CBS Debuts Full-Length Trailers For 'Elementary,' 'Partners,' 'Made In Jersey,' & 'Vegas'

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May 25th, 2012

Here are the full-length trailers for CBS's new series Elementary, Partners, Made In Jersey, & Vegas

You can still check out the new series trailers from NBC, from ABC, and from Fox.



Made In Jersey


  • AC75

    I might take a look at Elementary when it starts but if it ends up being another boring procedural – I’m out. Alcatraz and Awake promised something different, but both turned out to be nothing more than cop shows with weak, uninteresting twists. Nothing to see. Elementary needs something special to keep me interested, and I’m already more than a little bummed by CBS and their Sherlock bandwagon-jumping as it is.

  • Justin121

    YaY! More crime procedurals! And gay comedies!

    Like, 22 hours of crime shows on one network. Do people not get BORED!?

    Vegas = Forgettable

    Elementray = Been there, done that. Looks like something that was done before House, M.D. That’s how outdated it feels. It feels like anything that was done since the invention of television in the 50s all the way to the early 90s. With a politically-correct Asian female co-lead. Can someone explain what they mean by the names?

    Partners = Guys with Kids / The New Normal — with a laugh track! Seriously, the trailer might’ve been semi-tolerable if it weren’t for the super-annoying, every-split-second laugh track. And I don’t mind laugh track on shows like 2.5 Men, TBBT, 2BG. And what’s with this trend of gay comedies? CBS is gonna look really vulrenable on Mondays without its two beiggest hits, lead-in dependent Mike & Molly, and dead-on-arrival Partners ie, the new Mad Love.

    Not digging the one-word names. They’re not appealing at all.

    Made in Jersey = the CW material. Surprised it wasn’t demoted a la Ringer.

  • Bee

    i actually really liked the partners preview. it made me laugh here and there. i’ll give it a few episodes cus i like the idea and sophia bush.

    i’ll check out the dramas later on depending on ratings, reviews, and whether or not they’re serialized.

  • Justin121

    CBS didn’t have a good development season

    Fall shows

    ABC: 4/5

    CW: 2/3 (Arrow and Emily Owens)

    NBC: 2/6 (Go On and Animal Practice)

    FOX: 0/3

    CBS: 0/4

    Friend Me and Golden Boy sound better than what they chose to premeire in the fall.

  • eridapo

    Vegas look incredible.. Will definitely check out

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Elementary might be worth checking out since I like Lucy Liu. Jonny Lee Miller is pretty good, too. I’m just not that enthused about the premise, so I guess it will depend on how ridiculous the lead character is. Since it’s obviously a crime procedural, it will have to go some to interest me.

    Made In Jersey: I’m surprised to See Janet Montgomery getting her own series, after her mostly forgettable appearance on season two of Human Target. Not surprised to see her in her bra fairly quickly, however… That was her primary purpose on HT – to get stripped down as often as possible… :-)

    That show also stars Kyle MacLachlan, THE most boring and worst actor in Hollywood.

    Vegas – another period piece. Only female is Carrie-Anne Moss. Pass.

    Didn’t even bother with the comedy.

  • SVU: Chelsea Handler’s Bedroom

    Looks like I’ll only be watching HIMYM and recording BBT and maybe Vegas, and I’ll try and catch the occasional CSI NY episode when Whit/Comm are off for the week. I can’t even watch Amazing Race or Survivor they’ve just gotten so dull.

  • ToXiX

    Monday’s on CBS will be low this fall. Thursday is their new winner.

    2 Broke Girls is too young to anchor

    Mike & Molly in its 3rd season is still not strong enough to put on Mondays.

    I have a feeling Rules Of Engagement will return to Mondays next season.

  • joel

    I think you’re not far off from being correct. I pretty much agree except for Emily Owens. I especially agree if your one ABC miss is Malibu Country. I really think Animal Practice and Go On will be NBC’s keepers.

  • thomas

    anyone thinks that the gay guy in parterns will kill the show? because cbs skew male

  • Petar

    Vegas will bomb. partners can flop too.

  • AC75

    I think Partners is as good as cancelled already but mostly because of the actors they’ve cast in it. Both are annoying as hell. And don’t even get me started on the stone-age laughter-track it’s got going. Horrible. The only thing I’ve seen so far that looked worse is Guys With Kids.

  • JWB

    CBS the home of stereotypes and mediocre tv.

  • ToXiX

    Mike & Molly to anchor on Mondays***

  • Tessa

    I don’t know what everyone is talking about. I find Partners hilarious.

  • ToXiX

    I’m DVRing How To Be A Gentlemen tomorrow night.

  • Bookworm

    And I still can’t seem to get into any of these shows.

    Partner is just tragic.

    Elementary has bad timing with Sherlock on BBC being so damn good and probably one of the best adaptions of right now; plus New York City is played out when it comes to this stuff. Too many damn people already doing things like that (Law and Order anyone?)

  • Bookworm

    Michael U. from Ugly Betty will tank the show, seriously, I loved him on Ugly Betty and I lived for Willie but he’s just too flamboyant and it’s just reaching on so many levels. Modern Family gets away with feminine “men” but it’s become a patterning that’s not flattering any more. Sophia Bush needs to do something else; loved her as Brooke Davis but this is not working.

  • Bookworm


  • A-Bomb

    Elementary was probably the best of the trailers as I like Sherlock Holmes in modern day unlike the movie.

    Vegas is a mini-series nothing more not a series. CBS made a mistake with that one.

    Made in Jersey actually looks better than Good Wife but it will be gone quickly for Golden Boy to takeover in mid-season.

    Partners I’m still interested in as I’m sure the show will be okay once it starts.

    I expect CBS to have an off year this year with the competition getting a bit stronger against it.

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