CBS Debuts Full-Length Trailers For 'Elementary,' 'Partners,' 'Made In Jersey,' & 'Vegas'

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May 25th, 2012

Here are the full-length trailers for CBS's new series Elementary, Partners, Made In Jersey, & Vegas

You can still check out the new series trailers from NBC, from ABC, and from Fox.



Made In Jersey


  • ragincajun

    I loved the promos for Elementary and Vegas, and I totally disagree with those that say Vegas will not work on network TV. If they write the show like The Good Wife and Blue Bloods where there are ongoing storylines to supplement the usual procedural case of the week, I see no reason CBS’s audience won’t accept it. Oh, and there is one other thing that could help Vegas. The promos prominently feature Muse Watson, who played Gibb’s mentor, Franks, on NCIS and he is a HUGE NCIS fan favorite.

    Partners was eh, but CBS has never had a track record where the pilots for their comedies have been particularly great. 2.5 Men, TBBT, M&M, and RoE all had pilots that were universally panned by the critics. The nets’ strength is picking up shows that have potential and then making subtle changes in subsequent episodes to improve the show. My first thought about Partners is the producers should tone down Urie’s being so nelly and possibly even hire a couple of recurring characters to make the show feel a little less like Will & Grace 2.0. My first suggestion would be to hire Judd Hirsch as the father of David’s character and Lainie Kazan as the mother of Michael’s character and give the show more of a family comedy vibe.

    As for Made in Jersey, I wasn’t particularly impressed, but the promo really didn’t turn me off either. It looks like a show that could do well on USA or TNT, which could be good for a Friday broadcast network show. As a matter of fact, one of the show’s executive producers, Dana Calvo, has been a producer on such series as Covert Affairs, Franklin & Bash, and Greek.

  • Ivy

    Elementary has potential. Others, not so much.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Shaz: “Vegas: Anyone else thinks Dennis Quaid looks like he’s channeling Harrison Ford?”

    Man, you got it. Before I got a good look at his face, I was thinking “Is that Harrison Ford? He doesn’t do TV!” :-)

  • Richard Steven Hack

    Justin121: “I must add to what everyone has said about Elementry. The concept has been done to death. Monk, Psych, Mentalist, Castle(?), House, and many others I’m sure. All the crime procedurals since CSI have had that solve-murder-by-details concept.”

    Actually, that’s not so bad. What IS bad is the idea that every new crime show has to have some “weird detective” doing the solving. The detective has to be some sort of weirdo with some strange ability to solve crimes. That includes Castle, where the detective is a writer – which is a REALLY old version that goes back to Nick and Nora Charles in the ’40’s.

    At least the CSI shows depend on actual forensics rather than some guy who has a sensitive nose and can smell criminals…Oh, wait, that show isn’t on it? It will be, trust me. They’ve done everything else.

    Actually, come to think of it, that show MAY be on the air soon. Summer Glau’s “Scent of the Missing” (not yet picked up on TNT) is about a search-and-rescue dog team, starring Tricia Helfer (no, SHE’S NOT the dog!) Want to guess most of that show will be about the dogs solving some crime connected to the rescue mission? Oh, yeah, you know it’s gonna happen… :-)

  • Sheena

    I am starting to like ‘Elementary’. Since I have never seen ‘Sherlock’ I don’t really have anything to compare it to. Although, I can see where the ‘Mentalist’ and ‘House M.D.’ comparisons are coming from. I for some reason have tuned out of ‘The Mentalist’, and ‘Elementary’ may be a good replacement. Watson being a girl may end up paying off or could get annoying with the ‘will they/won’t they’ trope. I am not a procedural fan, but this is my favorite of the CBS crap crop.

    ‘Vegas’ isn’t for me. I think it has to do with the show being set in an earlier time. I have never really been into that. The Mob aspect is interesting, though.

    ‘Made in Jersey’ is growing on me. I get a ‘Legally Blonde’ aspect with it, except, not as preppy. I could see it working if they played on that a bit, with her surprising people by being girly but being good at what she does, like they did with the pliers scene. I also like the street smarts aspect, with the stain on her shirt.
    I have never seen ‘Fairly Legal’, so I don’t know how much like that show this one is.

    I want to like ‘Partners’. I almost do. But I feel like the gay character is stereotyped a bit. Not that I mind a flamboyant character, but it is something that has been done a lot. I wonder how well the show would do if it were not for the laughing every ten seconds/ being in front of a live audience. That heart-on line was a good one, though. I will give it a chance, but it is not a ‘Can’t wait for this’ show, for me.

    I wish CBS luck though. They may need it.

  • Jane Elliot

    @Sheena: Honestly, both Sherlock and the latest Sherlock Holmes movies have been playing “will they won’t they” with male versions of Sherlock and Watson. I figure making Watson a woman might be the best chance fans have of having the two actually end up together.

  • Justin121

    It’d be ironic if Elementary got cancelled because all these ‘super detective’ shows that beat it to the air are all based on Sherlock Holmes.

    Did I mention how cutting edge and ground breaking the twist they’re adding a female Watson?



    Per Wikipedia:

    [[This is CBS’s third attempt at a pilot for a Sherlock Holmes/female Watson series set in present day America.

    In 1987, CBS produced a TV film/pilot, “The Return of Sherlock Holmes”, featuring a cryogenically reanimated Holmes and a Jane Watson. In 1994, CBS produced another TV film/pilot with a nearly identical premise, “Sherlock Holmes Returns”. This time the “Watson” character was named Dr. Amy Winslow.]]

    Third attempt, people, THIRD!

  • Jane Elliot

    @Justin121: Of course! Everyone knows that Holmes and Watson are sleeping together. This way it can be socially acceptable ;)

  • christy

    I’ll take The Mentalist any day over Elementary any day. For me to like a show
    I have to like the people in the show. And I’m not to crazy about the people in
    Elementary. I would rather watch Simon Baker. He’s a really good actor.

  • joel

    @Sheena “That heart-on line was a good one, though.”,

    That joke is only what, 30 years old? 40 years old?

  • Sheena

    @joel: Surprisingly, I hadn’t heard it before. But I am not surprised it has been done. But hey, everything else seems to be recycled these days.

    @Jane Elliot: I agree. It could work well if done right. I like the idea of it.

    From their banter it kept reminding me of Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon.

    @Justin121: Third time’s the charm?

  • brian

    Elementary looks ok, can’t compare to ‘Sherlock’. ‘Sherlock’ is amazing most other versions will fail to live up to it, so I’ll watch Elementary for fun not for complex and complex characters. It’s CBS no shows that can be considered to have complex characters with great writing is on any of the CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX networks. I didn’t like they started Elementary with Sherlock having a drug addiction this wasn’t the case in his books, except for smoking, his addiction is the need to solve complex questions to obsession.

  • still

    I agree with Christy

  • Simon Jester

    I love the BBC’s SHERLOCK. But so long as they continue to make only three episodes every 12+ months, there’s plenty of room for another version in the TV landscape. I’ll be giving ELEMENTARY a try.

    @brian – I rather suspect that you have never actually READ the original Arthur Conan Doyle stories. If so, you would have recalled that Holmes is a habitual drug user, his drug of preference being a 7% solution of cocaine. In including this, ELEMENTARY is actually more faithful to the original than SHERLOCK.

  • oink

    I agree with Partners: instead of Will & Grace… we now have Will and Jack, except that Will is now straight

  • DenverDean

    Vegas looks OK, but I’m guessing that CSI:NY gets another reprieve. LOL. At least two of the dramas will flop HARD. Mondays will be VERY different for CBS because TV will be on now. (Between, TV, DWTS, MNF – it’s going to be a brutal fall for the Big 4 – Fox will run last.)

  • dudley

    Patners… could be really good only if they replaced the flamboyan actor who is reprising his role from Ugly Betty…. why not make the gay character more manly… i know that there are tons of gay men who dont act like drama queens

  • Fiona

    Partners looks AWFUL.
    But the dramas look great. All of them :)

  • Luke

    Elementary is sure to be a success.

  • Luke

    I’m gay and I can’t even stand Partners. The two main friends have no chemistry. The two gay guys have no chemistry. The writing is forced. Really makes you appreciate how well everything fit together on Will and Grace.

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