'The L.A. Complex' Season 2 To Air On The CW Beginning In July

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May 23rd, 2012

Andra Fuller an actor on The L.A. Complex reported today via Facebook that the 13 episodes of season 2 of the show, will air on The CW beginning in July. The CW has yet to confirm the news, but I don't see any reason to doubt it.

A summer airing of the show in the US is the best that could have been expected. Its US ratings during the past season were woeful, even for the CW, and we knew it would never see US air during the regular broadcast season again.

 5/24 update: The CW has responded and declined to confirm the report, and notes that the show is currently not scheduled on their network.

6/6 Update: The CW will broadcast the first seven episodes of season 2 beginning on July 17.

  • RyanCanada

    love it :)

  • Marcus

    They called The Secret Cirle a hit series too.

  • CrazedNovelist

    I really like L.A. Complex! I’m excited for the next season. The season finale is next Tuesday!!

  • David

    I wonder if it’ll get to 0.0 demo soon… But congrats to the CW, great move there!

  • Tom

    It will do better than repeats, the US rights sold for next to nothing, and with the CW’s delayed start date, they will have time to air them all (well, maybe one or two double episode nights).

    Everybody wins.

  • Lamont C.

    @ John K.

    I totally agree. I watched the first 6 episodes online, way before the show even aired on the CW, and that is probably part of the reason the show is getting such terrible ratings.

  • Tom

    Jewel Staite is the only real talent on this show. I just hope that appearing in this turkey won’t damage her rep. I couldn’t get past the third episode.

  • david

    I am happy to know the CW will be showing season two. I have liked watching season one. That would make since to show it in July because then they can show it all before the fall October premeeres of there new shows. Good to see they are having more summer programing instead of repeats like before.

  • Tommy

    Airing in the summer without “New Girl” and “Dancing w/ the Stars” as competition and not after everyone interested in the show has already “discovered it” I think could add .1 or .2 to the demo. I’m not crazy and thinking the show will jump to .5 or .6, but I think a .4 is probable in the summer and that’s a much cheaper .4 than “Nikita” ever will be.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    If the first season only had 6 episodes, I’d call it semantics – or spin – to call an additional 13 episodes “season two”. It’s more like a “back nine”…

    But of course the CW has to spin it as “season two” to make the horrible ratings for “season one” look better. :-)

    Jewel just can’t catch a break on a series… I suppose people will call it the “Firefly curse” – before that stupid idea morphed into the “Summer Glau curse” once Nathan and Adam broke it by being on series that went four seasons or more.

    Speaking of which, Summer’s show “Scent of the Missing” still hasn’t been picked up by TNT. According to Tricia Helfer, the star of the show, they won’t know until end of June whether it will air.

  • disney rocks

    When does that musical chairs show premiere?

  • JJA

    Who knows, maybe the summer ratings will go up.

    There were only SIX episodes. It won’t be too hard for the CW to show them again, so maybe new fans will start watching. They can do a special marathon type event over three nights.

  • ToXiX

    I respect CW SOOOOO much now for airing the next batch of episodes, The LA Complex is the best thing I’ve seen on CW in a long time, As soon as I found out Stephen Stohn had something to do with it, I knew Id love it.

  • tommy

    @Disney Rocks,

    I think they are waiting to see which of there other reality shows (The Catalina or Breaking Pointe) crash and burn the hardest before making an airdate decision for “Oh, Sit!” because they only ordered 6 episodes of it and if I’m not mistaken the other 2 got 10 episodes.

  • Observer

    As soon as I found out Martin Gero had something to do with it, I knew I’d hate it.

  • GARY

    Where is Veronica Mars and her 2.4 ratings when you need her?

  • Julian

    Jewel Staite is the only real talent on this show. I just hope that appearing in this turkey won’t damage her rep.

    This! Her character is the only watchable aspect of this show.

  • Alicia


    Can you help us out with the Season 2 situation? My understanding is that networks now divide their shows into all sorts of bizarre numbers, but I don’t know why. ABC’s “Scandal” had a 6 or 7 episode “first” season so any number is possible. The fifth and final season of “Breaking Bad” will air in two separate batches starting in 2012 then taking a break and finishing in 2013. Still, they call it a fifth season. Oh, wait…it’s “L.A. Complex?” Nobody cares. Never mind.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    GARY: “Where is Veronica Mars and her 2.4 ratings when you need her?”

    Heh, heh. I said Fox would miss Human Target, which ended its run with 2.6 18-49, and now they have renewed Fringe which does .9-1.0 and will do even lower in the fall…

    Fox should have put RERUNS of Human Target in on Fridays for the fall! :-)

  • John A

    Fringe has awful ratings sure but no way does FOX miss Human Target. HT also had mid 1.s on a weekday. And that 2.6 was because idol aired before it.

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