

Sunday's Final Broadcast Ratings for May 22, 2012:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
7:00PM ABC America's Funniest Home Videos 1.5 5 5.880
CBS 60 Minutes 1.4 5 9.800
FOX The Simpsons -R 1.0 4 2.360
NBC America's Got Talent -R 1.0 3 4.290
7:30PM FOX The Cleveland Show 1.3 4 3.010
8:00PM ABC Billboard Music Awards (8-11P) 2.7 7 7.400
CBS 60 Minutes 1.5 4 10.130
FOX The Simpsons 2.1 7 4.820
8:30PM FOX Bob's Burgers 1.7 5 3.570
9:00PM FOX Family Guy 2.6 7 5.350
NBC The Celebrity Apprentice (9-11p) 2.2 6 6.860
CBS Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt (9-11P) 1.2 3 12.930

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  • MoHasanie

    Why have the Fox comedies fallen so much this year? Family Guy was able to get 8-9 million viewers last year for 1 hour episodes. This year’s finale, didn’t even match last year’s one, which had actually been released on DVD before. Oh well, the episode was bad. Both were probably one of the worst of this season.

    The Simpsons was funny last night!

  • Ally

    I didn’t even know there were new eps last night! I thought everything was done for the year. I guess I’ll go online to watch the FOX toons.

  • Chris B

    The reason why is Family Guy in particular has not been all that funny this year. I used to watch episodes and watch reruns where I can actually legit laugh out loud. However this season something just seems to be missing and a lot of the material seems recycled.

    Hope they improve next year.

  • Harris

    Sunday network TV is boring without Once Upon A Time. At least there’s cable!

  • Networkman

    Following The Simpsons and airing before Family Guy, why is Bob’s Burgers not able to get at least a 2.0 demo? It is the youngest of the 3 cartoons. I can understand FOX wanting to continue airing the veteran cartoons for a couple more seasons due to syndication. But I don’t feel there is any reason to continue investing in Bob’s Burgers. I don’t call that being able to dominate in your time period.

    The whole evening is not as young skewing as yester-years. The network should start to consider a schedule without these cartoons. The Simpsons should end after its 25th season. I think Cleveland Show most likely will be done at that point and American Dad should finish after 10 seasons. The only one I can see remaining on the air is Family Guy.

  • chicago_animal

    Cleveland and Family Guy need to end. Seth even said he wants to end it. American Dad and Bobs Burgers are the only ones that make me laugh with the Simpson’s still having a good joke in there. Speaking of which, I turned off the Simpson’s last ninth after 5 minutes of only Lady GaGa being on. WTF was that about

  • Ben

    Family Guy airs on Fox, and is repeated on Adult Swim a few days later. I thought about taping Family Guy, (I have a VCR and I don’t have a DVR), but, since it will be repeated on Adult Swim I did not do so. The fact that Family Guy airs the same episode of a show on two different networks, separated by only a few days, might have something to do with it’s low ratings.

  • Marcus

    The renewal of Bob’s Burgers shows how desperate they are for new animated shows.

  • Ryan530

    @Ben- I agree with you on that one. I don’t think Fox is all the worried about what the show is going to do brand new since they allow adult swim to air it the following Monday and people might just wait until then. who knows some people might not even know its on Fox!

  • João Paulo

    Why you guys stop watch Family Guy? For the fans still good enough.

  • kyle

    I really enjoy Bob’s Burgers and don’t understand why it doesn’t get better ratings

  • nerv

    Well, for most of the season, Family Guy has beaten the first half of DH. Still, they were getting better ratings last season.

  • greysfan


    Simple answer, the writing now sucks. I still watch it though.

  • tomsman

    Huge fan of Bob’s Burgers since the first ep., but the finale episode was pretty bad. IMHO, it was not the best way to end the season for a die-hard fan, much less the casual watcher. There were a couple of moments with the Tina Doppleganger bit that were amusing – “I want to lick her hair”. Would this have been their pilot episode, I doubt I would have watched it after. Come to think of it, the finales of all 3 FOX animated shows I watch (BB, AD & FG) pretty much blew.

  • Steve

    Miss Harry’s Law already…..last 2 episodes of the show are going to air next Saturday night and next Sunday night.

  • Steve

    Great job NBC putting a repeat of America’s Got Talent in Harry’s Laws’ slot–you lost about 3-4 million viewers.

  • A_fan

    I really like Bob’s Burgers as well it’s comedy gold. I think the Cleveland show should be the one if one of them had to be let go.

  • Brandon

    Bob’s Burgers is pretty much the only good Animation Domination show, it’s sad to see that it was adjusted down. Everyone watch it when it returns in the fall! By everyone I mean Nielsen families.

  • MoHasanie


    Well I don’t agree that it is bad writing this year; I mean there have been some very hilarious episodes of FG this season similar to last season.

  • Brian

    That stupid America’s Got Talent..is a total Joke..Harry’s Law should not have been cancelled..NBC your just DUMB!

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