'The L.A. Complex' Season 2 To Air On The CW Beginning In July

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May 23rd, 2012

Andra Fuller an actor on The L.A. Complex reported today via Facebook that the 13 episodes of season 2 of the show, will air on The CW beginning in July. The CW has yet to confirm the news, but I don't see any reason to doubt it.

A summer airing of the show in the US is the best that could have been expected. Its US ratings during the past season were woeful, even for the CW, and we knew it would never see US air during the regular broadcast season again.

 5/24 update: The CW has responded and declined to confirm the report, and notes that the show is currently not scheduled on their network.

6/6 Update: The CW will broadcast the first seven episodes of season 2 beginning on July 17.

  • Jason

    This is good, I REALLY like this show. It’s actually better than anything else on The CW imo

  • tw

    Melrose Place III. Total waste of an hour.

  • Derrick

    Love the show but ratings are not doing good. But happy for season 2 if it’s really true!

  • Jay

    @Travis &@Jaycee Season 2 is really Season 1 Episode 7. They just call it Season 2 for filming purposes. And to those who haven’t seen the show it’s pretty awesome. Also @Travis the 6 episodes were originally just a premiere of what is to come. Think of them as a prologue to a book. So I recommend that some of you give this show a chance. :)

  • Rachal

    I really like this show. I stumbled on it the first night, and I have DVR’d every episode since. It is better then the ratings show. It is hard for shows that premiere so late in spring. They had to compete with all the fall show’s season finales and it is soap opera-ish in style, so each episodes leads to the next one. It seems like it was doomed because it its premiere date.

  • KG

    Thought I would give this show a try and became hooked after the second episode! Really like this show and really glad that it is coming back!!

    All the American HATERS out there calm down and stop hating on it just because it is a Canadian show. Like come on, you cant let one Canadian show in? Seriously! Who cares what country it was made in as long as it is a good show!

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