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May 23rd, 2012

As the 2011-12 broadcast season comes to an end tonight it's fitting that Wednesday night is the last night of the 2012-13 schedule we'll take a peek at (the other nights are here).

Six new shows on Wednesdays (same as Tuesday night).  Three new comedies, and three new dramas.

ABC puts rookie sitcom The Neighbors in the post-Modern Family "We really don't want to cancel this show" timeslot followed by the new musical drama Nashville.

Fox has sophomore The X Factor scheduled for two hours, instead of 90 minutes, with no 30 min "sitcom launch" slot. Perhaps Britney and Demi need that extra half hour, it certainly didn't do the sitcoms any good.

CBS goes with exactly the same line up as Fall 2011.

NBC puts two rookies into their 8pm comedy block, Animal Practice and Guys With Kids. New drama Chicago Fire follows Law & Order:SVU, which moves back to 9pm in a slot that didn't treat it particularly well in the past.

The CW pairs rookie drama Arrow with the relocated from Friday veteran Supernatural.

Take a trip down memory lane with last season's 2011 Wednesday Fall schedule:

  • Dean_W

    My Watch List will be
    8:00PM – Arrow
    9:00PM – Supernatural
    10:00PM – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

    The new ‘Arrow’ seems to be really interresting (‘Ringer’ was too but it was quickly canceled). A new D.C Comics series is a great thing for The CW but people will compare it to ‘Smallville’ and it could be dangerous for the Show.
    Then, ‘Supernatural’ is still the best Show of The CW. This year I didn’t watch the entire Season of the Show because I wanted to watch what I thought the Final Season of ‘CSI: NY’.
    At 10:00 PM, I’ll watch the 13th Season of ‘CSI’ because there’s nothing else (‘Nashville’ and ‘Chicago Fire’ seem to be bad and I’m predicting they’ll be the victims of the cancelation Bear). New Characters D.B Russel and Julie Finlay are great and the Story still interresting. LONG LIFE ‘CSI’ !

  • Anthony

    Wednesday at 8 is going to be busy! Arrow, plus the ABC comedies and I am going to check out Animal Practice. The question is which one gets the online treatment? Probably Animal practice at this point.

  • Mi

    I’ll watch Arrow, SPN, and will check both Chicago Fire and Nashville on 10PM. Hope one of them sticks and interests me enough to keep watching..

  • Androme

    I’m really looking forward to CW’s Arrow.
    Fox definitely will win the night for 18-49.
    CBS will be fine (as usual); will win total viewers.
    NBC comedies are meh-will check out Chicago Fire.
    ABC’s Neighbors sounds bad; ABC’s Nashville OTHO sounds good, Will watch online.

  • Jeff (Canada)

    For me it’s 3.5 hours last year, and 3.5 hours this year.

    Last year:
    Modern Family
    Happy Endings
    Up All Night
    Free Agents

    This year:
    Modern Family
    Animal Practice

    The Neighbours will flop, and ABC will have to put something back there. Either Apt 23 or Happy Endings, I’m guessing. Or whichever of the 2 Friday sitcoms doesn’t flop (I’m betting Reba’s show flops).

  • Sam

    “The X Factor” will win the first few weeks, but then “Modern Family” will regain the lead. Also, halloween falls on a Wednesday this year so i expect all these shows, esp “The X-Factor” to crash by then.

  • bluejays

    I think Fox will win with X-Factor with Britney (sadly). Criminal Minds might be down a tad overall on this year.

    Chicago Fire actually looks really good and Dick Wolf has form of having hits on NBC but they’ve put SVU before it which is a death slot for that show so not sure how that will work out for them.

    CSI has one of the easiest slots on TV yet again (well until tomorrow when Elementary has an even easier one) as I’ll bet money on Nashville being a big old flop, some shows such as HFO and POI must wonder what they’ve done to get the hard slots, when others get slots like this.

    SPN will do good on this night as its fans will follow it and it might pick up some extra live viewers being on mid week.

  • Bunny

    The Neighbors looks awful..I wanted a family sitcom after modern family but not this…

  • Bunny

    “How to Live With Your Parents for the rest of Your Life” is a better fit in the 9:30 spot than the Neighbors..

    ABC’s President Paul Lee is from the UK so is this The Neighbors show just a type British humor that I just don’t get?

  • SarahL

    I definitely will be giving Chicago Fire a shot.

    Usually, I love superhero stuff, but I will be giving Arrow a huge miss.

    Supernatural, nothing has changed there, I will record and watch whenever I have nothing better to do.

  • Jared

    FOX will definitely win the night with the addition of Britney Spears on the X FACTOR..ill be watching!

  • OMG

    Hoping Nashville can do well. It looks good on the preview, and I heard someone said it tested best among all ABC pilots this year.

  • MiikeB

    Arrow + Supernatural seems like a winner for me. No point to not watch both. Considering that SPN is not sharing a time slot with Grimm anymore.
    I like the whole Urban Aragorn look in Arrow. It should be a good show.

  • TomSFBay

    “The Neighbors” looks awful. What a bizarre premise. So bizarre that I really can’t believe that ABC schedulers decided to give it the post MF slot. I think this is going to damage the survival odds for “Nashville”.

    Instead of dumping Tim Allen’s sitcom to Friday nights, maybe they should have tried it out in this slot. It seems to be more compatable with the Wednesday comedies. Better yet, they could have moved LMS to Wed at 8:30 and put Suburgatory at 9:30. I think that would have made for a much stronger lineup.

    But watch, I’ll end up being wrong and this show will become a big hit. That seems to happen everytime I judge a scheduling decision this harshly.

  • IwuvDean

    Way to much competition for SPN to pick up any casual viewers not to mention it’ll be on its 8th season!
    Wednesday nights are gonna be brutal.

    I really am worried about SPN.
    I knew people kept saying that SPN fans would follow the show wherever & whenever it goes, but still…

    You guys are aware that 4 of the Wed. shows ended up on the top 10 list concerning highest ratings of last season.

  • joel

    Animal Practice and The Neighbors will be the two biggest new sitcom hits of the Fall.

  • Ben

    @Joel I think Animal Practise will fail

  • Liz


    arrow can win that slot if the show is good.

    I will sell every possession I own and spend the rest of my life riding the rails like an old-timey hobo if Arrow wins its timeslot.

  • Ashley

    I think Arrow has a terrific shot at being a hit vs. the competition in that slot. SPN has a MUCH harder time, I think, so if it just stays as solid as this year and don’t drop too much, I’ll be happy

  • hammard

    And most of these shows were airing in the spring when One Tree Hill had its final season and that was the biggest show on the CW not to air on Thursday nights.

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