'American Idol' Crowns Another Winner, Who Was It?

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May 23rd, 2012

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World Record 132 Million Votes Cast


Two-Hour Season Finale Featured Performances by

Aerosmith, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Neil Diamond and Chaka Khan;

Plus Special Duets by John Fogerty and Phillip Phillips;

Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez; Fantasia and Joshua Ledet;

Jordin Sparks and Hollie Cavanagh; Reba McEntire and Skylar Laine


Auditions for Season 12 Held This Summer in Charlotte, NC; Chicago, IL;

Los Angeles, CA; Newark, NJ; New Orleans, LA; Oklahoma City, OK and San Antonio, TX


Visit www.americanidol.com for Season Finale Performances


The 11th season of AMERICAN IDOL came to a sensational conclusion tonight as Phillip Phillips was crowned the winner during the live two-hour season finale on FOX. Phillips, 21, from Leesburg, GA, received the most of America’s world record-shattering 132 million votes – the highest number in the show’s history.


Phillips capped his coronation on Wednesday’s finale by singing “Home,” which is available for download exclusively onwww.americanidol.com and iTunes.


The broadcast from the NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE in downtown Los Angeles featured performances by the reunited Top 12 finalists, as well as music superstars Aerosmith, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Neil Diamond and Chaka Khan. Also, in a series of special duets, John Fogerty joined Phillip Phillips; Jennifer Holliday sang with Jessica Sanchez; Season Three winner Fantasia performed with Joshua Ledet; Season Six winner Jordin Sparks accompanied Hollie Cavanagh; and Reba McEntire paired up with Skylar Laine.


On Tuesday night’s final performance show, Phillips and Sanchez each sang three songs. Phillips performed “Stand By Me,” “Movin’ Out” and “Home”; and Sanchez sang “I Have Nothing,” “The Prayer” and “Change Nothing.” Also, Jason Derulo performed “Undefeated” and Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery returned to IDOL to sing “Please Remember Me.”


Phillips is the 11th finalist to win the coveted AMERICAN IDOL title and a record contract with 19 Recordings. He joins past winners Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks, Jordin Sparks, David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze and Scotty McCreery.


Audition cities and dates for AMERICAN IDOL Season 12 include Los Angeles, CA, on Thursday, June 7; San Antonio, TX, onThursday, June 14; Charlotte, NC, on Tuesday, June 19; Newark, NJ, on Saturday, June 23; Chicago, IL, on Thursday, July 12; and Oklahoma City, OK, on Friday, July 20. Additional details will be announced on www.americanidol.com.


AMERICAN IDOL is produced by 19 Entertainment, a division of CKX, Inc. and FremantleMedia North America. The series is created and executive-produced by Simon Fuller, CEO, XIX Entertainment, and executive-produced by Cecile Frot-Coutaz, CEO, FremantleMedia North America; Ken Warwick, Executive Producer, FremantleMedia North America; and Nigel Lythgoe, CEO, Nigel Lythgoe Productions.


See what happens after the confetti falls and the show ends, but the cameras keep rolling, as the IDOL winner is crowned. Visitwww.americanidol.com for this exclusive insider’s view each week after the West Coast broadcast of the results show, as well as for exclusive videos, interviews, photos and special behind-the-scenes information.

  • mashoo

    Congrats Phillip! Now go on and make awesome music!

  • Carol

    I think the teenie boppers couldn’t get past Phillip’s good looks, and see that he really can not sing. Close your eyes and listen to all the bad notes, pitches, and his grasping for the high notes. Jessica should have been the real “AMERICAN IDOL”. I don’t care to watch Idol anymore!

  • giffey

    I just pray that Phillip’s health issues will now be resolved.

  • Tessa

    He would be forgotten faster than the Cook, or the Soul Train Guy whose name I can’t even remember.

    Still, Congratulations! At least he beat the Pretty Little Liars reject with no voice and no talent.

  • Babygate

    I don’t watch AI. I don’t like reality TV at all or competitive shows. But the buzz on Twitter about Jessica/Phillip made me curious so I checked out their videos on YouTube and I immediately saw why Jessica Sanchez’ fans were so upset at the loss. The first bars that she sang I got goosebumps. That tiny little girl has a HUGE voice. She went head to head with Jennifer Holliday and covered Whitney like nobody’s business. And did a phenomenal ‘Proud Mary’. Phillip, on the other hand, strains too much when he sings and it’s kind of hard to distinguish his voice because he does a lot of weird voice effects. His range is limited and his background music always seemed to be too loud. I was completely unimpressed with any of the songs he sang. Not one impressed me. My first impression was, how did this guy even make it to the finale. I saw a Queen mash up with the top five contestants and all of them sang circles around Phillip. I guess he was chosen based on looks alone. And THAT is why I don’t like competition shows that allow people to vote. First William and Katherine lose DWTS when they were so obviously better than Donald and now this. But Jessica shouldn’t be concerned. Rumor has it there’s a recording contract in the works. Kudos to her. I’m not into her style of singing but I cannot deny that she has an extraordinary gift.

  • Perer

    Another boy. what a shock. why do girls even bother going there anymore

  • AniMatsuri

    The biggest chunk of viewers for this show is women 30-50 years old and they only like qne type singer.

  • Terry

    The result was terrible! Jessica should have been the winner. She has the talent and charisma. And she even performs very well!! What a shame for American Idol! Their really is this “favoritism” issue. Phillip Phillips’s health issue should not be the reason to have him as the winner. jeezz…..

  • dazzag

    Hahahaha so glad he won coz everyone expected jessica to win she was the judges fav all the way well done Philip

  • Melanie

    I only watched about 10 minutes of AI this season, but another guy winning for the fifth year in a row? From what I saw and heard from those few short minutes, Jessica could sing!! I also read about all the praise she got also. Seems to me like Phillip is just another, David Cook, Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze…………..

  • rob60990

    Jessica will go way further than Phillip. People won’t even remember who Phillip is in 6 months.

  • MJDB

    Congradulations Phillip Phillips.

  • jt

    i thought the generic WGWG i’ve read in web was just a joke but this basically confirms its really happening. it could backfire and further erode AI’s audience.

  • Hessian

    Having watched every bit of IDOL. Jessica has a tremendous voice, but ultimately, she’s a one trick pony. Power ballads. She stands, she belts. She does it really well, but that’s all there is.

    Phillip has charisma. there’s a sparkle in his eye when he performs. He may not be note perfect, but he is charming and engaging. There were several weeks during which I remarked to my wife that I would buy a ticket to his concert. He comes across as an entertainer.

    And one more thing: don’t forget that Jessica got sent home by the voters. She never would have made the finals if the judges had not saved her…

  • Jared

    I will say that Phil Phillips is definitely talented..but he probably needs the title of American Idol a little more than Jessica..shes the real star!..

  • Jason

    Next season, if anything happens to Jennifer Lopez, replace her with Fergie or the first Idol winner Kelly Clarkson. If Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler do not return either, replace them with music producer and musician Dr. Luke and Australian native and real music critic Ian “Dicko” Dickerson.

  • LoveLee

    @ Babygate…..Donald deserved and worked hard for the mirror ball.Yes Katherine and William were both good but when push came to shove…Donald came through.

  • Jan Perry

    Phillips is a good entertainer, he could do well in Las Vegas. Jessica on the other hand did too many safe ballads, people want more. Not too many winners lately have done anything after idol.

  • Jay

    I’m glad Phillip won, he deserved it.

  • John

    These kids never learn..if you’re not a young white guy, don’t even bother. So girls, gays, and other guys of different ethnicity, why don’t you guys just audition for a different singing competition other than AI. Don’t u der estimate the power of teen hormones, Hello! Twilight

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