Tuesday Final Ratings: 'American Idol', 'DWTS', 'AGT' Adjusted Up, 'Glee' Adjusted Down

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May 23rd, 2012


American Idol's performance finale adjusted up two tenths, America's got Talent and Dancing With the Stars were each adjusted up a tenth and the Glee finale was adjusted down a tenth among adults 18-49 versus Tuesday's preliminary ratings.

Broadcast primetime final ratings for Tuesday:

Time Net Show 18-49 Rating 18-49 Share Viewers Live+SD (million)
8:00PM FOX American Idol 4.4 14 14.850
NBC America's Got Talent -R 1.7 5 5.240
ABC Dancing With the Stars -R 1.3 4 8.830
CBS NCIS: Los Angeles -R 1.2 4 7.510
CW Hart of Dixie -R 0.2 1 0.730
9:00PM NBC America's Got Talent 3.3 9 9.440
ABC Dancing With the Stars: Results (9-11) 3.3 9 17.750
FOX Glee 2.9 8 7.460
CBS NCIS -R 1.6 4 9.170
CW The LA Complex 0.2 1 0.450
10:00PM CBS NCIS -R 1.8 5 9.340
NBC Dateline NBC 1.6 4 4.980

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  • marsinvestigations1

    It’s called SATIRE. That’s like complaining that Wayne’s World is unrealistic. It’s live-action animation. It’s not meant to be taken seriously.

    Those who think the show will be canceled after 4 years are delusional. FOX is all about branding and having 88 episodes of a scripted megahit (3.0 18-49 on FOX is still damn good. Sorry, it’s true.) to sell into syndication is less lucrative than having 100+ episodes to sell. For that alone it would get a season 5 renewal. Beyond that the show is a cash cow in off-net merchandising, music sales, etc. FOX’s slate is relatively weak at the moment with hourlong dramas. Glee will be around at least 2 more years.

    Also, the comments about shows not lasting 10 years anymore, etc. This was always a rare thing. I doubt that statistically shows nowadays have any different lifespan than in decades before. Hell, shows are often allowed to last WAY past their prime (ratings wise) now with the possibility of syndication and other sources of revenue. Shows like Chuck and Fringe would NEVER have made it to 5 years in 1990… that’s for sure. Too bad Veronica Mars couldn’t ride that train to syndication-ville… ;( It was offed just a few years before CW’s new model was designed. The “Oh no, our ENTIRE line-up is crashing and it’s now been multiple years without a legit possibility of turnaround… how do we make this economically viable…?” model.

    The way things work now the networks seem overly kind to veteran shows (allowing them advance notice to wrap up the series, etc). Up until the last decade shows usually just got dumped in MAY with little warning.

  • Rob R

    All the GLEE haters are out in force! The finale was fantastic and immensely satisfying. Can’t wait for Season 4. GLEE will continue to be a linchpin of FOX’s scripted programming for at least two more years.

  • taylor

    Ok, So I have Charter tv now, it The CW has suddenly been replaced with My Network TV! What on earth? Can someone please tell me what’s going on?

  • Loni

    Glee’s ratings, when put in context, are dangerously low. First, it was 3rd in it’s time slot even after getting a lead-in from American Idol. Second, it was the big season finale, where most of the lead cast graduates, and nobody even cared to tune back in to see them leave. Fourth, the “Graduation Album” charted 2/3 lower on Billboard than previous musical offerings. How did Glee get old so fast? This time LAST year, I struggled to get concert tickets and had to pay top dollar just to see them perform live.

    I am a die-hard GLEEK and would love to see it last for years. But anything short of a miracle is going to make next year it’s last. I just hope it makes it a whole year without getting yanked.

  • Paul M

    AGT did better then I thot it would considering it was against the last hour of AI and the first hour of DWTS and American Idol is really faltering with only 14.4 million viewers?? Wow. Always wondered who would win between AI vs DWTS. Split with AI winning 18-49 and DWTS with total viewers.

  • Joseph

    Reality check regarding Glee and 2012 / 2013 ,
    It gets a really nice lead in via The X FACTOR , plus it airs at 9:00pm vs 8:00pm , both of these factors should help the show next year ,
    Not to say that the scripts need to be sharper , BUT at least if it fails they can not blame it over the schedule.

  • Rolls Royce

    ABC will surpass FOX next year. Thank god Fox has the Super Bowl next year, otherwise it would become the next NBC. CBS will barely hang on to No. 1 next year. Nbc will be better, but will battle FOX for 3rd and 4th place. CW network will also rise, but not by much.

  • MoHasanie

    @Rolls Royce

    CBS has the Super Bowl next year, not Fox.
    And anyways, Fox will still be ahead of ABC next year.
    The fight between NBC and ABC for third place next year should be interesting though, since The Voice is both in the fall and spring, so that will help NBC and ABC is like to be weaker next year.

  • charmedcraft

    CW needs to stop advertising L.A. Complex as “New HIT Series”; it’s clearly not a hit.

  • Johnny

    The Glee finale was subpar at best. Makes me sad.

  • PMR

    Damn there is some Glee haters (and Soaps while I’m thinking about it). Season 3 wasn’t the best for Glee but there were some great episodes. I am intrigued as to how they will do 2 shows in 1 next year. Still love the show. Sorry haters

  • Jay Gee

    So obviously AI went down from last year, but all those AI haters were saying the Voice was the next big thing early on in the season, what happened to them?

  • Networkman

    Glee will be fine in the Fall. If it is able to garner a 2.9 during Spring while facing two big reality shows in DWTS and AGT, I think it can at least garner 3.0-3.4 in the fall Facing an aging Grey’s Anatomy and soon to be cancelled The Office.

    I can see the network trying to squeeze out at least 6 seasons of Glee. That would equal the amount of seasons FAME was able to complete. It’ll probably be a long time before we see another show like this so the network might as well capitalize on it for as long as they can.

  • Mumbo

    I don’t think a 2.9 is all *that* bad for Glee. American Idol finales used to do a hell of a lot more than 4.4.

  • Justin121


    FOX will be #1 thanks to the Super Bowl only, no?

    Because, with most of their shows diving to below 2.0, and Idol sinking, they’re really close to being the next NBC so I think even the SB may not be enough to get them to #1.

    Of course, not programming 10pm will always keep their average from being dragged down.

  • Babygate

    I’m a Gleek. Have been ever since I discovered the show. I was drawn to the music and the dancing. I never expected it to be Shakespeare because it’s obviously targeted to a younger and less sophisticated audience. But this finale for me was horrible. S4 is shaping up to be ‘The Rachel Berry Show’ and though she has a great voice, Lea Michele is not the primary driver on the show. Neither are her many, many showtunes. And now she’s off to Broadway where she will be singing even more showtunes. The younger demo doesn’t relate to that. Overall, the writing has become sloppy, unfocused and senseless. Like Brittany saying she had a 0.0 GPA as an excuse for not graduating. Made me wonder who comes up with this stuff. Next season it will be up against Grey’s and I for one will be watching that live. I may or may not catch Glee online. The final made me lose complete interest. It just felt disjointed to me. And btw, Grey’s may be 8 seasons old but it is still ABC’s #1 drama in the demo and #2 from all of its scripted programming after Modern Family. It beat Person of Interest in finale week 4.1 to 2.5. Glee, on the other hand, has spent already much time in the low 2’s. So I wouldn’t downplay the fact that Glee will have to face Grey’s in the fall. Even with an AI or X Factor lead in. I mean, Tuesday’s Glee finale benefited only marginally from AI. Still, I think Glee is Fox’s #1 drama for now so I don’t see it going away too hastily and it is a cash cow in other aspects.

  • Babygate


    Fox is far from being the next NBC. American Idol puts it above every other network, including CBS.

  • Justin121


    Idol gets comparable ratings to The Voice and the rest of their line-up is struggling to stay above 2.0

    10pm is the only real difference that is making NBC look worse.

  • Babygate


    The Voice is at best around .6 (tenths of a point) below American Idol in the demo. Often a full point below. The Voice is still a top ten program but not in the same range as Idol. Just in case, below is a link for an article reporting Fox as the #1 in the demo for the 2011-2012 season. NBC comes in 3rd. Even though Fox has several programs that perform in the 2.0 – 2.9 range (Bones, New Girl which started @ 4.0, Glee, The Simpsons, House) AI is the only consistent top 10 program that FOX has so it does make a difference.


  • nikki

    Heart of dixies repeat only got a 0.2 lol that’s bad. The secret circle repeats were pulling 0>5 when they pulled them to replace with supernatural repeats. Yet heart gets a new season and the secret circle was cancelled. That’s pathetic. Dixie will crash next season. Cw sucks so bad.

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