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May 23rd, 2012

As the 2011-12 broadcast season comes to an end tonight it's fitting that Wednesday night is the last night of the 2012-13 schedule we'll take a peek at (the other nights are here).

Six new shows on Wednesdays (same as Tuesday night).  Three new comedies, and three new dramas.

ABC puts rookie sitcom The Neighbors in the post-Modern Family "We really don't want to cancel this show" timeslot followed by the new musical drama Nashville.

Fox has sophomore The X Factor scheduled for two hours, instead of 90 minutes, with no 30 min "sitcom launch" slot. Perhaps Britney and Demi need that extra half hour, it certainly didn't do the sitcoms any good.

CBS goes with exactly the same line up as Fall 2011.

NBC puts two rookies into their 8pm comedy block, Animal Practice and Guys With Kids. New drama Chicago Fire follows Law & Order:SVU, which moves back to 9pm in a slot that didn't treat it particularly well in the past.

The CW pairs rookie drama Arrow with the relocated from Friday veteran Supernatural.

Take a trip down memory lane with last season's 2011 Wednesday Fall schedule:

  • Owen

    Survivor, CM/SVU, CSI + will give Chicago Fire a chance for me

  • KJ Styles

    @Doug- I agree with you on Suburgatory, it should have gotten the post Modern Family timeslot. It’s easily the second best ABC comedy. I also wish Malibu Country would air on Wednesdays instead of that awful looking Neighbors show. I can’t see Neighbors doing well even with the post-MF slot. I’ll watch the pilot but if it sucks that’ll be as far as I go with it.

  • Jenn

    I was really hoping Suburgatory would get moved to a new timeslot, the show is so under appreciated (I think) and I feel like it definitely could gain a biggest audience if they found the right timeslot for it!

  • Thom

    Great to see a firefighting show in the lineup!

    Kinda miss Rescue Me, though it was more that of a soap opera than an action show.

  • Sarah

    The thing that bothered me the most in Spn’s finale and makes me not really look forward to the new season was that the editor or director chose to cut both scenes (the one from the promo and even worse the one Jensen spoiled at JIB) where the brothers would have had a significant interaction/talk with each other about each other (while leaving in supposedly “funny” scenes which were plot-wise completely redundant, and the episode also run short – so why the cutting). And considering that they were separated (and most likely will be for a while) at the end only makes the absence of those scenes even more grating.
    And it’s not the first time in season 7 that this happened either. I had to take the disappearance of Classic rock, good scary Big Bads and interesting monsters, nearly a season without the Impala (and she’s damaged again O_o), some awful lame an/or boring crack episodes; so the brotherly bond is the only thing keeping me watching (and no Cas/Dean is not a good alternative – I found their friendship intriguing in season 4&5, but now they just bore me with the long close ups and innuendo in every single of their scenes).

  • Ryan

    NBC’s comedies seem great. They have a great chance of being hits.

    ABC’s 8pm comedy block is made of returning shows, so casual viewers are quite likely to be willing to try something different.

    SURVIVOR, although still popular, is a veteran and is kind of tired.

    ARROW will be good for CW’s standards, not The Big Four’s.

    The only problem is going to be THE VOICE, because of the whole Britney/Demi hype. But that probably won’t last long.

    NBC’s comedies still look like the most interesting thing on Wednesday nights.

  • MoHasanie

    Why would ABC pick up Neighbors? Paul Lee has is great when picking up drama’s, but he has a horrible choice in comedies.

  • William

    I’ll just be watching Modern Family and Arrow

  • Lucy

    Arrow wont do any better than the big four, no CW show will ever overtake any of the big four, It will do well for CW.

    But the ratings for all CW shows is nothing above 3 million, and I cant see CW suddenly pulling anything above 3 million suddenly, so Arrow may do ok, but nothing as high as the WB days of shows getting 6-7 million.

  • RS

    10% Cas Haters Group – Count me in.
    If the show pairs Dean and Cas for any length of time for more than one episode (“Free to Be You and Me” is an anathema to me), it is going to lose the Sam fans and the bi-brother fans (just my opinion based on comments-not speaking for others). Losing the Cas fans did not affect the ratings (by the numbers). In fact the much heralded Cas-return ep. got the lowest rating of the series. One can blame the Hunger Games all one wants, but surely the many(?) Cas fans could have delayed movie gratification long enough to support a so-called beloved character. We bi-brother fans would all but delay elective surgery these days for a decent brother moment. Is the show willing to risk losing the Sam and bi-brothers fans? Perhaps so. I don’t know the numbers in the groups (and no one else does either). There is clearly no way to please all groups. There appear to be several options:

    1. Pair Dean and Cas and side-line Sam. The Dean/Cas fans and the Dean fans will be thrilled. As opined above, the Sam fans and bi-brother fans will abandon ship. Don’t respond that there can be a wonderful story for Sam by himself. We will react emotionally against the Dean/Cas pairing and the perceived supplanting of Sam.

    2. Kill Cas, once and forever. Oh, Please. But it is not going to happen. I’m resigned to that.

    3. Pair Sam and Cas. This one has the potential to irritate the least number of people (only the Dean/Cas shippers will be infuriated). The two characters can work to get Dean back while Dean gets an amazing story-line by himself in Purgatory. No fans will be particularly happy (my group wants the dreadful angel character gone), but only the above mentioned group will be crazy upset.

  • Selen

    I think you’re wrong in your presumption that ALL Dean fans would be happy about D/C centred episodes.
    I’m a Dean fan, and I am most certainly not trilled with Dean/Cas in Purgatory. Since I want a great storyline for Dean, and not just him focusing on repairing his “relationship” with Cas or even worse get to play damsel in distress while Cas saves him by smiting the monsters. And I also like Sam/Dean together as they’re the basis on the show for me.
    And while I don’t hate Cas like you do (I actually like him paired with Meg or Crowley), I find the Dean/Cas scenes to be my least favourite ones.

    And IMO Destiel shippers will be upset no matter what unless they make it canon – which is very unlikely (Thank God). But they will probably bash Dean again for not being nice enough to Cas like they did for 7.21 or Sam for getting 10 min screen time (I can’t imagine what they’d do if Cas would work with Sam instead of Dean).

  • KS

    @Selen & @RS

    Come on guys! How come you are not sick of this pairing, relationship, bonding etc.

    If there is anything that is to be explored on Supernatural, that is nothing but, a good myth-arc. That is the only aspect of the that can be good in its 8th season. Why do you think I am saying this? Because, there is absolutely nothing to explore in Sam and Dean brotherly bond any more and Dean and Castiel is all manufactured non-sense especially made for fans. I guess, its time to push the reset button on Supernatural. More of myth arc, more of spooky monsters and more of action, less of this relationship and character crap. Every main character has been explored on the show in every possible way.

    We all requested for good brotherly bond in season 7. At the end of season 7, they neither gave us a good brotherly bond nor a good myth-arc.

    Moreover, its lead-in, Arrow is male-skewing. So, why not make this show, more male-skewing, by making it more action packed, horror, gory, because all the attempts to write a good emotional story arc are failing.

  • tia

    ks-i am also a dean fan-i loved deans character since season 1-i have hated what they have done to this once badass character. especially with the dean/cas crap. destiel showed up more than twice in the finale but i think that was sera saying screw you to the winchester brother fans. those of us who believe to this day that spn should be about the brothers not brothers and an angel. there is a ton of character development they can do with dean. they haven’t really given him an arc other than season 3-his going to hell arc. he has gone thru a lot the past few seasons and we haven’t really delved into his coping mechanisms. he should be in purgatory by himself-not with the angel. it would have put more anxiety into his predictament. he has his machete so i want to see him cut and slice for his life. not be rescued by the angel yet again. He needs to rediscover who he is and why he does what he does and then he needs to get out of purgatory and make a grand entrance with Baby-sera screwed us with that as well. meg driving her really??? shame on sera. i love spn so i will be watching no matter what unless the dean/cas thing becomes to heavy. cas should have died and stayed dead after season 5-maybe use him sparingly but not as a main character who is trying to be the 3rd brother. i resent that big time!

  • Temis

    ABC may have doomed Nashville with a DOA lead-in, but if Nashville survives, it could give Chicago Fire some real competition – both shows are targetting the heartland mainstream audience, both have cross-gender appeal.

  • tia

    i also believe that the majority of the spn fans do not want the dean/cas combo yet again-especially the destiel references we got alot of this year and last. the problem is the destiel shippers are very loud online so it tends to scew what many of the majority of the fans want. they monitor spn convos online and inadate them with love for cas and destiel. its always the same group of destiel shippers as well.

  • KS


    I am not a Dean fan in particular. I am a fan of Supernatural. I don’t enjoy character development anymore on the show. I don’t think, there is anything left for character development of any character. Dean has a ton of scope for character development – I don’t know how far this is true.

    I don’t understand why, fans don’t request for a good myth-arc. They always request for Sam, Dean, Castiel, Bobby or Sheriff. Why not a good myth-arc?

  • tia

    @ks-well because spn is supposed to be mainly about myth-arcs-its kinda supposed to be a given that we get a myth-arc each season. the problem is in seasons 6 and 7 myth-arcs kinda were thrown in -then thrown out with not much story. 6 had mother of all, 7 had leviathins but we know each of those arcs went absolutely no where and were only delt with for like 4 episodes each. that was sera’s doing. hopefully season 8 the myth arc will get its true story and hype that was/should be spn. metatron is out there, purgatory is out there. lets hope jeremy carver lets the arc develop and grow and come to a conclusion the whole season 8.

  • KS

    I am happy that there is at least some amount of back last on internet, for Supernatural not being show of Sam and Dean. I am sure there are many people out there, who would support this notion. I hope some fan in comic con really question the necessity of Castiel now in the show and then let the writers know there are fans who love real Supernatural not just one character.

  • tia

    yes i would like to see that at a con as well-question j2, or misha or one of the producers what is the purpose of having castiel still on the show?? i would love to here them answer that question. maybe we will get such a question,

  • KS


    Support this tumbler, if you are a huge fan of Brotherly love and missing it on the show, since the past 1 1/2 season.

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