VH1's 'Basketball Wives' Suit Up For Season Four Finale and Reunion Special

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May 23rd, 2012

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Season Four Finale Premieres Monday, May 28th at 8pm*

Two-Part Reunion Special Premieres Monday, June 4th & Monday, June 11th at 8pm*

Santa Monica, CA - May 23, 2012- The ladies of "Basketball Wives" returned for a fourth season by adding two new Basketball Wives to their circle, Kenya and Kesha, and experiencing the most drama yet. In the finale, the group leaves Miami and takes a trip to Tahiti where things get even hotter. This season was full of new friendships, new conflicts and new territory. Jennifer and Evelyn's recent feud was fully explored while Kenya and Kesha worked on finding a place in this long-standing circle of friends.

The finale trip to Tahiti is far from the relaxing vacation they had all hoped for as Evelyn is determined to put everything on the table with Jennifer. With their ten-year friendship on the line will the ladies make amends or remain enemies? Viewers will see Tami's problems with Kesha come to a boiling point, as well as how this season has affected Shaunie's perception of her group of friends as she seeks help from a higher power to get through it all. Watch as the drama unfolds on Monday, May 28th at 8 PM*.

Then catch up to see what the ladies have been up to since the cameras stopped rolling as the cast reunites for the two-part "Basketball Wives Reunion Special" airing Monday June 4th and Monday June 11th at 8PM.* Shaunie opens the show by commenting on this season's criticism and recommits to showing a more balanced picture of the ladies' lives. Check it out here: http://blog.vh1.com/2012-05-12/dispatch-from-the-basketball-wives-reunion-shaunie-oneal-addresses-this-seasons-controversies-and-promises-a-more-balanced-show/.

Questions are answered: Can Evelyn and Jennifer finally reconcile their differences? Will Tami apologize to Kesha for her behavior in Tahiti? Can these ladies be honest with one another and remain friends? Tune in to get all the answers in the most emotional reunion show in Basketball Wives' history.

For full episodes and extra scenes from "Basketball Wives" users can visit BasketballWives.VH1.com or can access content from the season through VH1 Mobile by typing in VH1.com on any internet-ready mobile phone.

  • nikkiwhat

    I can’t believe people still watch these women bully each other

  • Mimi

    Who cares, I think everybody is tired of Shaunie and her gang bangers. Put them all in a ring and let them go for it.

  • Beyoncca

    Kesha tries to act so innocent, in all actuality she’s as much a part of the problem as the other ladies. Kesha’s the reason Evelyn threw that wine bottle at Kenya’s head. Kesha and her gossip about Kenya calling Evelyn loose. Kenya said that Evelyn was loose before the she ever met her. Kenya bases her perception on what she saw in previous season’s. The fact that Evelyn slept with Chad on the 1st date spoke volumes and could have been the catalyst in our perception. Who does that, perhaps someone loose. Apparently Kenya saw that episode and came to the same comclusion that the rest of America, she’s loose!

  • mary j smith

    I will not be watching this show ever. again. I am so disappointed with Shaunie.Why would she stand by and allow ignorant Tamil to bully that young girl. That episode turned e off. I can’. believe Susan is so retarded and scare to death of Tamil. I dont accept bullying anyone. Royce and Jennifer are the only ones with a brain. This show has become tastlessss. I feel sorry for their daughters. No class. I am ashamed to have watched such low life black women. I think Shaunie is scared of Tamil herself

  • Melanie

    @mary j, I totally agree with you.

    I like some of the ladies, but am also very disgusted with their behavour this season in particular. One minute Tami is claiming to get her anger management under control, then the next she is yelling and taunting at Kesha and holding her purse hostage; Evelyn is jumping on tables and throwing a wine bottle and that friend of hers just slaps Jennifer in the face, OMG, this season has been off the hook. So embarrassing and Shaunie really needs to clean up this show ASAP! I too feel sorry for their daughters and hope they aren’t watching this! They can bicker and argue, they just need to learn to keep it classy. Good for Jennifer for pressing charges, someone needs to take a stand! Glad Royce is smart enough to stay out of all that unecessary drama.

  • chan hawkins

    Tami is terrible!!!!! I cant believe Shaunie stood there n watched Tami abused Keisha

  • paolascott2002@hotmail.com

    tammi is a horrible person , she deserves everything that can ever happen to anyone , she even deserves the heart-attack ,she thinks she is better that everybodyelse but she just a very sad person who does not know love , how amberressing to her doughters .
    and Shaunie should be far from that i’m still think she’s cool . but how much would people do for money ??????????

  • paolascott2002@hotmail.com

    Tammi is soooooooo evil , so disgusting ,,,,,,
    you’re so sad tammi ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • heather

    so sad all these women need Jesus, bcuz they wouldnt act so ugly if they had that peace in their life. easily offended over anything, words are meaningless. im definitely going to be praying for you ladies :) GOD CAN TAKE UR PAIN AWAY, HEAL UR HEART & HELP YOU RENEW YOURSELF!

  • Diana

    I watched the episode where Tammy hijacks Keesha’s purse and I honestly have never been felt so disgusted in my entire life. Not only at Tammy but at Evelynne and Shaunnie. They were there, and watched this poor girl Keesha being bullied like I have never seen anyone get bullied before and these woman did not say a thing. I have to say that I felt so sick to my stomach and even admit to crying at the fact that Keesha was so distraught and scared at this one eveil malicious person (Tammy) no one should ever have to feel the way Keesha felt in that hotel room. I’m digusted at Shaunni for being the freaking producer of this aweful show. So over it!!! No longer going to support this show. No longer!!!

  • WOW

    What a bunch of IDIOTS! I am talking about ALL of them.
    I am a high school teacher in an “urban” area. Beautiful youngs girls walking around with weaved hair, false eyelashes and calling each other the “B” word. It makes me so frustrated, because under all that, is natural beauty. My students are immulating what they see on television.
    This was a time for Shaunie and her crew to empower, instead they choose to glorify bullying, gossip and violence. I am so sad and disappointed. This could have been a wonderful platform, focusing on sisiterhood and helping young girls become beautiful empowered women (as well as each other). It would have been beautiful to watch. If this show continues, these women need to sit down together and watch all the episodes and really reflect and re-evaluate so that somethings positive comes from this wonderful opportunity they have.

  • Reshell Frank

    I wanted Tammi to explain but I looked at how the show edit and Tammi sista they making you look like a damn fool. Run and don’t look back. Even if they offer you a truck load of money don’t take it. Free yourself. Be blessed.

  • Lean

    Watching basketball wives this season is like watching a bad horror movie. Shaunie what were you thinking…..Bullying really! What kind of message are you sending to your viewers? It’s no longer acceptable to say this is reality tv..this is very bad tv, and it needs to end, seriously. Shaunie clean it up or take it off. This is your image far more than the bad behaviors of those on your show.

  • Brittany

    Tw han I am at the point were I am not even interest. Watching. I think I going stop my daughter from. Watching. Jen is doing the right thing stay away from those trouble makers. And for Tammi God bless you and stop holding. All that baggage. Cause if you don’t. yo u just walking to hell

  • Tmeekie



    Tammi is AWFUL!! I can’t belive Shaunie would sit back and let Tammi act foolish. I don’t blame Kesha for threatening to call the police. What else was she supposed to do? Everyone is afraid of Tammi so they won’t tell her the truth. And then Shaunie watches them put fish in Krazy Kenya’s room and did not stop them. What is wrong with Kenya’s nose?? Why can’t she smell the fish?? OMG!!

  • Ruth

    They ALL need JESUS in their lives. What is it to gain the whole world and loose your soul. Riches and fame can’t bring you true peace or real happiness. There are issues going on with each of them and they’re trying to fill that void by their negative actions. Find JESUS and your lives will change for the better. You find Him by first repenting of your sins. JESUS is real! And, through Him is perfect love, peace and everlasting life.

  • 5%

    Sorry folks these type of “reality”shows are not intended to shed positive light on anyone.”producers”of these type shows want the drama,ignorance,and chaos in these programs.it makes for better viewing.who wants to see a bunch of genuine,classy,proud women who exhibit sisterhood and uplifting of one another?NO ONE!So before we vilify Tami and Evelyn, remember this type of behavior is much encouraged,this is what “15 minutes”of fame and “being paid”gets you.

  • shawnleree

    I love tammi and i believe kenya and keisha knew what they were walking into when they said they would do the show. Also, everyone needs to stop blaming Shaunie, the cast are grown a** women,and u haters can sit here and judge but u know u will be watching next season!! As for jennifer who forgot where she came from with her upity attitude all i have to say to that b**** karma is the real b**** and she is coming for you

  • pat from orlando

    all of them arent anthing but streettrash even money cant change you shauniyou are worst then the others, all that he say she say is mess, if one of the girl dosent want to hang ,then thats allright, and tami is just a man looking bully , if she wants to be respected you hav to give respect,kiesha needs to get a bacbbone if shes going to stay on the show all of the streettrash on the show are two faced, backbiting women’

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