'Fringe' Sold Into Off Net Syndication On Science

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May 23rd, 2012

Fringe has been sold into non-exclusive off-network syndication on Science, a cable network owned by Discovery Communications. Being non-exclusive means Fringe may also be sold elsewhere, and the chatter is circling the usual suspects of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

Those who doubted whether Warner Brothers slashing their license fee to get another 13 episode fifth season would pay off may wish to rethink that reasoning. Or double down with it and go extra crazy in our comments.

Fire away.

  • Lane

    Good for fringe.. But it’s not like it’s on A&E or USA it’s Science. A channel I have never heard of

  • Justin121

    Congrats to the fans

    ESPECIALLY @fringewillget5seasons LOL

  • David

    Why would anyone care? It has a last season so I do not care if they ever show it again after that because others can catch it on DVD or other routes that it will mostly likely end up in.

  • Masterbreel

    Science channel? Seriously, it better be non exclusive because this cannot be a big return on investment!

  • HotLatino4GayMarriage


    Read the first sentence:

    Fringe has been sold into non-exclusive off-network syndication on Science.

    Seriously! Anyway, go FRINGE!

  • Herb Fine

    Didn’t science pick up FIREFLY awhile back?

    It’s almost as if they are trying to be the OLD Scifi channel!

  • Anthony M

    The haters are always proved wrong, these people on this forum seem to like when a show is not a Nielsen favorite even though critics love the show. And also it is quite easy to see it is downloaded and dvr’d way more then people who own Nielsen boxes would like you to believe. I mean those are the same people who make Jersey Shore and Kim Kardashian into big stars. And you drones applaud them ROTFLMFAO. Good job!!

  • were123

    Ha! I knew Fringe would be sold! Besides it’s not exclusive, so I expect Syfy to buy it as well. WB will make so much profits that it will justify season 5, even when people said that it made no sense whatsoever :D

  • Dan S

    I checked my program guide & I even get Science in HD. It looks like a lot of documentaries on this channel but hopefully Fringe fans will find Science in there cable lineup

  • kyle

    Well TeenNick and IFC also had Undeclared and Freaks And Geeks both 1 season long. I assume they were a Judd Apatow Combo Pack

  • Mr Mumble

    Freaks and Geeks is probably the best one season series ever, yes, better than Firefly! Its not as if there is demand for the likes of Perfect Couples (is there?) !

  • Chris

    Speaking as a Fringe fan, I don’t see how this deal makes up for all the money they lost on this show. And there’s no guarantee Science will keep it around a long time–if the ratings don’t happen, they certainly won’t.

    But hey–Fringe is syndicated, and CHUCK IS NOT. Fringe gets more episodes than Chuck, and gets syndicated before Chuck. Fringe PWNS Chuck. HAH!


  • OldDarth

    Chuck’s lack of a syndication deal is strange indeed.

  • Carigis

    @iknowgoodshows. I read somewhere it was low six figures per episode.

  • cortexifan

    Fringe is in syndication which means the cast will get their pay-off for their hard work every week. Good for them and I’m glad. Hardest working cast ever. I don’t get the science channel but will look into it. Since it’s non-exclusive I hope other channels will pick them up as well and/or streaming service.
    Good job, can’t wait for S5!

  • tvfreak

    Now, when does Science start showing the reruns? I hope they start soon; I want to see S4 before the DVD comes out in the fall.

  • Chris

    @OldDarth–not nearly so strange as NBC renewing Chuck four times, when they shouldn’t have picked up that crap to begin with. At least Fringe got good ratings in its first season. :D

  • John Berggren

    As it is non exclusive, I don’t understand the obnoxious comments.
    As they have a final season, I’m happy no matter what. I do hope more people get to sample this show on Netflix or in Syndication because anyone who didn’t watch was really missing out.

  • Fake Me Out

    Maybe they will pair it with reruns of John Noble’s (aka Walter Bishop) Dark Matters: Twisted But True that ran for 6 episodes on Science. I actually enjoyed DMTBT and hope it comes back for a second+ season … and if using Fringe helps promo the show/channel then I’m all for it.


  • Dennis

    It’s bound to be sold to netflix aswell…

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