'The L.A. Complex' Season 2 To Air On The CW Beginning In July

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May 23rd, 2012

Andra Fuller an actor on The L.A. Complex reported today via Facebook that the 13 episodes of season 2 of the show, will air on The CW beginning in July. The CW has yet to confirm the news, but I don't see any reason to doubt it.

A summer airing of the show in the US is the best that could have been expected. Its US ratings during the past season were woeful, even for the CW, and we knew it would never see US air during the regular broadcast season again.

 5/24 update: The CW has responded and declined to confirm the report, and notes that the show is currently not scheduled on their network.

6/6 Update: The CW will broadcast the first seven episodes of season 2 beginning on July 17.

  • Michael

    Secret Circle fans are so angry about this lol!

  • Martin

    No matter what the ratings, within reason, i think it is a good idea to air it during summer (it was never going to air anywhere else) because at least the network isn’t saying lights are off during summer and it can go along with the rest of their shows, which realistically probably won’t even average over a million but, no matter how bad the ratings for all the summer shows are, at least it reminds people during the summer that the CW is still there, so good idea.

  • Martin

    just doing the math, will the CW premiere it earlier than Canada because if not it would cut into when their new and returning shows are supposed to premiere in early October.

  • Mumbo

    CW wants more originals airing during the year and this show costs them mere peanuts so just go for it. It’s that or reruns so who cares.

  • Kelly

    @ Martin

    I was thinking the same thing. Either they have to premiere LAC earlier or start the fall shows in mid- to late October.

  • DTravel

    Well, me and the other two Americans watching are glad to see more Jewel Staite. :P

  • Jaycee

    @ Martin

    If the show premiered at the same time as Canada, July 24th, the 13 episodes would wrap up on October 9th, which I think can work.

  • Kelly

    actually @ Jaycee it will end on the 16th.

  • Martin

    Maybe it will work but not sure, will have to wait for CW premiere date to be sure.

    Does anyone know what the average ratings for MuchMusic in Canada, the network that airs the show, are.

    I know the show ended with ratings of 22,000 viewers and got renewed so wondering how low ratings that network has.

  • Justin121

    So much for “cancelled in the U.S.” :D

  • Masterbreel

    Yeah cheap sure, but given that the episodes are already produced this is more like extra money, so producers are just happy with every cent they are gaining from this.

  • KirbbDogg

    It they keep it as a summer show. then ok

  • dennis

    maybe they will show new episodes, since this episode that is airing are “repeats”

  • Blue Jame

    LA Complex is a really good series, people sleep on this show.

  • SarahL

    TheCW keeps advertising The L.A. Complex as a “hit” series so it is sticking with it. TheCW has got to be in dire straits with its programming. I saw an article covering the upfronts which noted that TheCW had lost something like 15% of its audience last season.

  • Paul

    Wasn’t there an article that said that the CW would start their season later than usual in mid October? In that case they could start their regular prograaming after LA Complex ends.

  • SmG

    So “it will live both in Canada and US” then :)

  • Chris L

    “LA Complex is a really good series, people sleep on this show.”

    Sounds enthralling, although in full disclosure I *would* watch Jewel Staite sleep.

  • John K.

    They need to simulcast this show, though. If it airs even a day early in Canada, the true hard fans will find it online.

  • Melanie

    I only saw the first episode which was a repeat, but honestly forgot about it the other times because I was watching something else. I may have to check it out more this summer. I think it premiered at a very strange time of the year anyways, so maybe summer airings may give it a boost.

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