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May 23rd, 2012

As the 2011-12 broadcast season comes to an end tonight it's fitting that Wednesday night is the last night of the 2012-13 schedule we'll take a peek at (the other nights are here).

Six new shows on Wednesdays (same as Tuesday night).  Three new comedies, and three new dramas.

ABC puts rookie sitcom The Neighbors in the post-Modern Family "We really don't want to cancel this show" timeslot followed by the new musical drama Nashville.

Fox has sophomore The X Factor scheduled for two hours, instead of 90 minutes, with no 30 min "sitcom launch" slot. Perhaps Britney and Demi need that extra half hour, it certainly didn't do the sitcoms any good.

CBS goes with exactly the same line up as Fall 2011.

NBC puts two rookies into their 8pm comedy block, Animal Practice and Guys With Kids. New drama Chicago Fire follows Law & Order:SVU, which moves back to 9pm in a slot that didn't treat it particularly well in the past.

The CW pairs rookie drama Arrow with the relocated from Friday veteran Supernatural.

Take a trip down memory lane with last season's 2011 Wednesday Fall schedule:

  • David C

    Well . . . I will give Arrow “a shot” but other than that there is nothing else I’ll be watching.

  • psychic

    Ugh. X-Factor for two HOURS?

  • Ashley


    Wasn’t OTH in the 8pm slot? Because that has WAY less competition than the 9pm slot

  • Holly


    I will sell every possession I own and spend the rest of my life riding the rails like an old-timey hobo if Arrow wins its timeslot.

    And suddenly, I’m hoping against all odds that it manages to win ;)

  • P&B

    will watch, Survivor, Criminal Minds and Chicago Fire.

  • Josh

    Yes but on Thursday’s Supernatural had to deal with AI, Office, Grey Anatomy,CSI and then Fringe popped in.

    You notice no other show has retain that Thursday spot after SPN left.
    Beauty and the Beast won’t last there either.

    My guest Supernatural will give out more 8s maybe a 9 when it returns.

  • Ben

    I’m just wondering what type of ratings do people think Arrow will get?

  • Ryan

    Oh no :( was really hoping for Arrow and Supernatural to do well, but it’s in a really competitive time slot. Still think they will both get renenwed, but just not with the ratings i’d hoped for.

  • Ben

    @Josh I hope your right. 8s and 9s will be great and it is normally quite consistent throughout the season

  • hammard

    @Ashley True but the 4 out of ten shows was for the whole night.

    And on the 9pm slot, ANTM didn’t crash and burn until Spring. It was averaging a 0.85 in the fall, which was the highest non-thursday performer.

  • IwuvDean


    I think @Ashley’s right. OTH last season aired at 8.

  • Josh

    Begin stuck on Friday fighting Grimm and Fringe for the same demo was not fun either.
    A decent stable rating is all you can hope for with a 8 year show.

  • joel



  • Joel

    Arrow is up against MOSTLY female skewing shows, it has a very good chance to be a success i hope for the cw’s sake it will be!

  • Bob

    I will be watching Survivor, Criminal minds and Chicago Fire. I will either DVR or on demand X-Factor, The Middle and Modern Family. That is all I will watch on Wednesday.

  • IwuvDean

    I know we had worse. But that was before. I believe that was when Eric Kripke was still in charge.
    Now i just don’t know…
    I personally like all the shows on Wednesday, but I’ll definately watch SPN live if I could!

  • Bob

    I wish Chigago Fire would be a CBS show so it had a fighting chance. NBC is so awful and the show has such a poor lead that I am afraid to even start watching it even though I want to because I think it might bomb against CSI on CBS which has done very well.

  • Holly

    CBS is staying the same on Wednesday and aside from the general year-to-year drops, I expect the ratings to stay about the same. There’s not enough change in competition to bother any of them.

    ABC putting Neighbors after Modern Family is odd, but maybe it’s better than the clips looked? Modern Family will continue to be the only high-rated show of the night with the other comedies getting around 2 points lower. Revenge did quite well in the 10pm hour this year, but I don’t have high hopes for Nashville. I think it will get ratings closer to Connie Britton’s last show than Hayden P’s last show.

    As much as FOX is hoping the addition of Britney and Demi will boost X-Factor, I think any boost will be short lived unless Britney goes to full-on train wreck.

    NBC’s Wednesday comedy hour did better than expected last season (not saying much, but still…). I think it can stay at least in the upper 1s this season. SVU going against Criminal Minds won’t do its ratings any favors, but that does give Chicago Fire its best chance.

  • Terry

    ABC Wednesdays will be busy again in the Fall. The line up is great with the exception of The Neighbors; come on ABC, The Neigbors? Really? Has any network in the past scrapped a pilot after receiving such poor reception and filmed a new pilot in time for the Fall season?

    CBS will drop in the ratings as both Survivor and CSI suffered fatigue and will continue to bleed viewers. Criminal Minds will hold its own against Modern Family and Britney.

    Britney will be a big draw for young viewers initially but unless she is outspoken and confident as a judge, viewers will disappear.

    Too bad, NBC can’t schedule The Voice every night. 2 freshmen comedies against established shows will probably tank but they might be quirky enough to draw in viewers. If you thought SVU has poor ratings last season, wait til September. It probably will average 1.5 against such tough competition. So SVU won’t give Chicago Fire much of a lead-in, but Chicago Fire still has the potential to do well against another new drama and a tired procedural.

    Supernatural is the only show on CW that I watch, albeit online, but I hope its loyal fans follow it from Fridays. ARROW is DOA. The only good thing about Supernatural moving from Fridays is that Grimm and Fringe will probably rise in the ratings.

  • Ram510

    I’ll be watching The Middle and Modern Family for sure.

    That leaves the 830 time open so ill probably check out Guys with Kids. I really want to watch Arrow so if Guys with Kids is a bust then I’ll watch the last half hour live. Lucky for my the CW isn’t starting til October.

    I want to watch Chicago Fire but if it interferes with American Horror Story or Psych I won’t have the time for it til their runs are over.

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