'Fringe' Sold Into Off Net Syndication On Science

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May 23rd, 2012

Fringe has been sold into non-exclusive off-network syndication on Science, a cable network owned by Discovery Communications. Being non-exclusive means Fringe may also be sold elsewhere, and the chatter is circling the usual suspects of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon.

Those who doubted whether Warner Brothers slashing their license fee to get another 13 episode fifth season would pay off may wish to rethink that reasoning. Or double down with it and go extra crazy in our comments.

Fire away.

  • SpyTV

    Interesting that non-Fringe fans a) have never heard of the Science channel and b) aren’t embarrassed to admit they’ve never heard of it (and to be clear, they should be!) :).

  • Tony

    Haters gona hate….

    But seriously, the Science channel…. That is like the PERFECT channel for Fringe

  • Nadine Harris

    Considering how long Fox stuck with this disappointing show out of some sort of arcane strategy involving the very insular fantasy/scifi niche, I think the kooky fans of this genre should probably dial down their outrage at how badly their shows on treated by this channel and others for a while.

  • Nadine Harris

    SpyTV, you’re a pretty fair example of why this sort of show gets so few fans.

  • Data

    Season six, here we come.

  • Observer

    Is Fringe a show that you can just tune into with any random episode? I don’t get how this is going to be very successful in syndication.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    It may have been smart for Warner Brothers to slash its fee, but it was absolutely STUPID for Fox to go along with it – even it they got the show for NOTHING. Even at minimum ad rates, Fox HAS to regret doing this once Fringe does sub-Dollhouse numbers in the fall. You can’t tell me Fox couldn’t have put something else in that slot that would make them more money even if WB gave away Fringe for nothing.

    It’s just bad management on Fox’s part.

    And the Science Channel is hardly going to pay WB a ton of money for Fringe, as well. So if I were the WB I wouldn’t gloat…not until they sell Fringe into REAL syndication for REAL money.

    In the end, I doubt WB will make enough money back from Fringe to justify the price cuts to Fox. But of course we’ll probably never know.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Observer: The first season you pretty much could tune in to any episode and get it. Season two was more or less half and half. Seasons three and four also had some more or less stand-alone episodes, but at that point you’d be lost as a new viewer.

    It’s really a pretty serial show after season one and part of season two.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Data: And as I said, here are the deluded Fringe fans claiming there will be a season six, just as I predicted. And since there was no logical reason to give the show a season five, there is no logical argument one can make that it WON’T get a season six – other than that Fox is highly likely to come to their senses at some point…

  • were123

    Serioysly, Fringe is already renewed and may be sold to many channels, but why do you care if FOX loses money? Really, tell me… is that so bad? They gave Fringe the final season they deserved, CASE CLOSED! And nothing you say is going to change that, so I suggest you to go along with it and start typing “I think that x show is going to get cancelled” instead of saying “x show is doomed”. You called certain cancellation for Fringe, Nikita and Body of Proof and all those shows got renewed :D ! Accept it, you lost, now stop bitching about it and be happy that they are all coming back one more year at the very least ^_^

  • were123

    One more thing: Even if Science doesn’t pay a lot of money for Fringe, it is a no exclussive syndication deal, it could still be sold to some other channels, netflix, hulu, amazon, etc… so WB is making a smart move, making even more money than selling it to just one channel. So WB has now just justified season 5.
    As for FOX, a Fringe episode cost around 3.2 million dollars, is the licence fee is cut to say, 30%, FOX only pays 0.96 million dollars for the show, and Fringe makes around 2.4 million per episode, thus a final 5th season has profit. What FOX is doing is making sure that they will have earned some money on the final season before ratings could go down further, therefore they make gains in the final season and while finding a show that can get even higher ratings than Fringe. And that’s how you make some money ;)

  • Petar

    Well this “Science” channel is part of Discovery channels which at least in europe are most educated channels and are very well known and people watch it! But in eirope education is in cult and people give crazy money to educate their children and may that is the reason why Discovery channels works so well. I think if most of the people are well educated will stop wathed this relity trash shows and start watch much more smart shows.

    ps WB will take at least twice from deal with Netflix, Hulu or Amazon. So for 101 ep if Science pay 150-200 00 per ep and Amazom 250-300 per ep both will be around 400-500 per ep. for 101 ep this is around 50 millions $! Not bad…..not bad at all.

  • MNP

    I am all in with poster Kyle Tanner!

    They’ve sold it off, they don’t need it anymore! Double down with a side of crazy sauce!

  • One

    Given that they utilize John Noble’s visage in their advertisements, it’s not surprising in the least that Science Channel picked Fringe up.

  • jamandas

    Hoping it comes to Netflix would love to re-watch Fringe from the beginning.

  • pete5125

    Basically, looks like the “Til Death” move sell it to as many channels as possible, by not getting an exclusive deal then they can sell it to WGN,ION, local etc…

    I have to agree Fox keeping it around vs. giving one of their shows like “Lie To Me” 2 more seasons, doesn’t make sense, oh well Fox cancelled Lyrics/smarter than a 5th Grader 3 years ago and still have not found cheaper/better rated shows.

    Also I will be very surprised if CHuck hasn’t already got a pick-up, if not TNT will air it in the next season or so, ever WB Drama gets at least tried out, and they need something else to add to the noon time mix since Smallvile didnt work

  • SpenB

    You guys are overlooking the most important news here.

    From Variety:

    “Discovery confirmed that the off-network deal was completed Wednesday. Pact is non-exclusive, which will allow Warner Bros.’ syndie arm to bring in a second buyer in the subscription VOD window.

    “That’s a category where Netflix and Hulu Plus have emerged as eager buyers, but they may be upstaged in this instance by Amazon, which sources say has been aggressively courting the property in a bid to finally break into the off-net marketplace where they’ve been quiet to date.”

    It sounds like there’s a bidding war going on between Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu. If Amazon is willing to pay a lot for VOD rights, this might explain why Warner Brothers (reportedly) wanted a 22-episode Season 5.

    Also, how have so many of you not heard of the Science Channel? It’s basic digital cable (110 Comcast, 111 TWC, 122 FiOS).

  • SpyTV

    @Nadine Harris

    I like Fringe, but I’m not a huge fan, and I’m fine with it ending. My comment had more to do with having some pride in being scientifically literate, and knowing that a science channel exists would at least be a start.

  • Julie

    I get Discovery Science here in Canada…in HD even…assuming it’s the same channel (we of course have the mandatory ‘Canadian content’ added). Among recycled regular Discovery shows, they like to air things like Meteorite Men and Swamp Loggers(??!!). But I’ve never known them to air actual fictional series….

  • Sports Preemption

    @ Bitey

    Yoooo, Punkin Chunkin be that ish. Totally got into that competition the last time Science showed it. Quality programming right there.

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