CBS Debuts Full-Length Trailers For 'Elementary,' 'Partners,' 'Made In Jersey,' & 'Vegas'

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May 25th, 2012

Here are the full-length trailers for CBS's new series Elementary, Partners, Made In Jersey, & Vegas

You can still check out the new series trailers from NBC, from ABC, and from Fox.



Made In Jersey


  • Chris L


    “Partners looks great! im givng it a chance, remember how everyone said that 2 broke girl was awful lok at it now…”

    As someone who’s seen every episode, I can attest that 2BG *is* awful :)

  • Riff Rafferty

    (I meant to post my armchair quarterback analysis for CBS in the fall schedule announcement thread but it’s probably on Page 130 by now, so I’ll just post it here.)

    No denying that CBS is doing something right. They’re America’s most-watched network by a mile and they have a winning returning roster of smash hits in every single format that no one else can begin to touch. At the same time, their needs this year were sitcoms, and they went the opposite direction for some inexplicable reason. Not because “Comedy is back!” or whatever the clueless NBC execs want to believe, but simply because the bulk of their veteran sitcoms are at the tail end of their runs and they need to start thinking about their replacements. And they didn’t. (They also passed on a really funny pilot with a breakout star that could have been a big hit for them. Shrug.) Strangely, the only new sitcom they’re putting on in the fall is the one starring a hatemonger, whose public approval rating sank like a brick after he insulted half of CBS’ audience, that’s about a subject that’s against the religion of half of CBS’ audience, that’s brought to you by the KoMut hack factory — who, let the record show, are coming off 6 failed series and 3 unsold pilots in a row, 2 of which were earlier incarnations of this same exact show no one asked for or wanted in the first place — and the pilot is terrible. Guys, if they couldn’t make a show with The Shat and Nicole Sullivan and Will Sasso work, they’re not makin’ this one work either. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    On the new drama front, I really don’t know exactly how much chutzpah one would need to have to make a period show set in the ’60s the year after “Pan Am” and “The Playboy Club” fell flatter than a pancake on a hot coal in the middle of August in the Sahara desert, but let’s just say it’s more than I have. And if “Vegas'” chances for success weren’t already iffy enough, let’s throw it on against “Justified.” (I guess they’re not expecting it to last that long.) “Elementary” stands a much better chance of hitting, mostly because NBC and ABC aren’t even trying in the hour, but while Jonny Lee Miller is quite good in it, Lucy Liu isn’t so great, and CBS’ viewers tend to be allergic to foreign accents, so it’s hardly a slam dunk. The one new fall show where I fell in love with the pilot is, ironically, the one I thought had the least chance of making the air, “Made in Jersey.” I don’t know if it’s gonna make it (I hope it does — it reminds me of the old Heather Paige Kent show, “That’s Life,” that they never had a clue what to do with) but I will certainly be enjoying ogling Janet Montgomery for as long as they allow me to. If it’s this year’s “The Ex List,” well, then, trading one Montgomery for another probably won’t look like the greatest idea in hindsight. We’ll hope that with the Super Bowl on tap, CBS will be saving some of their better bets for midseason to promote during that. But considering that they wasted the lead-in the last 2 times they had it, I can’t say I’m that optimistic.

    In conclusion, CBS will be finally be #1 in the one measure they’ve wanted to be for a while… but it won’t be because of what new offerings they’re launching in the fall.

    Grade for new fall series: C+
    Grade for returning roster: A+
    Grade for schedule construction: A-
    Overall grade: B+

    P.S. I think I speak for everyone when I say I’m getting tired of these bland, uninteresting, who-cares, already-been-done show titles. “Vegas,” “Partners,” “The Job” — can you at least TRY?

  • jerryt

    If anybody cares Vegas was started by the mob,think of Bugsy Siegel,after
    WW2. For some reason the creators of Vegas want to start in 1960 near the
    end of Mobbed up Vegas. Hope it’s more entertaning than factual.Okay looked
    The Wrap blog site(they cover hollywood)it says the character played by Dennis Q is based on the real life,long time sheriff of Vegas-Ralph Lamb-
    which scrubs all that I said about factual.Look like it is.Except for the parts Peleggi and Walker make up. Can’t wait.

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