CBS Debuts Full-Length Trailers For 'Elementary,' 'Partners,' 'Made In Jersey,' & 'Vegas'

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May 25th, 2012

Here are the full-length trailers for CBS's new series Elementary, Partners, Made In Jersey, & Vegas

You can still check out the new series trailers from NBC, from ABC, and from Fox.



Made In Jersey


  • ron

    Partners looks great! im givng it a chance, remember how everyone said that 2 broke girl was awful lok at it now…

    elementary can be good only it needs some time to make it interestings so far doesnt look like nothing new for tv, cant wait to see teh love story betwen watson and sherlock tho.

    Vegas looks interesting

    but i watch too much tv i think im gonna chosse 1 of these 4 :lol:

  • Lisa

    Partners is abysmal. I think the low point came when one of the actors laughed at a supposed “joke.” I didn’t laugh once during trailer.

    Made in Jersey also looks downright awful. The trailer was painful to watch.

    Vegas is just boring.

    Elementary might be okay, for a procedural. Best of this disappointing bunch, anyway.

  • TJ Hanover

    Wow, Partners looks awful. Gay is obviously the new black, and what great stereotypes ::sigh:: Jersey looks like an Erin Brockovich/Legally Blonde match-up for Lifetime. Not sure Vegas can work on CBS, seems like they should load it with sex and drugs and put it on Showtime. Sherlock looks okay, but eccentricity is out and over-done.

  • Shaz

    Elementary: Looks like The Mentalist redux. But I’ll check it out.

    Vegas: Anyone else thinks Dennis Quaid looks like he’s channeling Harrison Ford?

  • john

    Wow elementary looks horrible , so generic like castle, mentalist e.t.c

  • seriously, elementary looks awful.It’s sherlock holmes? i don’t see that sorry.

  • livvy

    Partners looks amazing. Can’t wait to watch it

  • frodo

    Everything looks mediocre, I still do not understand how so many people watch CBS, it has the worst shows onTV!

    Occasionally there comes something good like POI or TGW but most of everything else is recycled material.

  • Justin121

    @joel, we’re 100% in agreement.

    My ABC miss is Malibu Country. It may not be a total bomb but it doesn’t scream ‘break out’ to me. Being a laugh-track sitocm on Friday is enough to keep it from that.

    As for Emily Owens, the only reason I included is honestly the blonde lead.
    She’s an amazing, amazing, amazing, recurring character on The Good Wife.

    I must add to what everyone has said about Elementry. The concept has been done to death. Monk, Psych, Mentalist, Castle(?), House, and many others I’m sure. All the crime procedurals since CSI have had that solve-murder-by-details concept. I have a feeling Golden Boy will take a mid-week slot. Made in Jersey could be 13-and-done but CBS won’t burry Golden Boy on Fridays.

    The question is: will Elementry or Vegas get pulled first?

    They both look like losers, but then maybe CBS’ older, crime-loving audience will appreciate a cop drama set in the 1960s.

  • Petar

    The question is: will Elementry or Vegas get pulled first?

    Vegas! And the right question is how vegas pilot pass the test? Really look bad show. I doubt that even NBC or ABC will pick this garbage.

    This year will be worst CBS year for new shows from decade if not more. Almost all new shows looks awful. How they get here?

  • Christian

    I’ll watch Partners especially for Sophia Bush. So glad to see her back on television. I loved her in One Tree Hill.

  • IRA SY Valfer

    PARTNERS felt bad at the premise. Looks worse in the trailer. The actors deserve better. MADE IN JERSEY sounded bad when it was called BIG BABY SHOT. But now I may give it a try. Not sure about VEGA$ (oops) or ELEMENTARY. The British SHERLOCK can not be beat.

  • Jane Elliot

    I have to confess, I spent the entire Elementary trailer comparing it to Sherlock. End result: aside from the name Sherlock Holmes, it’s completely different. That could actually work for them — a clone would have been pointless (no one’s going to do Sherlock better than the people currently doing Sherlock) and Elementary seems much more suited for CBS viewers. If nothing else, I’m interested enough to give it a try.

    The Vegas trailer was good, though my mind has a tough time understanding how this show got on this network.

    Made in Jersey was absolutely awful, which is a shame, because I’m the target audience for the show and I was really looking forward to it.

  • Networkman

    I really like Jonny Lee Miller in Elementary. There are some humorous moments as well throughout the trailer. I was never a big fan of The Mentalist but now I’ll be able to keep the channel on CBS after watching Person of Interest.

  • Networkman

    I was more interested in Widow Detective over Made in Jersey. Also, Martin Lawrence project should of been picked up over Partners. So many people would of been happy to see his return to TV.

  • Networkman

    I really wish they would rename Vegas. That is so generic. It is simply the name of a place. The name Sin City would give the show more appeal. How about Cowboy vs Mob? That is what this drama is about anyways.

  • Dan S

    After watching Made in Jersey trailer it reminded me of a similar cable series Fairly Legal. I’ll be dumbfounded if this show makes it to 2013 before getting canned. Ditto for Partners which is next seasons How to be a Gentleman. I’m surprised by the negative comments on Vegas who’s only real complaint I have is it’s generic title. What can I say I’m a sucker for gangster dramas, missing The Sopranos.

  • still

    partners looks bad
    vegas looks ok
    elementary: i can’t
    made in jersey looks meh

  • LJ

    They cancelled CSI Miami for these steaming piles of manure? Usually CBS throws in a pilot or 2 that at least looks interesting. Vegas has some great actors, but the show itself looks awful. The rest… ugh… there’s nothing less appealing in the world than teaming Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. There might not be a proper facial expression all season in that one.

  • hubert_wentland

    thursdays will be powerhouse for CBS.

    i expect monday to go this way:

    premiere with 4.0-4.3, fall with high 3’s, midseason with low to high 4’s.
    premiere with 3.5-4.0, then settle in low to middle 3’s.
    premiere about 4.5, will be the only show to stay above 4 whole fall and rise in midseason.
    premiere to middle 3’s (im sure it will outrate 2BG in viewers for everey episode).

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